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 New York Giants Sherrick McManis Jerseys 2019 , there are a few statistics that are still very promising for this team moving forward. As we did earlier this year, we’ll take a look at a couple of the more important team statistics and hit up some interesting individual numbers. Turnover DifferentialI’m going to spend some time on this one and I’m going to do a little math so buckle in for the ride. Remember that turnover differential is the number of takeaways your defense creates minus the number of turnovers your offense commits. A positive number is good, negative number is bad. I put together a dataset for the 2006-2017 seasons (all readily available data) for turnover differential for the entire league. My first step was to add up the number of teams over the 12 year period that finished the year with each distinct turnover differential. The worst turnover differential was last year’s Cleveland Browns at negative 28, not particularly surprising for a team that failed to win a game. The best seasons are owned by the 2010 Patriots and 2011 49ers at +28. I then plotted these results on a simple scatter plot below.A quick guide to reading this chart – there were 20 teams in the 12 year period that finished the year with a turnover differential of zero, indicated by the blue diamond at the 0, 20 intersection. Each blue diamond indicates the number of teams that recorded a season with that final turnover differential. As we move further away from zero in either direction, the number of teams finishing with that specific turnover differential decreases in a very predictable statistical manner. The basic shape (that kind of looks like a mountain) indicated by the solid line shows us a pretty standard normal curve or “bell curve” that you may remember from math class. So far, this was exactly what I expected to see. I then calculated the standard deviation. I know, more math, but stick with me. The standard deviation allows us to read the chart above to make a little better sense of the data and averages. The standard deviation for this dataset clocked in at 9.5, meaning that any team that finished with a turnover differential of +10 or better was at least one standard deviation above the average (top ~15% of the league) and worth looking at a little closer. Why would I want to do that? The Bears currently lead the league with a +12 in turnover differential.I then pulled out just the seasons of +10 turnover differential or greater and married this with the number of regular season wins that team earned over the course of the regular season. Of the 384 seasons in the dataset, only 55 had a turnover differential of +10 or better (14.3%). Of those 55 team seasons, 46 made the playoffs, 11 made the Super Bowl, and 6 won the championship game. Again, the chart below is a scatter plot with turnover differential increasing left to right White Kyle Fuller Jerseys , and regular season wins increasing bottom to top.There’s really only 1 outlier – the 2013 Tampa Bay Buccaneers. That was the Mike Glennon season and while they lost some close games, they are a bit of a surprise to see on here. Otherwise, some pretty good company on this list. Of the 8 other teams that failed to make the playoffs, 5 teams recorded 9 wins while 2 teams recorded 8. The final team, the 2012 Chicago Bears, won 10 games but missed the playoffs due to some tie breakers and started a 5-year nightmare of fandom. We might consider this an outlier the other way as a turnover differential of +20 likely should have netted the Bears about 12 wins. The 2018 Bears appear poised to finish somewhere in the chart above with a chance to finish with some very good teams. While there are plenty of successful playoff teams that haven’t been very good in this stat, the ball hawking nature of this defense is the reason this team is in the position it currently enjoys and appears to be a winning signature for these Bears. If we look at the other teams clustered around the Bears at the top of this category for 2018, we find the Rams (+11) and Seahawks (+11) one below and the Saints in the hunt with a +9. With the exception of the Rams, the Bears remaining opponents may offer a course to increasing that number as the Packers (0) and Vikings (+1) are around the league average while the 49ers (-20) are ranked 32nd.This year has been dominated by offensive story lines like the Chiefs and Saints, but stealing possessions and scoring with your defense while taking care of the ball on the other side never goes out of style. Toxic Differential Toxic Differential takes the turnover differential and adds in explosive play statistics. An explosive play varies by the site, but the toxic differential numbers that I track are runs of 10 or more yards and passing plays of 25 or greater. The Bears have been particularly good at limited explosive plays as a defense, ranking at or near the top all season. One of the impressive things to note is that the Bears didn’t lose the turnover differential in an individual game until last week against the Giants and have only lost the explosive plays differential once to the Dolphins in week 6. This is a great season-long stat to track, but it’s also useful to think about during a game. Keeping a mental tally can help you get a sense of where the game is going. Defensive DVOAFootball Outsiders does an incredible job with their DVOA statistics as they are able to compare defenses across the league adjusting for opponents. It’s a much better way to compare defenses than, say, just looking at scoring or total yards. The Bears have been darlings of this statistic all season, are heavy favorites to finish the year as the top defense Kyle Fuller Jerseys 2019 , and are closing in on competing with the top rated teams of the past few years too. It’s worth keeping an eye on this as the Bears get closer to securing a playoff berth because that may be the element that, from a competitive standpoint, is able to break through some of these outstanding offenses. The teams of the recent past that have won Super Bowls led with a dominant defense - the Broncos and Seahawks - are teams that show up similarly to these 2018 Bears. Currently, the Bears own the top rated rush defense and the top rated pass defense. The last team to do that? The 2012 Bears. Briefly on Khalil Mack, Mitchell Trubisky, and Tarik CohenUnfortunately, injuries have robbed us of a full season of Mack and Trubisky. Mack’s injury against the Dolphins rendered him fairly useless for that game and the Patriots contest before missing two weeks to fully heal. Mack’s numbers are impressive – 9 sacks, 7 tackles for loss, 5 forced fumbles, and a pick 6. What he’s done to open up the defense is obviously more impressive and shows up as that defensive DVOA ranking and the amazing toxic differential numbers. I don’t think Mack will win the Defensive Player of the Year Award with Aaron Donald wrecking opponents for the high flying Rams, but he’s in great shape to earn a 1st Team All-Pro honor. The numbers he’s putting up and awards and honors he will receive will continue to build his Hall of Fame resume. For a franchise blessed with the best linebacker history in the NFL, this next chapter is going to be fun. As for Trubisky, the 2 games missed means that Erik Kramer is likely going to retain his single season passing records for one more season. What seemed like a foregone conclusion a month ago is now going to take an amazing December. I’m not going to doubt that Trubisky can do it, but he’ll need to average 343 yards per game to close out the year. It’s worth throwing my tracker out one more time to see where he was at in chasing the team record. Finally, I had been curious to start the season just how Tarik Cohen would fit into the new offense and whether or not some of the Darren Sproles comparisons would start to take shape or not. Taking a look at the numbers that are, admittedly White Charles Leno Jerseys , buoyed by his amazing individual performance against the Giants, Cohen looks to be on pace to post some impressive numbers. Before the season started, way back in June, I got into a little Twitter tiff with someone who said there was no way Cohen would get to 60 catches, let alone the 70-75 I was hoping to see him get. Sitting at 59 with 4 games to go, I feel pretty good about my prediction. I’m hard pressed to see why Cohen can’t be compared to Sproles and in fact, he’s been more effective at this point in his career. Sproles’ best season came in 2011, his first with Drew Brees where he caught 86 balls for 710 yards. Cohen may not get close to the 86 mark, but he already has 59 grabs and 659 yards for 4 scores. Let’s say Tarik finishes with something like 75-850 receiving, he has a chance to lead the team in those categories. He’s proven to be a good runner as a 100 carry-per-year guy and he adds juice in the return game. He’s a fun and valuable piece of the future of this offense and yet another great pick by the Ryan Pace regime. What numbers jump out to you as we enter the final quarter of the season? Hit the comments below or find me on Twitter @gridironborn Back before the season started and Khalil Mack was on the trading block from Oakland, the Chicago Bears and San Francisco 49ers were two of the teams in hottest pursuit of the star pass rusher.The Bears won that competition and are headed to the playoffs for the first time in eight years, while the 49ers are headed to another disappointing finish thanks in part to a lack of defensive playmakers."You never know 100 percent when you're right in the middle of it, because there's so many different rumors that fly around," Bears coach Matt Nagy said about the competition for Mack. "We were just concerned with what we could control, and making sure we did everything we possibly could to get him, and that's what we did."The 49ers (4-10) will get to see what they missed out on in person in their home finale on Sunday against Mack and the NFC North champion Bears (10-4).The Niners believed they offered a more lucrative package for Mack than the deal the Bears made for a package that featured two first-round picks. But the Raiders ultimately decided to send Mack halfway across the country instead of down the street."I think you'd have to ask the Raiders Charles Leno Jerseys 2019 ," coach Kyle Shanahan said when asked why the deal didn't get done. "But, it takes two teams to get it done and we went as hard as we could on it."Mack would have provided a big boost in San Francisco, where the Niners have generated an NFL-low five takeaways and are on pace for the fewest ever in a season.With Mack forcing a league-high six fumbles and providing pressure that has led to some of Chicago's league-best 26 interceptions, the Bears lead the NFL with 35 takeaways and 107 points off turnovers."I thought they were very good last year," Shanahan said. "They've always had a good scheme, and then they added an elite player. Their whole defense has played in this scheme another year. They've stayed healthy, which makes everyone get better, which I thought they were close to one of the better ones last year. Then, you add in a guy like Khalil and the results are pretty predictable."Here are some other things to watch:BIG DEALBears general manager Ryan Pace made a bold move when he traded up a spot with San Francisco to draft quarterback Mitchell Trubisky with the No. 2 overall pick in 2017. It's no surprise that deal came up this week, though he played against the 49ers as a rookie."It was a crazy night for sure," said coach Matt Nagy, an assistant on Andy Reid's staff in Kansas City at the time. "I don't think many people saw that coming, but what a great move by Ryan to do that. That's what's so neat about that draft. I always love listening to all the pundits talking about 10 minutes after the draft ends, 'it was a great draft or it was a poor draft.' I've always been amazed by that."Trubisky has tied a franchise single-season record with four 300-yard passing games and was selected as a Pro Bowl alternate. He bounced back last week from one of his worst games as a pro, completing 20 of 28 passes for 235 yards and two touchdowns. He threw no interceptions after matching a career high with three the previous week against the Rams, and he went from posting a personal-low 33.3 rating to a 120.4.BIG BUCKThe Niners do have one impact pass rusher with DeForest Buckner recording 11 sacks to join Aldon Smith as the only San Francisco players to reach double figures in the past 16 seasons. Buckner generated plenty of pass pressure his first two seasons White Bryce Callahan Jerseys , but finished with just nine sacks as he was unable to finish plays off. That's changed this season, especially the past few weeks when he has 6陆 sacks the past six games."It's really just taking advantage of the one-on-ones I get and also finding a way through double teams," he said. "There were a couple of times this year I got a sack through double teams. It's just finding that extra step and finishing."PASSING "PAPA BEAR"Nagy has a chance to pass "Papa Bear." After joining founder George Halas as the only rookie coaches in franchise history with 10 wins, he has a chance to set the record this week. Halas went 10-1-2 in 1920, the first year for a franchise then known as the Decatur Staleys.STILL A FANNiners kicker Robbie Gould still has ties to the Bears, after spending his first 11 years in Chicago. Gould was cut in 2016, but still roots for his old team. Gould's family still lives in Chicago and Gould decided to buy playoff tickets to take his two sons to the Bears first playoff game in eight years."I've never been able to take them to an NFL game," he said. "They've always come to watch dad play. It will be my turn to hang out."Gould has made 80 of 83 field goals since being cut by the Bears, including all five in a win at Chicago last year.AP Sports Writer Andrew Seligman in Lake Forest, Illinois, contributed to this story

