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In Combat focused update, there are many new challenges in combat achievements, which will test your PvM ability.

In Mor Ul Rek in the city center, players will find TzHaar-Ket-Rak. What comes out of these eggs is that JalTok-Jads is stronger and more aggressive than TzTok-Jad. TzHaar struggles to solve this problem. TzHaar-Ket-Rak challenges anyone who thinks they have enough courage to enter hell and challenge JalTok-Jads People.

After replacing the introduction, TzHaar-Ket-Rak will allow players to deal with challenges. There are 6 challenges in total, and players fight with multiple JalTok-Jads. Adventurers must complete the previous challenge to unlock the next challenge. The first two challenges are unlocked when showing the fire cloak to TzHaar guarding the entrance, and are open to anyone who can enter the Mor Ul Rek inner city.

The last four challenges need to be completed in hell. Just like hell, the six challenges of TzHaar-Ket-Rak are also considered safe, so players can try them without worrying about the consequences of death. If you think this is more difficult, then you can choose a reliable website to Buy Old School Runescape Gold or other Items to help you enjoy the game better.

If successful, you will find that you have replaced the TzRek-Jad pet with a new JalRek-Jad Transformer. You can get some Tokkul for every JalTok-Jad killed. After you complete the challenge for the first time, you will receive a transmog reward. This is not an accidental opportunity.

Although we did consider additions, we believe that the true replay value of this challenge is driving the speed of the transition.

A nearby scoreboard will display personal and global statistics about death, death and the best time. Who do you think will be the one to accelerate the challenge?

If both the challenge and combat achievements pass the polls, the six JalTok-Jad challenges will be released after the combat achievements. If you think the information or guides we provide are helpful to your game, please remember to bookmark rsgoldbuy.com. At the same time, RSgoldBuy will provide players with the cheapest OSRS GP. Players are welcome to come in and buy at any time.

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1. The task to collect resources from Miscellania while obtaining "100% support" can now be completed correctly.
2. Players who unlocked Morytania can now make breadcrumbs. If you lack this feature, please open the Tasks interface to get it.
3. Now, the message "Failed to defeat Vorkath 5 times without taking special damage" will appear only when you have not completed the mission.

In addition, the description of this task now specifies that it must be five consecutive times.
Now you can complete the task of "Complete 200 Slayer Tasks". Those who meet the conditions will complete the task after completing the next Slayer task.

The following reminder scrolls have been removed from the Second Alliance-Trailblazer World:

1. Coordinate clues excavated on the west side of Lizardman Canyon
2. Now, the fade-out effect when entering the God Wars Dungeon instance is much faster.
3. The door of the boss room that was instantiated in the God War dungeon no longer moves.

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Moving forward is an intermediate mission and the first in Twisted Tale. This is a short, independent mission in Great Kourend and Kebos Lowlands, aimed at adding more world-building, life and features to the African continent. If you need a lot of OSRS GP then you can quickly buy OSRS Gold from RSgoldBuy, and you can also enjoy the ultra-low price.

In Getting Ahead, the player's task is to bring back the head of the deadly beast, only to find that the beast has no head. You need to complete the following steps:

1. Start the mission by talking to Gordon at the farm south of Golden Farm. He will tell you to try to ask his wife Mary.
2. Mary will tell you that the beast only appears at night, so they never have a chance to observe it properly. She suggested, however, if the beast was wrapped in flour, it might be easier to track.
3. If you don't have flour, go upstairs and get one. When you are here, you also need to tie up your needlework and use it later. Talk to Gordon again, he will tell you that this beast is mainly aiming at their cows, pour a pot of flour on the south gate (just north of the bridge), and then you will start to see a ball of flour moving south. Before tracking the beast, please hold the hammer at the gate and use it until the end of the mission.

Fight with Headless Beast

1. Follow the trail of flour, which ends at Kebos Lowlands Mine. Before entering the cave, grab two planks with a broken rowing boat and dig some clay for later use. Enter the cave to fight the headless beast.

2. The headless beast uses melee attacks, and has a special attack method, that is, slam the ground, causing large rocks to hit the player. The beast can be safely checked by trapping it around the pond, because it will never make a special attack.

