Recycling take-out containers isn’t always easy. How do you know what to recycle and what to put in the trash? What if I have food stains in my container? We’ll give you a few tips on recycling takeout containers. Read on to learn more! Sorting your plastic
Not every type of take-out packaging can be recycled. Knowing what should go where can help your local recycling facility process items faster!sugarcane cutlery wholesale Especially when it comes to plastics, there are so many different kinds! The type of plastic is usually identifiable. The type of plastic can usually be identified by the number found on the bottom of the plastic item within the recycling system. Certain types of plastic are more widely recycled than others.french fry cups It’s important to check which materials your packaging contains before throwing it in the recycling bin. Interesting fact: Most recycling facilities generally do not accept black hard plastic containers because automated sorting machines cannot detect this pigment. Checking and sorting your recycling may seem like a small task,disposable kraft paper soup bowl for noodles but taking the extra time to make sure your waste is going to the right place helps the overall waste management system.
Clean your containers
While most take-out and food packaging is recyclable, cleaning up any leftover food waste is the only way to ensure proper recycling! Wash and dry all food and beverage containers before recycling. Some paper take-out containers, such as pizza boxes, may not be washable.wholesale bagasse cutlery However, as long as the box is not too saucy or greasy, it can be recycled. Lightly greasy take-out packaging can be recycled; overly greasy take-out packaging cannot be recycled.custom french fry cups If your take-out and food packaging has too much organic material on it, recycling becomes difficult, if not nearly impossible.soup paper cup wholesale Take extra steps to make sure your takeout and food packaging is clean and that the items you recycle actually get processed. french fries cup
Check your local guidelines
While sorting and cleaning food packaging helps the recycling process, the best way to prepare for recycling take-out packaging is to check your local municipality’s guidelines.bowl bagasse suppliers Each city has its own waste guidelines, which may be similar, but not identical. Many cities even have searchable indexes that can let you know how to dispose of all your household waste,salad paper bowl wholesale which is a good place to start when you’re not sure what to do before you recycle your takeout containers.
Choose recyclable materials

If you are a business that uses takeaway packaging, choosing recyclable materials for your takeaway packaging can be very helpful to your customers!finger chips boxes wholesale Especially with the upcoming plastic ban, choosing alternative packaging materials for your takeaway containers is not only good for you, but also good for the environment!baking paper cup supplier Contact us today to learn how we can help you create eco-friendly takeaway packaging.baking cup wholesale We can let you know more about our eco-friendly takeaway packaging solutions and can also provide you with these eco-friendly takeaway containers.

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