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vertical roller mill is basically a professional clay processing equipment on the market, not only can grind clay into particle size required by customers, but also finished powder form uniform, stable quality, therefore, become a hot mill on the market equipment. 

Vertical roller mill enjoys a very high reputation in this industry, the technical indicators has greatly improved through technical updates and adjusting the structure of powder milling technology, is a energy efficient new mill products.

vertical vertical mill’s entire structure consist of main frame, force turbine classifier, plumbing fixtures, high pressure blower, finished cyclone, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, electric motors and jaw crusher, bucket elevator and other components . The reason why it is favored by the users and respected is inseparable with their special production process.

No matter what kind of machines or equipments, lubrication work is necessary to the ultrafine vertical mill. So if we want to use our vertical mill in a long time, we must do maintenance work well, and the lubricants work is one of the important works. 

What kind of lubricating oil should be used in ultrafine vertical mill? How to add? If you do not know about how to do, it will have a greater impact on the your machine.

When the ultrafine vertical mill is working, there will have a higher temperature in the equipment. Therefore, we should choose the lubricating oil which must have good thermal stability and oxidation resistance of lubricants, to avoid the temperature of equipment is too high to lose the role of lubricants.

Grinding aluminum bauxite is inseparable from ultrafine vertical mill. Then, what kind of bauxite ultrafine vertical mill can increase production capacity and reduce unit energy consumption? ZENITH has built many excellent grinding projects in the field of bauxite. 

Improve the melting point, viscosity, strength; abrasive materials are the main raw materials for advanced grinding wheels and polishing powders; refractory materials are indispensable furnace building materials for the industrial sector.

And provide professional technical guidance and equipment manufacturing for these projects. Among them, GK heavy-duty aluminum bauxite vertical grinding mill is a new generation of equipment for traditional mills, compared with the same-power R-type mill. The production capacity is increased by more than 40%, and the unit power consumption cost is saved by 30%. It is a favorite ultrafine vertical mill for customers.

Vertical Mill: https://www.hotverticalmill.com/

The version ultrafine vertical mill produced by our company is specially used for the crushing of hard and strong abrasive materials.

Working principle: The motor drives the belt and the pulley, and the eccentric shaft makes the ultrafine vertical mill swing up and down. When the ultrafine vertical mill pushes the mill to move to the fixed mill, the material is crushed or squeezed.

When the mill are retracted under the action of the eccentric shaft and the spring, the material that has been crushed or crushed before is discharged from the lower discharge opening of the mill. As the motor rotates continuously, the ultrafine vertical mill is used to periodically crush and discharge the material to achieve mass production.

After the large piece of raw ore is manually sorted out, the material is fed into the grizzly screen, and the size of the screen is 100mm. The +100mm material is sent into the ultrafine vertical mill, then its crushed products enter the XB-602 vibrating screen sorting together with the product under the grizzly screen.

vertical roller mill: https://www.ultrafinegrinder.com/product/vertical-roller-mill.html

It is well known that, following the expansion of industrial powder, the technology of limestone pulverizer is applied in the production of industrial powder, which has gained a boundless social and economic benefit. 

It has also followed its application in industry, and it has settled the process of expansion, perfection, and aging, but the development of vertical roller mill technology is still far from being broken. After nearly 43 years of application, it has shown the strength of the mine mill in the industrial application, and the pace will be faster. 

The application field of new type pulverizer

Limestone is a rich mineral in China, which is a kind of sedimentary rock composed of calcite, which is distributed almost all over the country. The limestone is excellent in texture and exposed to the surface. It is easy to explore and low development cost, and it is easy to process and synthesize. 

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