Steelers Austin Ekeler Jerseys 2019 , one that gave the Chiefs a big road win and may have stamped them as the AFC's top team, when someone asked him how he planned to celebrate his birthday.Mahomes said he planned to watch film of the San Francisco 49ers.If that was merely the politically correct answer, though, and the 23-year-old first-year starter planned to hit the town, he should have no shortage of Chiefs fans willing to buy him drinks.They'll probably still be celebrating St. Patrick's big day."I don't think that you could expect more from anyone," said Chris Conley, one of five different receivers to catch a TD pass."He's handled the times where he's made the plays really well. He's handled the times where he hasn't. That speaks volumes."To be frank, there haven't been many times where he hasn't made the plays.Mahomes was so dynamic in a Week 17 win at Denver last season that the Chiefs traded away Pro Bowl quarterback Alex Smith and gave Mahomes the starting job.Then he threw four TD passes without a pick in a near-flawless performance in a road win over the AFC West-rival Chargers to open the season.But his performance in Pittsburgh, where the Chiefs hadn't won a game since 1986, was the kind of transcendent display that Chiefs fans have been pining for since Len Dawson was taking snaps.Mahomes was 23 of 28 for 326 yards, which means he threw more touchdown passes than incompletions. He made all the right checks, scrambled when the opportunity presented itself, and kept his poise when the Chiefs squandered a 21-point first-quarter lead by engineering a near-flawless second half."Everybody knew how strong of an arm he has," Steelers cornerback Mike Hilton said, "and he was making some decent throws, and his playmakers made plays."Yes, it helps to have a dizzying array of talent surrounding him.Kareem Hunt ran for 75 yards to provide just enough offensive balance. Travis Kelce had seven catches for 109 yards and two scores White Tyrod Taylor Jerseys , and Sammy Watkins had six catches for 100 yards, lest anybody worry after their quiet openers against the Chargers.Tyreek Hill added five catches for 90 yards, all in the second half, with another touchdown to punctuate his typically stellar outing.Still, it takes the quarterback to deliver them the ball."There'll be games where teams try and take away one or two guys and that's the good thing about this team is that no one really cares about who is getting the shine," Mahomes said, after spending a hefty amount of time praising his teammates. "Everybody just wants to win."Nobody more so than Mahomes, whose 10 touchdown passes through the first two weeks of the season broke the NFL record of nine shared by Peyton Manning, Drew Brees and Charley Johnson.Those touchdown passes have gone to seven different receivers, including fullback Anthony Sherman, which matches the number of guys that caught TD passes all last season.And those six TD tosses against the Steelers matched Dawson's 54-year-old franchise record for a single game."It just speaks to the weapons that we have on offense. They can't stop everybody," Mahomes said, "so for me, it's just about getting it to the guy that has the man-to-man coverage or has the open area. Those guys were getting open. The offensive line was blocking great. It was making my job easy."Perhaps the only downside to so much success is that the expectations surrounding Mahomes, which were already soaring in training camp, have soared to an almost impossible level.One sports talk radio host wondered Monday whether Mahomes will break Manning's record for TD passes in a single season. He's on pace for an absurd 80 of them, and while nobody expects him to maintain such a pace Tyrod Taylor Jerseys 2019 , the reality is he needs to average just 3.2 per game to top the record of 55.Then there are the expectations for the Chiefs. They've already beaten two teams that were thought to be playoff contenders, on the road no less, and done so in fairly convincing fashion.It's hardly surprising that Chiefs coach Andy Reid tried to keep everything in perspective when he met with reporters on Monday. But that job is becoming more difficult each week."The key to this thing is that you're growing, that you keep growing. The more that these defensive coordinators have to study it, you keep answering that bell, so that's his challenge right now," Reid said. "Is everything going to be roses? No. But he's seeing things right now and doing a nice job." On the eve of the NFL Draft, there is always plenty of hearsay, gossip, buzz and noise circulating around the potential futures of 32 NFL franchises. For the Chargers, it is no different as there..."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections San Diego Chargers Daily LinksSan Diego Chargers NewsSan Diego Chargers OffseasonSan Diego Chargers HistorySan Diego Chargers HumorChargers DraftChargers NFL Draft Rumor MillNew,4commentsPDTShareTweetShareShareChargers NFL Draft Rumor MillKirby Lee-USA TODAY SportsOn the eve of the NFL Draft, there is always plenty of hearsay, gossip, buzz and noise circulating around the potential futures of 32 NFL franchises. For the Chargers, it is no different as there is plenty of speculation as to what the team will do when they are on the clock tomorrow night. Josh Rosen: Smoke or fire?There has been a plethora of whispers the last several weeks about the Chargers as a possible team that would be willing to execute a trade for Arizona Cardinals Quarterback Josh Rosen. On Monday, Adam Schefter reported that the Giants White Thomas Davis Sr Jerseys , Chargers and Dolphins are the three “primary” teams in play for the former number one pick.The Cardinals have been holding out for a first round pick in exchange for Rosen, but are unlikely to get that value in return. But rumors began to circulate around the Chargers being interested in parting with their second round pick (60th overall) to acquire Rosen as a developmental QB to mold behind Philip Rivers.Earlier this week, General Manager Tom Telesco spoke with the Media and had this to say regarding the possibility of Los Angeles making a trade for a potential Rivers’ successor During the free agency period, the Chargers signed Tyrod Taylor to a two-year $11 million deal, giving the team a capable veteran backup. Taylor’s contract is another reason to believe that the Chargers wouldn’t be a serious candidate for Rosen as the team would be taking on an additional cap hit at the QB position on top of giving up draft capital. Time will tell on If the smoke surrounding these rumors has any fire behind it. Moving down?Since he became the GM of the Chargers in 2013, Telesco has had a reputation of keeping the Chargers draft strategy close to the chest. This year, Los Angeles owns the 28th overall selection, which brings a number of different possibilities along with it. One of those options could be to trade out their first round spot and move down to acquire more picks. On Monday, Telesco addressed the possibilities of trading down. The Chargers have not selected this late in the draft since 2007. Depending on how the board falls to them, Los Angeles could be open for business to negotiate with teams looking to get back into the tail end first round. What are the experts saying?Mock drafts have peaked our interest for the last several months. Now with only one day remaining until Draft Day, here are the latest predictions from analysts on what the Chargers will do with their first round selection:CBSSports.com’s Ryan Wilson: DT Dexter Lawrence-Clemson“Don’t be fooled by his 6-foot-4, 342-pound frame” Wilson says.“Dexter Lawrence is an incredible athlete and while first appearance might suggest otherwise, he’s a three-down player. For some perspective on just how versatile he is, during the 2018 season Lawrence ranked fourth in Pro Football Focus’ pass-rush productivity metric and was sixth in run-stop percentage. There’s also this: In Los Angeles, he’ll be bookended by Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa. Good luck stopping that.”ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr.: DT Jeffery Simmons- Mississippi State“I thought the Chargers might target a defensive tackle with the 17th pick last year, but Vita Vea and Daron Payne were both off the board. They ended up with Derwin James, one of the best picks of the entire draft Thomas Davis Sr Jerseys 2019 , but still have a need along the interior of their defense. Simmons might not be picked in Round 1. He tore his ACL in February and could redshirt this season. But he’s a top-15 talent, and he’s going to be on my Big Board. And he could be a steal here.”The Draft Network’s Benjamin Solak: OT Dalton Risner-Kansas State“I think Risner is worth a look at tackle where his length and technique both shine” Solak says. “Players with slower feet and less explosiveness than Risner have survived out there, though there is some concern with Risner’s balance when faced with shifty rushers. Either way, love his energy and tone-setting aggression.”NFL.com’s Daniel Jeremiah: CB Rock Ya-Sin -Temple“There are other needs here -- safety and defensive tackle among them -- but it was apparent that the Bolts need to add some talent on the outside based on their performance against the Patriots in the Divisional Round of last season’s playoffs.”Pro Football Focus’ Steve Palazzolo: S Nasir Adderley-Delaware“The Chargers are strong all-around defensively, but Adderley adds a true free safety to pair with strong safety Derwin James. Adderley has incredible range and ball skills on the back end, evidenced by his 89.9 coverage grade, six pass breakups and five interceptions last season. Adderley and James are perfect for their respective roles and one of the best young safety duos in the game.”USA Today’s DraftWire’s Luke Easterling: CB Byron Murphy-Washington“There are bigger needs elsewhere on the roster, but the Bolts need to pounce on the value here. Murphy is the most complete corner in this year’s class, despite concerns about his lack of size or speed.”The Draft Network’s Trevor Sikkema: DT Jerry Tillery-Notre Dame“The Chargers need some new blood on that interior defensive line” Sikkema says.“They have Bosa and Ingram on the edges, but they’re not getting enough pass rush from their inside guys, at least if you ask me. Tillery’s stock is rising, but there is still a chance he could be available here. If the Chargers can get their hands on him, he’d become an instant starter. He would give Los Angeles a 3-tech pass rush threat next to Brandon Mebane.”