3. After killing the beast, search for nearby bones to receive Neilan's diary, which shows that the beast is the work of a wizard from the mainland. Back to Gordon, he refused to pay you because you cannot prove that you killed the beast.

A Strange Beast

1. Talk to Mary. Mary suggests that you fake your head by using clay modeling to deceive her husband. Use a knife and a piece of soft clay to make a clay head, then return to Gordon. Gordon was fascinated by the high head, which made you and Mary relax.

2. The bloody head finally convinced him that he asked you to put your head in his house. The installed headspace will appear next to the stairs of the house. The player needs a hammer, saw, any type of nail and two planks.

3. A hammer can be found at the doorway for pouring flour, and a saw can be found in a small barn equipped with ancient machinery. The workbench inside can also search for ten iron nails. After boarding the bleeding head, he returned to Gordon again.

After completing the task, you will receive the following rewards:

    1. Explore points Explore points
    2. 3000 gold coins
    3. Have 4,000 production experience
    4. 3200 years of construction experience
    5. Enter the tannery in the Kebos lowlands (talk to Mary for tanning services)

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Recently, I have been addicted to Animal Crossing and found many animal villagers in the game. Today, I will introduce some of the most popular villagers in Animal Crossing. Let's see if there are any you like!

Each villager is very cute and has a personality, but because Their appearance and personality are different, so their popularity is also different. In the latest Animal Crossing, five villagers are beloved, and other animals must have overwhelming popularity. If your favorite villagers or other items are rare in the game, then in order to improve your efficiency, you can choose to Buy ACNH Bells from the ACBellsBuy site or directly purchase ACNH Items to help you get them quickly.

1. The lover of dreams - Raymond

There is no doubt that Raymond is currently one of the most popular villagers in Animal Crossing, and its popularity has reached an astonishing level. Its uniqueness lies in its unique recognizable different pupil, the left eye is green, and the right eye is brown. In terms of personality, Raymond is also a gentleman in the game. He is polite and friendly. As long as he is not a grumpy villager, he can basically get along with him. However, it is worth mentioning that although Jack is very popular among players, he is not a rare villager, and he can be obtained by swiping it a few times.

2. Mature women-Ms. Judy

The popularity of Judy and Raymond fully proves that in the new version of the mobile version of the game, Judy is a mature lady (but the mantra is "you can do whatever you want in a dream"), and Judy's whole body is fan blue and purple The composition of the fur creates a pleasant gradient effect. Secondly, she is also very interested in style and fashion. She often talks about the appearance and dress of other villagers. For those who like to gossip about other villagers, she is a perfect choice.

3. The grumpy brother - Octavian

The following villagers can be regarded as the old villagers in the Animal Crossing series of games. Octavian's original body is an octopus. In Animal Crossing, the villagers' chances of discovery are random, but compared to the octopus, The probability of getting to cats or other land animals is much higher. Octavian can be said to be a very rare existence in Animal Crossing. There are only 3 species in Animal Crossing. In addition, considering Octavian's grumpy temper, combined with the red glow His appearance undoubtedly adds more cute and evil elements to him.

4. The Queen of Egypt - Ankha

Ankha can be said to be a veteran-level village name, and it has been online for many years. Her uniqueness lies in her well-designed appearance, which is largely influenced by ancient Egyptian culture, making her an iconic villager in the local game version. Ankha is arrogant and hard to be friends with people. She is also obsessed with makeup and gossip. Other villagers often judge people by their appearance. Like other arrogant villagers, Ankha gets along better with those people. Due to lifestyle and character reasons, Ankha It is difficult to make friends with those casual and lively village names.

5. Cute boy - Marshal

Marshal is a narcissistic boy, probably related to his profession (designer), and his personality is also courteous. Due to his profession and character, Marshal likes to talk about himself with other people. This may be why he is easy to get along with lively and arrogant villagers. Outgoing is his endorsement. But Marshal is very sensitive. If you do something wrong in the process of understanding, he will become passive and it is difficult to open his heart. But once you become friends, he will bring you very friendly!

The above is the introduction of five very popular villagers in Animal Crossing. They are in no particular order. Are there any villagers you like? Popular villagers are not necessarily rare, but rare villagers are not necessarily popular.

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