 If you’re just box score scouting Philadelphia Eagles Jerseys 2019 , you might not think Carson Wentz’s first game back with the Eagles since tearing his ACL/LCL last year was super impressive. The 25-year-old passer completed 25 of his 37 attempts for 255 yards (6.9 average), one touchdown, one interception, and a 84.9 passer rating during Philadelphia’s Week 3 win over the Colts.But as you’d know from watching the game, the stats don’t tell the whole story. Wentz showed a number of encouraging signs that bode well for him and the Eagles moving forward this season. Let’s take a look back at those moments.AccuracyThis is Wentz’s first completion of the game. He places the throw right over the outstretched arm of a Colts linebacker to fit the ball to Zach Ertz, who has a safety bearing down on him. Keeping his eyes down the fieldAlthough the result of the play is obviously different, this play reminds me of Wentz’s scramble against Washington in Week 1 last year. Wentz shows no signs of injury as he scrambles around and manages to keep his eyes down the field to make something out of a broken play. MobilityThe Colts get a free rusher on a stunt here but it doesn’t matter. Wentz steps up to avoid the oncoming rusher. Then he spins out of harm’s way after feeling pressure from his right side and sprints for a diving first down. Again, there’s just zero sign of injury here. StrengthWentz’s signature play from Sunday’s game. The third-year quarterback avoids being sacked by defenders going after his legs and delivers a throw to Nelson Agholor for a CLUTCH third down conversion. The way Wentz holds up in the pocket here reminds me a little of his touchdown throw to Corey Clement in the Week 7 Washington game from last season. When NFL coaches and defenders talk about the challenge of defending against players like Cam Newton and Ben Roethlisberger, they often talk about how their size and strength makes them so hard to take down. Wentz belongs in that category as well.RustOf course, Wentz did show some rust in his first game back. Doug Pederson’s explanation for this interception: “Just eyed up Zach. Just stared him down. Can’t do that. Brought the defender right there. Just a poor decision.”Wentz’s fumble seemed like more of a good play by the defense than a huge mistake by him. Perhaps he should’ve gotten the ball out faster. But credit the 6-8 Margus Hunt, who’s been off to a strong start this year, for reaching around Lane Johnson and knocking the ball free. Not the easiest day to hold on to the ball anyway given the rainy conditions. It’s frustrating Wentz couldn’t get a conversion on this play. He had Kamar Aiken open for an easy first down the entire play. Corey Clement was also free if the ball didn’t come out so late. CONCLUSIONIt wasn’t a perfect outing by any stretch Youth J.J. Arcega-Whiteside Jersey , but Wentz showed real signs of picking up right where he left off from his near-MVP form in 2017. From a physical standpoint, he looked as good as you could’ve possibly hoped for, and maybe even better. Wentz clearly has some work to do when it comes to cleaning up mental mistakes. But based on the positive signs from Sunday, there should be complete confidence that he’ll be able to shake off that rust at some point. Moving forward, Wentz will benefit from the Eagles getting healthier. Against the Colts, he had to deal with Philadelphia missing their top two running backs and three of their top four wide receivers. Alshon Jeffery’s return is on the horizon so that’ll be a nice boost. Jay Ajayi and Darren Sproles are expected back at practice this week as well.Not having to consistently play in wet conditions should also help. Wentz’s second worst game of the 2017 season in terms of passer rating came when the Eagles played a rainy home game against the 49ers last year. Wentz memorably struggled to throw a wet ball back at a workout with the Browns leading up to the 2016 NFL Draft, so maybe the rain is a real issue for him.Again, there’s plenty of reason to be optimistic about Wentz coming out of the Eagles’ win. And that means there’s plenty of reason to be optimistic about the rest of this season after getting off to a 2-1 start.Eagles running back Darren Sproles now No. 6 in all-purpose yards in NFL history We didn’t get to see him during the preseason, but Doug Pederson has never wavered that 14-year veteran running back Darren Sproles was fully healthy and ready to put in work for what is expected to be his last season in the NFL.He got right back to business in Thursday night’s season opener against the Falcons, taking a heavy-dose of reps on offense and special teams. And I’ll be the first to admit I thought, given his experience and injury history, the team would limit him to one position group or the other; but they didn’t.Sproles was all over the damn field on Thursday Cheap J.J. Arcega-Whiteside Jersey , and looked like he wanted to keep going. There was a fire in each foot step, and purpose with each yard. Nick Foles wasn’t doing much with the passing game, but Sproles was more than willing and able to put the offense on his back and trudge toward yet another career milestone.After eclipsing Steve Smith Sr. on the list of all-purpose yards in NFL history, he snagged a few more and took the No. 6 spot from Marshall Faulk later in the game, totaling 19,216 career yards.The stat sheet doesn’t really tell the whole story of how Sproles was used in the opener, but the running back had five carries for 10 yards, and four receptions for 22 yards, averaging 2.2 yards per rush and 5.5 yards per catch on the night.Sproles now sits behind just five of the game’s best players for career all-purpose yards, but at least one of those milestones is attainable before he retires: Jerry Rice (23,546), Brian Mitchell (23 Mens J.J. Arcega-Whiteside Jersey ,330), Walter Payton (21,803), Emmitt Smith (21,564), and Tim Brown (19,682). The Eagles running back needs only 467 yards to top Tim Brown’s best, and there’s still a lot of season left.(I was just so happy to see him back out on the field, and taking on such a big workload for a guy who could easily start dialing back his production.)

But the Titans outside linebacker won’t miss tonight’s game with a knee issue.Morgan is active after being questionable in Wednesday’s status report.He has appeared in nine games Telvin Smith Jersey , making 15 tackles and a half-sack while playing more than 42 percent of the team鈥檚 defensive snaps.The Titans already had ruled out safety Dane Cruikshank (knee) and running back David Fluellen (knee).Their other inactives are running back Jeremy McNichols, linebacker Kamalei Correa, offensive guard Aaron Stinnie, offensive tackle Tyler Marz and defensive lineman Matt Dickerson.The Jaguars’ inactives are receiver D.J. Chark Jr. (quadriceps) http://www.thejaguarslockerroom.com/authentic-t.j.-yeldon-jersey , defensive tackle Abry Jones (shin), running back Dave Williams, safety Barry Church, offensive lineman Josh Walker (foot/ankle) Womens Ronnie Harrison Jersey , cornerback Tre Herndon (ankle) and safety C.J. Reavis.Ereck Flowers will start his fourth consecutive game at left tackle for Walker.Church was a healthy scratch and may have played his final snap for the Jaguars. Rookie Ronnie Harrison will start at strong safety for a second consecutive game. The Jacksonville Jaguars will have some serious omissions from their season finale against the Houston Texans with kicker Josh Lambo, A.J. Bouye, and fourth-string left tackle Josh Wells all ruled..."The Jacksonville Jaguars will have some serious omissions from their season finale against the Houston Texans with kicker Josh Lambo, A.J. Bouye Will Richardson Jersey , and fourth-string left tackle Josh Wells all ruled out already.I also seriously doubt Leonard Fournette is going to play in a meaningless game with an ankle injury.And if Carlos Hyde and D.J. Hayden are also missing, well, you can almost guarantee that a higher draft pick is in our future. Why?That would mean Ereck Flowers would be the starting left tackle against a formidable Texans defensive line. Tyler Patmon would be the starting cornerback alongside Jalen Ramsey. T.J. Yeldon and Dave Williams would not only be the only running backs on our roster but the starters.I smell a 5-11 record at season’s end and a draft pick somewhere around fifth or sixth overall.

NEW YORK (AP) — Fans have been waiting for another one of these rumbles: baseball’s most-bitter rivals set to tangle again Danny Salazar Jersey , this time as 100-win heavyweights in the playoffs.A-Rod vs. Varitek and earlier this year Brock Holt vs. Tyler Austin .The Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees back at each other in the postseason for the first time in 14 years.“We’re a team that can play with anybody, and we’re not afraid to go in there,” Yankees center fielder Aaron Hicks said after a 7-2 wild-card win over Oakland sent New York to a best-of-five AL Division Series that starts Friday in Fenway Park.Yankees fans were chanting “We want Boston!” during the late innings. The Red Sox tweeted “We want New York” after the final out in the Bronx.“I think they’re ready and relish the opportunity to go up against the game’s best this year,” Yankees rookie manager Aaron Boone said of his players.That is the same Aaron Boone whose 11th-inning homer in Game 7 of the 2003 AL Championship Series beat the Red Sox. A year later Boston overcame the Yankees and became the first major league team to bounce back from a 3-0 postseason deficit. The Red Sox went on to win their first World Series since 1918, but Boone’s drive off Tim Wakefield has not been forgotten or forgiven.Boston was 10-9 against the Yankees this year and set a club record with 108 wins under new manager Alex Cora, boosted by MVP candidate Mookie Betts, slugger J.D. Martinez and ace Chris Sale. New York finished eight games back and became the first team since the 2001 Athletics to reach triple digits in wins and fail to finish first — New York also set the major league mark for home runs, powered by the likes of Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton.These teams also have a history of hitting each other.Back on April 11, Austin charged the mound at Fenway after Red Sox reliever Joe Kelly threw at him twice http://www.indiansfanproshop.com/authentic-b.j.-upton-jersey , hitting Austin in the side with the second pitch. Boston players were livid Austin slid spikes-first into shortstop Brock Holt earlier in the game. A bench-clearing brawl led to suspensions and fines, but Auston won’t be around for a rematch — he was dealt to Minnesota in July.“It’s Yankees-Red Sox. That’s what everybody wants. That’s what they got,” Red Sox star pitcher David Price said then.Just another in a long history of bad blood between rivals a little more than 200 miles apart.Boston player-manager Joe Cronin and New York outfielder Jake Powell fought on the field and beneath the Yankee Stadium stands in 1938, and Jimmy Piersall of the Red Sox and Billy Martin of the Yankees brawled beneath Fenway Park’s stands in 1952.A fight broke out in 1967 at Yankee Stadium after New York’s Thad Tillotson hit Joe Foy with a pitch and Boston’s Jim Lonborg hit Tillotson — who after the scrap hit Dick Howser with a pitch.In 1973, Thurman Munson crashed into catcher Carlton Fisk at Fenway after Gene Michael missed a bunt, and the All-Stars fought. Then at Yankee Stadium in 1976, New York’s Lou Piniella charged into Fisk at the plate , and Boston pitcher Bill Lee was body-slammed during the fighting and wound up with a broken collarbone.A notorious brawl took place during Game 3 of the 2003 AL Championship series, when Red Sox ace Pedro Martinez threw 72-year-old Don Zimmer to the ground.Zimmer, a former Boston manager and then a Yankees coach, ran across the infield and lunged at Martinez during the fighting.Then the following July Edwin Encarnacion Jersey , Boston’s Bronson Arroyo hit New York’s Alex Rodriguez with a pitch, A-Rod stared at the pitch as he walked toward first, catcher Jason Varitek got between them and pushed the AL MVP, leading to dugouts and bullpens emptying.That October the rivals met again in the 2004 ALCS. The Yankees took a 3-0 lead and were one inning from reaching the World Series when Mariano Rivera walked Kevin Millar and pinch-runner Dave Roberts — now the Los Angeles Dodgers manager — stole second. Bill Mueller hit a tying single and the Red Sox won 6-4 in 12 innings when David Ortiz hit a game-ending, two-run homer at 1:22 a.m.Boston won 5-4 the next day on Ortiz’s RBI single in the 14th inning, won Game 6 in New York 4-2 behind Curt Schilling and his bloody sock, then blew out the Yankees 10-3 in the finale.“All empires fall sooner or later,” Red Sox president Larry Lucchino said.Boston swept St. Louis in the World Series, swept Colorado four years later and beat the Cardinals in a six-game series in 2013. Over that same span, the Yankees have won just one title, in 2009.Fast forward to this week http://www.indiansfanproshop.com/authentic-b.j.-upton-jersey , with the teams ready to meet again.“It’s going to be intense,” New York pitcher CC Sabathia said. DETROIT — While Houston works on its immediate future, the Detroit Tigers are working on the long view.The Astros are positioning themselves for postseason play as September winds down. The Tigers hope the remainder of this year plus 2019 help Detroit return to contender status after launching its rebuild in July and August 2017.Justin Verlander (15-9), traded from Detroit to Houston last Aug. 31 as part of the retooling, won his 20th regular-season game for the Astros since the deal on Monday night. Houston defeated Detroit 3-2, with Verlander fanning 10 in seven innings of six-hit pitching.Article continues below ...Christin Stewart, potentially a major part of the Tigers’ future, made his first major league start, in left field, and collected his first major league hit, a single to right in the sixth inning.Right-hander Jordan Zimmermann (7-6 http://www.indiansfanproshop.com/authentic-b.j.-upton-jersey , 4.03 ERA) starts for Detroit against Houston on Tuesday night. Zimmermann owns a 2-3 record with a 3.09 ERA in seven starts against the Astros in his career, but this is his first start against them this year.Rookie left-hander Framber Valdez (3-1, 1.37 ERA) will make his first career start against Detroit. Valdez will make his fifth appearance and fourth start of his career for Houston.Valdez has gone at least four innings and allowed just one run or less in each of his first four games. His team has won eight of its last nine and is 15-4 in its last 19 games.Houston has the future in mind with one of those pieces being rookie right-hander Josh James, who has made one start and one solid relief appearance.Astros manager A.J. Hinch said Monday that James will work out of the bullpen against Detroit, but he is “not giving up hope” that the rookie can make another start in the team’s final games. James has a triple-digit fastall with a changeup and slider. He has made one start and one relief appearance.“I think the intriguing part for him is it’s really hard to hit that kind of velocity and that kind of plus secondary stuff out of the pen,” Hinch said. “If you get one look at him, it’s very dynamic. He could still start and have a very quality start if we choose to do that. But the intriguing part is how velocity plays in September and potentially October.”He was solid in relief Saturday at Boston and Hinch might see how that works out the remainder of the year.“He looked like a reliever and a guy who could be relied on to face a really good lineup in really big innings,” Hinch said. “That kind of strike-throwing, that kind of demeanor and poise, he looks like a weapon.”Detroit announced the callup of two pitchers — right-hander Spencer Turnbull and southpaw Matt Hall — and will activate both and announce before Tuesday’s game how the two will be used the remainder of the month.A 40-man roster move must be made for Hall and it’s possible shortstop Jose Iglesias will be shifted from the 10-day disabled list to the 60-day DL if the results of an examination Tuesday in Philadelphia determine he cannot effectively return this season.Iglesias, a free agent at the end of the season http://www.indiansfanproshop.com/authentic-b.j.-upton-jersey , has a lower abdominal issue that put him out of action Aug. 30. His discomfort level is such that he hasn’t been able to do anything baseball related yet.“He’s got stuff,” Twins manager Ron Gardenhire said of Turnbull, who has four solid pitches and likely will become part of a six-man rotation later in the week.“He could go both ways (starting or relieving),” Gardenhire said of Hall, who has a dynamic curveball with an 88-91 fastball he has to spot to be effective, which he has done this year.

TAMPA Manny Machado Jersey , Fla. (AP) —  can break the major league season record of 267 home runs that New York set last season“Get this whole team healthy, we’re going to crush the record that we set last year,” Judge said.New York broke the previous mark of 264 by the 1997 Seattle Mariners despite injuries that limited Judge to 112 games, Gary Sanchez to 89 and Greg Bird to 82.“I just think that we’re capable of doing better than we were last year overall as an offense,” Gardner said.Judge, slowed by a right wrist injury last season, and Gardner each hit two homers in Sunday’s 7-1 win over the Detroit Tigers.Judge came to camp after a normal offseason. He was slowed slightly at the start of spring training last year following left shoulder surgery.“Just working on my swing. Last year I didn’t get a chance to do that at all,” Judge said. “I’m just trying to have a healthy season. Then we’ll see where the numbers are at.”Judge hit 27 homers last season and Giancarlo Stanton led the Yankees with 38 in the first season after he was acquired Miami. Stanton led the major leagues with 59 homers in 2017, when Judge topped the AL with 52.However, Didi Gregorius is expected to be sidelined until summer following Tommy John surgery last October. He hit a career-high 27 home runs last year; his replacement, Troy Tulowitzki Chris Davis Jersey , hasn’t played since 2017.Bird is completing to regain his first-base job from Luke Voit, who hit 14 homers in 39 games after he was obtained from St. Louis.“I think we have a nice balance both offensively and defensively,” general manager Brian Cashman said. “But got a long way to go. It’s too early to get excited about anything, obviously, other than the fact that we feel like the collection of talent we have, you can see that talent on display.”New York bypassed free agents Manny Machado and Bryce Harper, instead adding Tulowitzki, left-hander James Paxton, reliever Adam Ottavino and infielder DJ LeMahieu while re-signing pitchers CC Sabathia, J.A. Happ and Zack Britton along with Gardner.“I’m closing the chapter on these questions about high-end free agents from the winter time,” Cashman said. “I’d rather focus on the here and now http://www.oriolesfanproshop.com/authentic-j.j.-hardy-jersey , and the real rather than unreal.” OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) — Ramon Laureano reached his hands out to each side and knew he had his first major league hit at last, a big one at that to end the game.Laureano somehow forced himself to relax with the game on the line and two outs in the 13th inning, having already failed at the plate four times in his big league debut.He came through this time as he singled home the winning run for his first major league hit, sending the Oakland Athletics past the Detroit Tigers 1-0 on Friday night.“I’m shocked, I’m speechless,” he said. “It’s awesome. I could have never imagined it this way.”After going hitless with two strikeouts before his milestone single, Laureano finally ended the game that went 3 hours, 32 minutes with a clean hit to right against Buck Farmer (3-4). Laureano clapped his hands and rounded the bases to be greeted with some star treatment.Soon after, he took a celebratory pie in the face and a Gatorade shower from his teammates. Once inside, they got him with beer and tomato juice Cal Ripken Jersey , “everything that you can imagine.”The souvenir baseball and his bat will go home with his parents for safekeeping.Jose Iglesias hit a two-out single in the top of the 13th against winner Emilio Pagan (3-0) and stole second. When catcher Jonathan Lucroy’s throw went into center, Iglesias tried for third and was got thrown out — a play that was upheld on replay review when the Tigers challenged.Yusmeiro Petit pitched perfect 11th and 12th innings for the A’s, who remained in the lead for the second AL wild card.Matt Olson doubled to start the 10th against Victor Alcantara but pinch-runner Franklin Barreto was thrown out at third.Right fielder Stephen Piscotty made a beautiful run-saving catch to end the 10th on a liner by Iglesias.Matt Chapman and Jed Lowrie hit back-to-back singles with one out in the ninth against Alex Wilson .Blake Treinen struck out four over two innings on a night both starters shined but had nothing to show for it.Tigers left-hander Blaine Hardy gave up Lowrie’s infield single to begin the seventh inning for the A’s first hit, ending a no-hit bid. Hardy had issued only a pair of walks to Olson — the first on a 13-pitch plate appearance in the second. Before the walk, Olson’s drive to right went to a crew chief review and was confirmed as sailing just right of the pole.“As soon as that ball was hit by Lowrie kind of in the hole, I knew he’s got some speed, he’s going to be safe,” Hardy said.Hardy struck out six over seven scoreless innings, done after a career-high 106 pitches in a 0-0 game.A’s lefty counterpart Brett Anderson retired his first 16 batters in order before Iglesias doubled with one out in the sixth.Until the winning run, only Iglesias had gone as far as third base.Oakland won its fourth straight after sweeping Toronto on the heels of losing all three last weekend at Colorado.The A’s are 5-0 against the Tigers this season after sweeping a set in Detroit from June 25-28.Hardy was trying to win consecutive starts for the first time since May 27 and June 1, and he pitched well enough to win if the Tigers had scored for him.Anderson allowed two hits http://www.oriolesfanproshop.com/authentic-j.j.-hardy-jersey , struck out and walked one in his fifth start since coming off the disabled list July 8 from a strained right shoulder.Laureano played center field and batted eighth after his callup earlier in the day.He ran into the wall in center to make a nice catch on No. 2 hitter Nicholas Castellanos‘ deep fly in the first. Laureano ran forward the next time he made a play, going down to his right knee to catch Jeimer Candelario’s liner to end the second.While he got a feel for how the Coliseum outfield plays, the hit meant so much.“You couldn’t ask for a much better first hit,” Anderson said. “I’m sure he’ll remember that forever.”TRAINER’S ROOMTigers: RHP Mike Fiers, whose name came up in trade chatter around the A’s at this week’s deadline, should make his next turn in the rotation with an extra day after leaving Wednesday’s game with a bruised left shin after taking a line drive against the Reds. … LHP Daniel Norris, recovering from a left groin injury that has sidelined him since April 29, is still experiencing soreness and his status for the rest of the season is in doubt. “He’s got to be pain-free,” manager Ron Gardenhire said. … RHP Michael Fulmer (left oblique strain) is in Lakeland, Florida, rehabbing. “We’ve told him to be calm in a lot of different ways Jim Palmer Jersey ,” Gardenhire said. “You can’t push this thing.”Athletics: If Chad Pinder got through his Friday batting practice with no issues as he recovers from a laceration on his left elbow, the A’s plan to activate him from the disabled list ahead of the interleague opener at home against the Dodgers on Tuesday.UP NEXTTigers: RHP Jordan Zimmerman (4-3, 4.44 ERA) tries to end a three-start skid after going just three innings his last time out. He is 1-0 with a 2.60 ERA and eight strikeouts in his initial three career starts vs. the A’s.Athletics: Coming off career win No. 100, RHP Edwin Jackson (2-2, 3.32) pitches the middle game of the series after making his A’s debut at Detroit on June 25.

MESA http://www.tigersfanproshop.com/authentic-joe-jimenez-jersey , Ariz. (AP) —  one-year contract Friday.Nick Martini, Stephen Piscotty, and Ramon Laureano are projected to get the majority of playing time in the A’s outfield. Oakland manager Bob Melvin said the club would be looking at Grossman as an option in left field.“Sitting here now, that’s probably the spot he’d play more. We have a lot of depth at the outfield position and I don’t think that’s a bad thing,” said Melvin, who called Grossman “a good pick up.”Grossman can earn an additional $200,000 in performance bonuses based on plate appearances: $100,000 each for 500 and 550. He acknowledged he was getting a little anxious waiting at home as camps opened. The A’s have their first full squad workout Saturday.“Being in that situation, it’s tough right now Kirk Gibson Jersey , especially how the market is,” Grossman said. “I’m excited to land here and excited to be an Oakland A.”Grossman spent the last three seasons with the Twins. He batted .273 with five home runs and 48 RBIs last season.The Athletics also signed infielder Cliff Pennington to a minor league deal with an invitation to spring training.Pennington returns to the A’s, where he began his big league career in 2008. He has compiled a .242 batting average in 11 seasons with the A’s, Diamondbacks, Angels, Reds and Blue Jays.“He’s a guy we’ve had in this organization and has made himself a versatile player now,” Melvin said. “He’s a switch-hitter, has been in our organization before, he knows what we’re all about here. He was kind of a favorite of mine, too http://www.tigersfanproshop.com/authentic-joe-jimenez-jersey , back in my earlier days here. It’s nice to see him back.”To make room for Grossman on the 40-man roster, right-hander Daniel Gossett was placed on the 60-day injured list. Gossett appeared in five games for the A’s last year before undergoing Tommy John reconstruction surgery Aug. 1. He went 0-3 with a 5.18 ERA.NOTES: The Athletics announced a radio broadcast agreement with KTRB 860 AM and an expanded partnership with KHTK-AM 1140 in Sacramento. The dual stations, along with 17 additional radio network affiliates, will provide the largest coverage map ever for A’s baseball. Red Sox pitcher, David Price, and Dodgers pitcher, Clayton Kershaw, both had the opportunity to opt-out of their contracts after this season, but both have reportedly decided to stay where they are.The deadline to decide on opt-out clauses came on Nov. 1, 2018 Victor Martinez Jersey , at 12:00 a.m. Eastern Standard time. Price made it very clear to the media even before the deadline that he had very little interest in opting out of his deal with the Red Sox.David Price is not opting out of his contract with #RedSox, according to @alexspeier reporting from today's parade. @MLBNetwork @MLB https://t.co/HqpITU6ZX6— Jon Morosi (@jonmorosi) October 31, 2018Price is just coming off his first-ever World Series championship and also has four years left on his current contract. He will be paid $31 million next season, and $32 million for each of the following three seasons after that.advertisingUp until this fall, pitching in the postseason has been a struggle for Price. In six games this postseason, Price had a 3.46 ERA with a 1.15 WHIP. Most importantly, he pitched seven innings and surrendered only one run in game five of the World Series.Now given all of that, it was still a no-brainier for Price not to opt-out. The market for pitchers over the age of 30 has diminished a lot in the past few years. Once a pitcher is over 30 years of age, he usually starts to decline.So given that Price will be turning 34 next August, it's safe to assume he wouldn't be able to secure a higher paying contract than the one he already has.advertisingAlmost all of the educated guesses heard from agents/execs about Clayton Kershaw's situation is that the left-hander and the Dodgers will work out some kind of extension of one or two years http://www.tigersfanproshop.com/authentic-joe-jimenez-jersey , beyond the two years/$70 million he is owed. He has to decide whether to opt out today.— Buster Olney (@Buster_ESPN) October 31, 2018Kershaw's opt-out situation is very different from Price's. Kershaw only has two years remaining on his current contract. He is owed over $34 million next season and over $35 million the season after that.Although, if Kershaw officially doesn't opt-out of his contract, then he will get another opportunity to do so after next season. Kershaw is also turning 31 next March and knows full well about how pitchers older than 30 don't get the big contracts like they once did. CBS SportsIt has been reported that Kershaw is looking for an extension to stay with the Dodgers beyond the next two seasons. But, he wants that extension now rather than later so he won't lose any value with his age creeping over 30.advertisingWith the way the free-agent market is for pitchers over the age of 30, it was no surprise to hear that both Price and Kershaw would want to have guaranteed big money contracts, as they reach closer and closer to the end of their careers.

BEAR DOWN Aaron Lynch Jerseys 2019 ,  Ken's Note: This is complete poppycock, presented only for your amusement. This is NOT how statistics work.Mayer: Howard still an integral part of Bears offense - ChicagoBears.com - Although Jordan Howard had only 11 rushing attempts in the Bears’ 48-10 victory over the Buccaneers Sept. 30 at Soldier Field, coach Matt Nagy reiterated this week that the third-year pro remains a big part of the offense.Kaufman: Fangio talks Dolphins prep on Coaches Show - ChicagoBears.com - During an appearance on the Bears Coaches Show, Bears defensive coordinator discussed Sunday’s game against the Miami Dolphins.Chalk Talk: Why will Bears wear orange jerseys in Miami? - ChicagoBears.com - Senior writer Larry Mayer discusses why the Bears will wear orange jerseys Sunday, the biggest concern against the Dolphins and if Vic Fangio or Adam Gase has an advantage in the contest after working together.Lunch With Larry: 10.09.18 - ChicagoBears.com - Bears Senior Writer Larry Mayer talks about the excitement around the team, Khalil Mack's impact on offenses and the matchup between Vic Fangio and Adam Gase.Medina: One Year After His NFL Debut, Mitch Trubisky Has Gotten a LOT Better - Bleacher Nation - The arrow is pointing up for Mitch Trubisky, who has come a long way since making his debut a year ago tonight.Medina: Adam Gase and the Dolphins Don't Sound Too Excited to Face Khalil Mack and the Bears - Bleacher Nation - Adam Gase doesn't mince words as he describes his current state of the team.Medina: Don't Overlook the Special Teams Impact on the Bears' Hot Start - Bleacher Nation - The new-look special teams unit led by a Dave Toub disciple is getting it done.Wood: Pass Catchers! Everywhere! Pass Catchers! - Da Bears Blog - First I want to look at how frequently each target is playing, and how their presence on the field impacts the offense’s performance.Potash: Playoffs? Bears need to win NFL’s war of attrition to get there - Chicago Sun-Times - The Bears are three-point favorites against the Dolphins in Miami on Sunday and could be favored in four of their next five games.Finley: George Taliaferro, first African-American player drafted in NFL, dies at 91 - Chicago Sun-Times - Taliaferro, whom the Bears made the first African-American draft pick in NFL history 69 years ago, died Monday.Wiederer: ‘The belief is there’ - How a new vibe at Halas Hall is fueling the 1st-place Bears - Chicago Tribune - After a 3-1 start and a refreshing bye week, the Bears are back at Halas Hall this week with a refreshing new confidence that bigger things are still ahead. Coach Matt Nagy and players such as Tarik Cohen and Kyle Fuller can't help but acknowledge the new energy.Rosenbloom: Miami Dolphins - Choking a 17-0 lead after being humiliated 38-7 - Chicago Tribune - Most recently White Trey Burton Jerseys , the Dolphins blew a 17-0 lead. That loss followed a 38-7 obliteration from the Patriots. That’s what passes for balanced football for the Bears' next opponent.Kilgore: On 4th down, NFL coaches aren't getting bolder. They're getting smarter. - Chicago Tribune - Sean McVay and Jason Garrett showed the disparity between a sound decision and fossilized wisdom on Sunday.Letizia: Bilal Nichols' Versatility Should Lead to Increased Workload - Da Bears Brothers Blog - Fifth-round pick Bilal Nichols is having a promising start to his NFL career. Here's why the rookie should see more playing time after the bye week.Stankevitz: Does Andy Reid's post-off-week success matter for Matt Nagy and the Bears? - NBC Sports Chicago - Matt Nagy spent a decade coaching under Andy Reid, but that doesn't automatically guarantee him the same kind of post-off-week success enjoyed by his former mentor.First and Final Thoughts: The Bears are back and headed to Miami - NBC Sports Chicago - We're almost on to Miami.POLISH SAUSAGENFL passing numbers are way, way up – ProFootballTalk - At one point in the life cycle of this media outlet, we'd periodically keep track of which quarterbacks were on the wrong side of the Kordoza Line -- the career 70.7 passer rating of mostly-mediocre-with-flashes-of-really-good quarterback Kordell Stewart. Times have definitely changed.KNOW THY ENEMYThe Vikings’ quarterback decision looks pretty good so far - Daily Norseman - Pretty. . .pretty good.Why are the Packers not playing safety Josh Jones? - Acme Packing Company - If he’s not good enough to play, how did the Packers believe their safeties were good enough not to add talent this offseason?Who the hell are the Detroit Lions right now? - Pride Of Detroit - After 2 big wins and 3 bad losses, what is the identity of this team right now? Ken's Note: Lions, you are a 1-4 team that got lucky as hell that Mason Crosby missed 5 kicks. If Crosby makes 4 of the 5 (the usual percentage) you lose. That's who you are, a bad football team that got lucky once.Detroit Lions podcast: Packers recap, Mason Crosby gift basket, NFC North analysis - Pride Of Detroit - The PODcast crew breaks down another Lions win while trying desperately not to make too much fun of the Packers kicker.IN CASE YOU MISSED IT ON WINDY CITY GRIDIRONZeglinski: Chicago Bears defense tops Football Outsiders DVOA ratings for third week in a row - Windy City Gridiron - Even with a week off, the advanced numbers are very kind to the Bears.Zeglinski: Chicago Bears Jordan Howard a sleeper trade candidate according to NFL insider - Windy City Gridiron - The Bears running back could be on the move to Philadelphia.Whiskey Ranger's Chicago Bears Video Quick Dive: Trubisky to Gabriel, The Perfect Play - Windy City Gridiron - 7 minutes of moving pictures and the sweet, dulcet tones of WhiskeyRangerHouseholder: Most surprising Chicago Bears player of the first quarter of 2018 - Windy City Gridiron - First quarter of the season check: Which player’s performance has been most surprising so far?Kev H: Ten Thoughts on the NFL - Windy City Gridiron - Guess who’s back. Back again.Wiltfong: NFL Power Rankings - The Chicago Bears are solidly in the top ten - Windy City Gridiron - We take our weekly trip around the NFL Power Rankings to see how the "experts" rank the Chicago Bears.Mitchell's Cold Takes: A Look At The Chicago Bears 2018 Season So Far - Windy City Gridiron - Things look a bit different when you set emotions aside and go back and watch the tapes a couple of times...WCG CONTRIBUTORS BEARS PODCASTS & STREAMS2 Minute Drill - Website - iTunes - Andrew Link; Steven’s Streaming – Twitch – Steven Schweickert; T-Formation Conversation - Website - iTunes - Lester Wiltfong, Jr.; WCG Radio - Website - iTunes - Robert ZeglinskiTHE RULESWindy City Gridiron Community Guidelines - SBNation.com - We strive to make our communities open and inclusive to sports fans of all backgrounds. 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For the Raiders Virgil Green Jerseys 2019 , playing out the string of another losing season has become an all-too-regular occurrence in recent years.  with double-digit losses in the past 16 years.For the Denver Broncos, it's rather new territory.The Broncos (6-8) head into Monday night's game at Oakland (3-11) needing to win their final two games to avoid their first back-to-back losing campaigns since 1971-72."We want to win. These next two games are important for us to finish the right way," coach Vance Joseph said. "That part is very important to me. It's about winning. That's what it's about. It's not about losing, it's about winning. That's very important to our football team and our coaches."The Broncos have by far the longest streak in the NFL without consecutive losing seasons with New England holding the next longest, having last done it in 1992-93.Denver began the month with playoff aspirations after beating Cincinnati to get to 6-6. But back-to-back losses to San Francisco and Cleveland ended those hopes and had the Broncos looking for other goals."Me personally, I just want to finish strong," cornerback Bradley Roby said. "Hopefully get some more turnovers. I only have three so far this year and I just want to make some more. I love to play and I love to make turnovers. That's my focus, just to have fun."The Raiders are just hoping to get out of this season without more injuries. A series of injuries to the offensive line has played a big part in Derek Carr getting sacked 47 times 鈥?third most in the league. Carr is the first player in four years to get sacked at least three times in seven consecutive games, but remains on pace for his first career 4,000-yard season."I think he's hanging in there," coach Jon Gruden said. "No question, I am sure he is sore. He knows he is carrying us right now on offense. That's what a franchise quarterback is paid to do."Here are some other things to watch:GOODBYE OAKLANDThe game could be the final one ever at the Coliseum. The Raiders are set to move to Las Vegas in 2020 but have no lease for next year. Oakland city officials are suing the Raiders over the move and the team has threatened to play somewhere else because of it. Gruden said thinking about the end of the Coliseum almost makes him cry, but he can't wait to see what the atmosphere will be like Monday night."I get excited thinking about it," he said. "Just raging in the Black Hole. Rocking and raging down there after the Steelers game, after a lot of wins over the years. Seeing a lot of the old highlights of the great Raiders teams. I get excited and I get emotional about it. Hopefully, we get it all resolved where we can continue to play here."ROOKIE SENSATIONBroncos running back Phillip Lindsay has been bottled up the last two weeks but he's 9 rushing yards shy of 1 White Mike Pouncey Jerseys ,000 and just became the first offensive undrafted player selected to the Pro Bowl. Lindsay said he never pondered the possibility, suggesting that was a long-term goal of his a few years into his career. Lindsay started out as a special-teamer and didn't even become Denver's featured back until midseason, starting the last seven games."I'm an undrafted free agent. To be able to have 100 yards in a game was great. To get a touchdown, to be able to play at (Mile High Stadium), that's the stuff right there that I dreamt about," Lindsay said.ROUGH ROOKIERaiders first-round left tackle Kolton Miller has had a rough rookie year. The 15th overall pick in the draft was hampered by a knee injury he played through earlier in the season and has appeared overmatched against a gantlet of top pass rushers he's faced in his first NFL season. According to Pro Football Focus, Miller has allowed more sacks (14) and total pressures (59) than any player in the league.It doesn't figure to get easier this week against Denver's dynamic duo of Von Miller and Bradley Chubb."He's had some really good games. He's had some games where he's had his eyes opened," Gruden said. "He's not the first rookie left tackle that has gone through this. We'd like to see him finish with some authority."CORNERED AT CORNERBACKThe Broncos signed free agent Craig Mager after putting star cornerback Chris Harris Jr. on IR with a broken right leg. Denver also expects to get Brendan Langley and Isaac Yiadom back from concussions and will have Bradley Roby back after he required five stitches last week for a laceration on his chin that he could stick his tongue through.And Jamar Taylor is back. His ejection last weekend left the Broncos with only one healthy cornerback in Tremaine Brock, and Cleveland scored its winning TD with safeties Justin Simmons and Dymonte Harris forced into route coverage in the fourth quarter.AP Pro Football Writer Arnie Stapleton contributed to this report A look at some key fantasy football questions for Week 13:WHICH UNDER THE RADAR PLAYERS HAVE THE BEST CHANCE FOR A BIG GAME THIS WEEK?Broncos QB Case Keenum has a very favorable matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals this week. Cincinnati has yielded at least three passing TDs to QBs in four of their last five games, including four to Browns QB Baker Mayfield last week. Keenum threw for two TDs against the Steelers in Week 12 and last season against Cincinnati he threw two TD passes and completed 20 of 23 passes.Dolphins RB Kenyan Drake has been dealing with a shoulder injury for the past two weeks and it even forced him to the sidelines for part of his Week 12 matchup. If Drake plays this week he's likely to be limited. His teammate Frank Gore has rushed for 5.81 yards per carry (YPC) over the past two weeks. He's showing no signs of slowing down at age 35 and is averaging just under 16 carries in his last three games. He's yet to score a TD this season but takes on the Bills in Week 13, and they've yielded seven TDs to RBs in their last five games.Redskins receiver Josh Doctson is finally healthy, and he caught six passes for 66 yards with Washington QB Colt McCoy under center in Week 12. McCoy targeted Doctson 10 times and this week he faces a bruised and battered Eagles secondary. If Jamison Crowder is forced to miss his eighth straight game look for Doctson to be heavily targeted once again this week.Panthers WR D.J. Moore has 15 receptions, 248 receiving yards and a TD in his last two games and takes on the Buccaneers in Week 13. They're tied for giving up the third-most fantasy points per game (FPPG) to WRs and the second-most receiving TDs to the position. If Devin Funchess' cranky back forces him to miss a second consecutive game, Moore should have another productive week.An already thin fantasy TE position got even thinner with Jack Doyle of the Colts and Denver's Jeff Heuerman placed on injured reserve this week. Jets TE Chris Herndon has provided fantasy owners with double digit fantasy points in four of his last six games in point-per-reception (PPR) scoring formats. Unfortunately, he has a tough matchup against the Titans who give up the least FPPG to the position. Matt LaCosse, who takes over for Heuerman in Denver Mike Pouncey Jerseys 2019 , had three catches for 34 yards and a TD in Week 12. He takes on the Bengals in Week 13. They've given up the second most FPPG to TEs.WHAT STRATEGY IS BEST SUITED FOR LINEUP CONSTRUCTION THIS LATE IN THE SEASON JUST BEFORE THE FANTASY PLAYOFFS?In most cases, you should use the same strategy that has worked for you all season long. Start your fantasy studs. For instance, this isn't the week to consider sitting Falcons WR Julio Jones just because the Ravens are extremely tough against WRs. Don't overthink things.WHAT ABOUT ROSTER MOVES?Your team's roster may contain marginal fantasy players you were forced to start in order to field a competitive team through previous bye weeks. If you no longer intend to use those players, replace them with players who could better help your team. The key words are "marginal fantasy players." You never want to drop a player that your competitors can pick up off of the waiver wire and use against you. Be especially careful of dropping RBs who are one injury away from becoming their team's primary back.WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO MANAGE TEAM DEFENSES GOING FORWARD?With just about every team defense having struggled at some point this season, streaming has been the way to go. The Bears have been the best fantasy defense of 2018 but even they gave up more than 30 points two weeks in a row. If you're dropping a "marginal player" based on our advice in the previous section, why not replace him with a second defense who has upcoming favorable matchups. For instance, the Bills have scored the ninth most fantasy points among defenses. Their next three opponents are top eight in FPPG allowed to opposing fantasy defenses. Consider adding the Broncos defense who take on the 49ers in Week 14 and the Raiders in Week 16 (championship week). Both opponents are top five in FPPG allowed to fantasy defenses.WITH MELVIN GORDON POTENTIALLY OUT FOR WEEKS AND AUSTIN EKELER ALREADY OWNED IN MOST LEAGUES DOES JUSTIN JACKSON HAVE ANY FANTASY VALUE THIS WEEK?Although Jackson should be rostered, unless you play in an extremely deep league you should avoid starting him. Expect Ekeler to out-touch Jackson in Week 13, but if Ekeler aggravates his neck injury or if Gordon misses more time than expected, Jackson's fantasy value could skyrocket.WITH JAGUARS RB LEONARD FOURNETTE SERVING A ONE GAME SUSPENSION IS CARLOS HYDE A GOOD START IN WEEK 13?Hyde appears to have a good matchup against the Colts who've given up the 12th most FPPG to opposing RBs this season, but over their past four games they've limited RBs to just 3.78 YPC. In Hyde's four games with the Jaguars he's averaging just 3.44 YPC and he'll also have fellow RB T.J. Yeldon potentially stealing a few carries from him as well. If you are in desperate need of a starting RB this week you can take a chance on Hyde, but he's a risky play.IS VIKINGS RB DALVIN COOK STARTABLE GOING FORWARD?Cook has just 29 carries in his last three games, and is averaging just 2.16 YPC over the past two weeks. Cook's lack of volume suggests that he may not be 100 percent healthy. Your fantasy season is probably on the line. If you have a more reliable option at RB, use it.

Saints Black Andrew Sendejo Jerseys , Eagles head coach Doug Pederson said on Monday that he thought Wentz might have been trying to do too much in a three-interception outing.Pederson said that quarterbacks can “begin to try to do things a little uncharacteristic of what th ere down by what we were, we are just trying to make plays, trying to put up points. You can call that pressing, but really we are just trying to make plays, trying to fight. That led to a couple turnovers. Those are things you have to clean up, be smart about when you force those. But I never felt like I was pressing in the game.”Wentz noted the high sense of urgency for the Eagles to win against the Giants this Sunday, but said he won’t put undue or “added pressure” on himself to help bring that about. It’s hard to imagine how much more pressure there could be for Wentz anyway.Titans writer gives three reasons why the Eagles will win on Sunday If Bleeding Green Nation’s FanPulse results are any indication, Philadelphia Eagles fans are NOT lacking confidence heading into the team’s Week 4 game against the Tennessee Titans. But there are some reasons for concern. We know the Eagles have had some road struggles, especially on defense. And while the Titans might not be viewed as a juggernaut, they ARE 2-1 with their one loss coming to an undefeated Dolphins team in a one-possession game. With that said Andrew Sendejo Jerseys 2019 , if you’re among those who might not be feeling super confident in the Eagles for some reason, today’s post might have you feeling a little better about the reigning Super Bowl champs.BGN already took some time to chat with Music City Miracles in order to preview this week’s matchup. (You can read that here.) Today, we’re back with three reasons why each team might lose. This format forces us to consider each team’s weaknesses, rather than just being homers.So, below are three reasons why the Titans could lose, as written by Music City Miracle’s Jimmy Morris. To see why I think the Eagles could lose, check out MCM.1. Marcus Mariota is still limited and can’t throw the ball down the field.We still don’t know the status of Marcus Mariota’s elbow/hand. Everyone is saying he feels better this week, but what else are they going to say when they have no choice but to run him out there even if he is only at 75%. If he is still close to 75% and can’t push the ball down the field, this offense could be in for a very long day. The Eagles rank 11th in short pass DVOA on the season. They are also 2nd in rush defense DVOA on the season, so it isn’t like the Titans will just be able to line up and run it at the Eagles 40+ times. They will need to get creative with the offense for the 3rd straight week. I am concerned that they don’t have any surprising wrinkles left.2. Carson Wentz is able to take advantage of a Titans’ defense that has been giving up the deep ball.The Titans defense ranks 24th in the league against deep passes. Malcolm Butler has been particularly victimized by the deep ball. He gave up a 75-yard touchdown to Kenny Stills in week 1 and a 39-yard touchdown to Will Fuller in week 2. Wentz probably knocked off most of his rust last week. A guy like Nelson Agholor could get loose for a couple of deep passes.3. The Titans are in a let down spot after winning 2 hard-fought division games that no one expected them to win.The Titans have had an unbelievable start to the season with a 7+ hour game in Miami, a week 2 game without Mariota and their top 3 offensive tackles and a week 3 game in Jacksonville where Mariota had to play at far less than 100% after Blaine Gabbert suffered a concussion in the first quarter. Somehow they are 2-1, but that is a lot for any team. They are feeling good after 2 division wins and are essentially playing with house money in this one. It feels like it could be a classic letdown spot.

 The same could not be said for the defense.And here we are A.J. Bouye Jerseys 2019 , losers of five straight — six on the year — and out of the playoff race. Mathematically, it’s still possible, I suppose. But I don’t think 10 wins gets you into the AFC playoff picture this year.It was as ugly a game as this new look Jaguars defense has given us since Doug Marrone was the head coach and about as clear a demonstration of what the team was wanting out of Blake Bortles when they gave him an extension last offseason.Who stood out in the Week 10 matchup? Let’s find out!1. Blake BortlesWhen Blake plays poorly, we’ll say he played poorly. But today was not one of those days. With a lackluster run game at his disposal and a defense that forced him into comeback mode all game, Blake played well — certainly well enough to win. His first quarter touchdown throw to Donte Moncrief was a thing of beauty and his over 8.4 yards per pass attempt was more than adequate. If Blake played as well as he did today all season, this would be a 6-3 team. As it stands, the defense let him down and that’s a shame.2. Donte MoncriefAs I mentioned earlier, Moncrief’s long touchdown catch in the first quarter was the kind of highlight this team is banking on once or twice a game. Even with just four targets all game, he’ll still stick out in your memory when remembering this game.3. Rashad GreeneThere’s no way getting around this. Greene had just one target and it was a fumble on a catch that would have given this team a first down and put this team within field goal range with less than two minutes to play. It’s a play that will stick with Greene (and us) for a while — not as one of those “what if?” plays when recalling how we barely missed the playoffs (that wasn’t going to happen) but as the nail in the coffin for why Greene isn’t worthy of a roster spot.T4. 4. Telvin SmithThe drop off for Telvin this season has been tremendous. He is a liability in coverage and the only reason he was in a position to make a late game interception is because he was trailing Eric Ebron by a good couple of yards. If Ebron doesn’t juggle that ball it’s an ugly, ugly play. Aside from that, Telvin has been noticeably underperforming and I honestly do not know why. Does he really miss Poz that much? Are opposing offensive coordinators figuring him out? Is he missing some sort of support in coverage that he had last year, be it a player or some specific scheme? Whatever the issue, it’s likely not getting fixed during the season and it’ll have to wait until 2019.5. Barry ChurchThere was an early touchdown by the Colts — I can’t remember if it was Ebron’s second or third — where he was wide open when he caught the ball. I’m talking... no Jaguars defender was within 10 yards of him. Telvin was tasked with covering the running back in the flat and Ebron streaking towards the corner of the end zone. Telvin took the running back and Ebron easily scored. Afterwards, Church and Telvin exchanged glances and then words and then more glances. That scene has played out multiple times and I don’t have any reason for why Church has been on a different page when it comes to coverage, but I don’t think his being temporarily benched for Jarrod Wilson in the first half was related to an injury. The team needs speed at the strong safety position and Church is not giving it to them. Depending on how far along Ronnie Harrison is in his development, we could see a lot more of him as the season winds down.6. The offensive lineFor the most part today, Blake had time to throw. The running lanes weren’t there, but the screens and short passes to tight ends and running backs were. They got through today without being a huge liability overall (although the left tackle position is an absolute concern) and that was with their captain Brandon Linder going down in the second half with what looked like a serious injury. Was the offensive line superb? No. But they were good enough to win and I think that’s the bar we should be measuring them by until they can rebuild it this offseason.Bonus: Wiggle Man[TWEET NOT FOUND]I’m not going to overreact, but the Jaguars losing is 100 percent because Wiggle didn’t go to church before the game and tweet about it. While the Pittsburgh Steelers and Jacksonville Jaguars may no longer be divisional foes, there is plenty of bad blood and history between the two franchises. In fact, I think it’s fair to say that the Steelers and Jags are each other’s biggest non-divisional rival.The Jags stunned the Steelers twice in Pittsburgh last season, both times as big underdogs. Since this article is regarding history, let me throw a couple of fun facts your way. Jacksonville is the only team that has beaten the Steelers twice in Pittsburgh in the same season...and the Jags have now done that twice (2007-2008 and 2017-2018 seasons). Last year’s Jacksonville team was also the first ever team to defeat the Steelers at Heinz Field in the divisional round of the playoffs (what the hell happened to this team this season?). Something tells me that Steeler Nation isn’t going to forget any of this soon, and will be ready to embarrass a struggling Jaguars team on Sunday, but more on this year’s matchup later. For now, let us recap the all-time series history. Series historyAll-time regular season series record: Jaguars lead 12-11Postseason record: Jaguars lead 2-0 Last Jaguars win: Jan 14, 2018 (playoff game, 45-42)Last Steelers win: Oct. 5 Black Calais Campbell Jerseys , 2014 (17-9)Current Streak:The Jaguars have won two games in a row (including the playoffs)Biggest Jaguars win: 30-9 (Oct. 8, 2017)Biggest Steelers win: 28-3 (Nov. 17, 1996)Interesting takeaway: The Jaguars are 7-5 all-time against the Steelers when playing in Jacksonville. Although, after a 5-0 start, the Jags have lost five of the past seven meetings (including four of the past five) as the home team. Oddly, the Jags have won five of the past six games played in Pittsburgh, after a 2-5 (and 0-4) start there. The current trend favors the road team. Quick thoughts: This has been an ultra-competitive series, and the two franchises have a rich history as former AFC Central foes. Including the playoffs, the Jaguars have a 14-11 all-time advantage, and in the regular season, the Jags have just a one-game advantage. Regular season games between Pittsburgh and Jacksonville have been traditionally low-scoring, with the Jags averaging 18.3 points per game, and the Steelers averaging about 16.7 points per contest. On the contrary, the two playoff games have been very high scoring (Jacksonville with 38 ppg and Pittsburgh with 35.5 ppg). Including the playoffs, 10 of the past 11 games have been decided by less than 10 points. These teams are no longer divisional rivals, but know each other quite well. Last MatchupWinner: JaguarsScore: 45-42Date: Jan. 14, 2018Location: Heinz Field, PittsburghTeam Stats: Jacksonville — 214 passing yards, 164 rushing yards, 22 first downsPittsburgh — 469 passing yards, 83 rushing yards, 28 first downsQuick recap: What a fun and nerve-racking game this was to watch. The Jags raced out to an early 21-0 lead behind three combined scores from Leonard Fournette and T.J. Yeldon. Pittsburgh answered with a Ben Roethlisberger to Antonio Brown touchdown strike, but then Telvin Smith game the momentum back to the Jags with a 50-yard fumble recovery touchdown. The Steelers got a much needed score before halftime and went into the break down 28-14. Pittsburgh opened the second half with a Le’Veon Bell score and all of a sudden we had a game. Another touchdown each, and it was 35-28. But Blake Bortles put the team on his back, though, with a strong drive that ended with a touchdown pass to Tommy Bohanon. Bell scored again for the Steelers, but Josh Lambo answered with a 45-yard field goal to put the Jags up by 10 points. The Steelers added a garbage time score, but it was too little Calais Campbell Jerseys 2019 , too late. It was a great effort from Bortles and Fournette, and the Jags went to the AFC Championship game for the first time since 1999.Prior MatchupWinner: JaguarsScore: 30-9Date: Oct. 8, 2017Location: Heinz Field, Pittsburgh Team Stats: Jacksonville — 95 passing yards, 231 rushing yards, 15 first downsPittsburgh — 312 passing yards, 70 rushing yards, 21 first downsQuick recap: This game had a little bit of everything: The Fournette wave, vintage 2017 Jaguars defense and bad Blake Bortles. Bortles was just 8-14 for 95 yards with zero touchdowns, one interception and a 48.2 passer rating. But thanks to a strong game from Leonard Fournette (yes, he destroyed the Steelers twice last year), and an opportunistic defense that forced five interceptions and bottled Bell up all game, the Jaguars were able to earn their largest margin of victory over the Steelers ever. Fournette had 181 rushing yards and two touchdowns, and the famous wave at the Pittsburgh defender embodied the attitude of the 2017 Jaguars (have I mentioned how much I miss that team?). Jacksonville also scored two defensive touchdowns, while the Steelers were only able to muster three field goals all game. This was a statement win. Through the Decades1990s: Jaguars 6-42000-2010: Jaguars 6-5 (one playoff win for the Jaguars)2011-Present: Tied 2-2 (one playoff win for the Jaguars) Quick thoughts: The “Through the Decades” view is interesting, and it shows why Jacksonville has a slight edge in the series overall. Though highly-contested, the Jaguars actually won the majority of contests in both the 1990s and 2000s, with a playoff win giving the Jaguars the one-game edge from 2000 to 2010. The Steelers went on to win the three contests following the playoff game, but the Jags have of course now won two in a row, following a regular season and postseason victory last season. To begin divisional play, Pittsburgh and Jacksonville split every single season series from 1995 through 1998 before the eventual 14-2 Jaguars swept the Steelers in 1999.Fast forward into 2018, and we have a Steelers team that has won five games in a row and looking for revenge against a Jaguars team that is in a downward spiral it can’t seem to escape. It sounds like a blowout win for the Steelers, right? Nah. I don’t think records matter in a game with this much emotion — heated rivals, the game was flexed out of a prime time slot, etc. — and the majority of recent games in this series have all been closely contested matchups. The Steelers will likely win, but it’s going to be closer than you may think. What is your prediction?

ST. PETERSBURG Rob Refsnyder Jersey , Fla. (AP) —  in on some franchise history.Ryan Yarbrough helped extend Tampa Bay’s shutout streak to 23 innings, and the Rays got their only run via video replay in a 1-0 win over the Kansas City Royals on Monday night.The franchise record for consecutive scoreless innings is 27, set in 2013. Tampa Bay began this streak with 14 shutout innings against the Boston Red Sox, including a 2-0 win Sunday.“They shut out the best team in the league yesterday so that tells you how good they’re doing now,” said Willy Adames, who drove in the game’s only run.Yarbrough (12-5) pitched 5 1/3 innings in relief of opener Hunter Wood. The rookie left-hander gave up two hits and a walk while striking out six, earning his major league-leading 10th relief win.Yarbrough has primarily been a long man out of the bullpen while Tampa Bay has experimented with using relievers for one or two innings at the start of most games. He leads the majors with 96 relief innings and has a 3.84 ERA.“It’s something that you see another guy doing really well, and … we’re all competitive by nature or we wouldn’t be here,” Yarbrough said. “We just want to go out there and do the same, if not better. A little friendly competition in the clubhouse never hurts.”Ryne Stanek pitched a scoreless eighth inning http://www.raysfanproshop.com/authentic-evan-longoria-jersey , and Jose Alvarado pitched the ninth for his fifth save.After singles by Ji-Man Choi and Kevin Kiermaier in the second inning, Adames hit a two-out chopper over third base. Adames beat Rosell Herrera’s throw across the diamond, but it took a 43-second review to reverse the original out call.“Usually the run you score in the second inning doesn’t define the game. It was pretty unusual,” Rays manager Kevin Cash said. “It just shows we had to play seven innings of perfect baseball.”The run came off right-hander Jorge Lopez, who pitched five innings in his second major league start. Lopez (0-3) gave up five hits and three walks.The Royals, who were shut out for the ninth time this season, are 0-4 against Tampa Bay with all four losses coming by one run. They never got a runner as far as third base Monday night.“The pitching was fantastic. We just couldn’t muster any offense,” Royals manager Ned Yost said.Kiermaier had three of Tampa Bay’s eight hits after coming into the game batting .127 in August.Royals reliever Jake Newberry struck out three in 1 2/3 innings in his major league debut.Wood pitched 1 2/3 innings, giving up two hits with two strikeouts.TRAINER’S ROOMRoyals: LHP Danny Duffy (left shoulder) “felt really good” after a bullpen session, according to manager Ned Yost http://www.raysfanproshop.com/authentic-evan-longoria-jersey , who will determine Tuesday whether Duffy will pitch Thursday night’s series finale.Rays: INF Daniel Robertson said recent surgery to repair a torn ligament in his left thumb went well and he has no pain. Robertson hasn’t given up on getting at-bats during the final days of the season. “There won’t be any rushing it,” he said. … LHP Vidal Nuno (strained right hamstring) will make his second rehab start Tuesday night with Class A Charlotte and should be back in September.MINORS MATTERSLHP Matthew Liberatore, taken by the Rays in the first round of the 2018 draft, allowed three hits and struck out eight over five innings to get his first pro win in the GCL Rays’ 6-0 victory over the Twins. He has a 0.98 ERA over 27 2/3 innings in eight starts.UP NEXTLHP Blake Snell (14-5) will pitch Tuesday night’s game against Royals RHP Glenn Sparkman (0-1). Snell, whose 2.10 ERA ranks second in the AL, has not given up a run in two straight starts of five innings each. TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — New York Yankees‘ hitters involved in testing a ball that has undergone a factory rubbing at a factory have issues with the prototype’s color.“I was asked what I thought, and I thought it was too dark,” outfielder Brett Gardner said. “The ball felt the same coming off the bat. I’d just like to see the ball be a little more of a white shade so it’s a little easier for the hitters to see.”The objective of the tests, conducted during spring training Christian Arroyo Jersey , is to develop a ball that eliminates the need for the umpires’ room attendants to apply Delaware River mud mixed with water on about eight dozen new balls before each game. The goal is to improve the consistency of balls’ performance.Major League Baseball is taking feedback from players and coaches, which will be incorporated into a later version. The commissioner’s office has not yet considered whether the prototype could be tested in minor league or instructional games.Gardner, Gary Sanchez, Greg Bird and Miguel Andujar hit the balls during part of a recent pregame batting practice session. The balls have “PROTOTYPE” stamped on the sweet spot.“A little dark,” Sanchez said through a translator. “During BP, I felt like it jumped a little more than the current ball.”The Yankees also were using standard MLB practice balls when the foursome hit.A 2019 spring training game ball used in a recent Yankees’ home game that was rubbed by hand was noticeably lighter in color.Darkness of the balls used in games can vary from ballpark to ballpark.Bird agreed the prototype was too dark but thought the idea of a uniformed game ball is worth exploring.

MESA Charlie Morton Jersey , Ariz. (AP) —  transition from advance scout to pitching coach has been smooth so far.Hottovy is the third pitching coach in the last three years for the Cubs, but he’s spent four years in the organization, working with pitchers on mechanics and game planning.“It makes it a lot easier when you have that relationship,” Lester said. “A lot of the stuff we talk about out here, we’ve already talked about.“He’s just got to adapt to being on the field,” Lester said. “It’s really easy inside and watching on TV but when you’re in the dugout, for all of us, it speeds up sometimes. Hopefully this spring is kind of a good learning curve for him as far as the mound visits and dealing with scheduling and bullpens and all that nonsense and dealing with our attitudes out there. It’s been really smooth getting to this point.”In his third spring start on Thursday, Lester gave up three runs on four hits, including two homers, over 3 2/3 innings against the Colorado Rockies.“He made good pitches, had good command,” Cubs catcher Willson Contreras said. “We were just trying to execute pitches.”Hottovy most likely already has a list of what he’d like Lester to work on.“He’s been a big part of the scouting reports, so he knows how we work and what we talk about and what we’re trying to do,” Lester said. “There’s no learning curve. It makes it a lot easier.”Hottovy has gotten an earful from the Cubs pitchers if the game plan didn’t go well.“We’ve got to make sure they know it’s their fault sometimes,” Lester joked. “It’s not always our fault — it’s usually the shoes or the glove or a coach, catcher, infielder. It’s never our fault.”The 35-year-old Lester is adjusting to his role as one of the elder statesmen on the Cubs.“At first http://www.astrosfanproshop.com/authentic-justin-verlander-jersey , it’s kind of a hard pill to swallow, especially when you turn around and think you threw a fastball well and it says 90 or 91 (mph) as opposed to 95,” Lester said.NOTES: Nico Hoerner, the Cubs’ first-round draft pick last June, was the designated hitter on Thursday and went 3-for-3, including an RBI single in his first at-bat. Hoerner was limited to 60 games last season because of an injury. … There have been no wild bears or reggae bands in manager Joe Maddon’s camp this spring. Lester said the diversions break up the monotony of a long season. Stay tuned, though. Lester said the Cubs have already discussed a few theme trips. “What’s cool is he comes to us and asks us our opinions on it,” Lester said of Maddon. “I don’t think there’s been many, if any, that have been turned down.” Jacob deGrom and Noah Syndergaard are two of MLB's biggest potential trade-deadline prizes, and they probably aren't going anywhere.The New York Mets right-handers are 30 and 25 years old, respectively. DeGrom is under club control through 2020; Syndergaard won't hit free agency until after the 2021 season at the soonest. DeGrom is in the midst of a Cy Young Award-caliber season, and Syndergaard, injury issues aside, owns one of baseball's most electric arms.The Mets are buried in last place in the National League East. But those are the type of assets you build around, not the kind you ship away.What if New York could loan out its co-aces, however, with the assurance they'd return to Queens after the season?It's nothing more than a thought exercise Jose Cruz Jr. Jersey , obviously. League officials won't rewrite the trade rules in the middle of summer.There is a precedent, however. Professional soccer players in the English Premier League can be "loaned" out for limited periods before returning to their club of origin. Sometimes, they make a significant difference for their new squads.What if the same standard were applied to MLB?To give credit where it's due, NBC Sports' Christopher Crawford recently floated the notion:Christopher Crawford Crawford_MILBA thought:Lets say that MLB had a rule where a team could quot;borrowquot; an MLB player starting July 31. It would be like any other trade, only the player -- if hes under contract -- returns to the team in November.What would a player like Mike Trout get in that situation?That's a fascinating hypothetical. What wouldan offense-hungry contender pay for a few months of Mike Trout's services? At least one top-level prospect, probably, plus ancillary pieces.The Los Angeles Dodgers surrendered power-hitting prospect Yusniel Diaz to the Baltimore Orioles to rent Manny Machado in June. Diazbecame the Orioles' No. 2 prospect, perMLB.com, and the O's also nettedbat-missing right-hander Dean Kremer and third baseman Rylan Bannon, who'd hit 20 homers at High-A, as well as right-hander Zach Pop and infielder Breyvic Valera.Renting out Trout would help the Los Angeles Angels to rebuild their farm system and set them up for future contention. And it would put the game's best player in a position to perform on the postseason stage, where he's logged a scant 15 plate appearances in seven-plus big league seasons.Picture Trout temporarily in the middle of the Chicago Cubs' or New York Yankees' lineups. Are you not intrigued?Jim McIsaac/Getty ImagesThe same could be said for any number of star players who are toiling for teams on the fringe of or essentially eliminated from contention: the Miami Marlins' J.T. Realmuto, the San Francisco Giants' Madison Bumgarner, the Cincinnati Reds' Joey Votto. They'd tip the balance of power wherever they landed while adding exponential excitement to October.This proposal will engender hired-gun cynicism. It's the antithesis of loyalty. If your loyalty lies with the guy donning the laundry of your choice above all else, surely you're fuming.But as MLB wrestles with declining attendance and waning enthusiasm, it needs to get creative. It needs to find ways to put the best players in the spotlight and crank up the drama.Plus, free agency has already decimated the concept of franchise fealty. Whatever lip service they pay to the fans and cities they temporarily call home, most players follow the money. As they should.Let's cast aside the charade Nolan Ryan Jersey , then, and admit it's about entertainment. Many in the NBA have embraced the superteam, where contenders load up on superstars intent on winning a title. Why shouldn't baseball follow suit?"I'd give up everything I have, all of the individual awards I've ever won, for a World Series," Trout said in June, per USA Today's Bob Nightengale. "It would be so sick to win the World Series, ride around with that trophy, and see everyone so happy. That's something you dream about."Jae C. Hong/Associated PressUnfortunately for Trout, the Angels entered play Sunday 13 games behind the Houston Astros in the American League West and eight games off the wild-card pace. The odds that he'll realize his dream with the Halos in 2018 hover somewhere in the vicinity of zero.Would it be as sweet if he did it in another uniform? That's an open question. But it would be sweeter than watching the postseason from his couch.Trout, deGrom, Syndergaard et al. will likely remain with their current clubs in 2018. If you root for the Angels and Mets, then you're probably happy about that.If you're a fan of the game, on the other hand, it's an unfortunate reality鈥攚ith a possible, if drastic, fix.

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