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World of Warcraft Classic players will relive the Ahn'Qiraj's Gate World Series on July 28. At that time, the nominal door would open to thousands of races. Flocks of angry monsters will be released on Azeroth.

World of Warcraft Classic will enter the fifth phase of the release schedule on that day in July. The quest line of the "Stand of Quicksand" will be added to the update, and the Ahn'Qiraj war begins. The determined guild and the entire server community need two key components of this global event to work together.

Players need to donate production materials for Ahn'Qiraj's war effort. This will help them fight Qiraji, who was eventually trapped in Silithus. The World of Warcraft Classic Gold competition among server communities is to accumulate this kind of inventory, so that you can understand who can complete the world competition first.

The toughest player strictly against Classic is the second part of this event. In order to build the extremely rare item "Quicksand Scepter", there will be a long and tortuous task that needs to be completed by raiding the guild. Only a few players can use it on the server.

The holder of the scepter can sound a gong after completing these two tasks. After the gate of Ahn'Qiraj is opened, a 10-hour war that the entire server can participate in is triggered. In the battle, the raiders slid to Buy WOW Classic Gold two new raids in order to test their courage.

One of the most ambitious events in World of Warcraft in history is here, and I am very happy. After the door of Ahn'Qiraj was opened, the server could not bear the chaos and various annoying connection problems and lag followed. Players can relive this moment in the unprecedented conflict of online games.

On July 28, the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj mission went online. Players can check out more about World of Warcraft Classic on the comprehensive guide. Players who need Classic WOW Gold in World of Warcraft can purchase it directly on MMOWTS.
In World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, Anima needs a lot of things. Whether it's upgrading the player's temple or opening a new realm of the temple family world, this is what he needs to do. In Shadowlands, players can obtain Anima in a variety of ways. To complete the mission, players must complete the WOW Classic Gold For Sale World mission and find the named treasure chest and kill the enemy. In their own temple, players can obtain items that can be converted into expendable lives. Players need to store enough money so they can proceed to the next upgrade or event.

In the Pain Theatre of Maldraxxus, players can complete this task called "Betting Yourself". Players need to randomly kill one of Ti'or, Mistress Dyrax or Devmorta in the Dungeon of Pain in the game every day. This game is recommended for players to complete with a group, but it is also possible to complete it alone.

In Maldraxxus, this task is ongoing. Players do not have to complete the game to be part of the Necrolord covenant. This Classic WOW Gold is not covenant-specific, life items can be added to any temple reserve. Every day, players can visit Maldraxxus for rewards.

Before players are ready to bet, they will need to complete a series of painful tasks outside the theater. Players need to wait for the weekly reset on the next Thursday after completing the "Ladder" task, and then visit the "Betting yourself" task. For this task, players can receive it from Onalin in the center of the Theater of Pain.

Players need to try once in groups of 5 because the boss is not easy to defeat. If the players do not have a formal raid team, then they can get help. Players who need Classic WOW Gold in the game can purchase it on a website called MMOWTS.
Recently, World of Warcraft Shadowlands has been discussing the proof of the alt-friendliness of the latest expansion. Currently, the final difficulty of the attack has developed to the level of players who can work hard for it.

These are two intertwined issues. If you want to adapt to your sanctuary, then you need to upgrade the covenant with a lot of animal equipment. It is very difficult for players to get animations here.

After the players complete the mission line of the covenant, the players will get a full set of equipment and tokens for the raid finder weapon from the covenant supplier. In the item level, the level of the token is 187. If players experience these things, they can get life in world missions and covenant missions. Their Cheap WOW Classic Gold equipment is suitable for the level of the mythical dungeon.

An excellent source of equipment is provided by Raid Finder. When the latest wings are opened, nine of the ten leaders will come in. The queue time for DPS is really a headache, but the easiest way is to clean the raid finder once a week.

To overcome these difficulties is very troublesome. Climbing from the 1st floor to the 8th floor is very difficult for Torghast. If the player wants to do it once, he must reach the maximum level after 7 runs so that you can gain the ability to penetrate Soul Ash.

It is very annoying for players to do anything on the flower glue on the same subject. Ve'nari is based on Torghast to upgrade the WOW Classic Gold For Sale entire account. This is an upgrade that lacks NPCs and focuses on flower glue. The players also put forward some suggestions for follow-up operations.

Blizzard needs to do some work to deal with them so that alt is not too troublesome. The many ways they provide gears and the general degree of simplification also make the game expand even better. If players need Classic WOW Gold in the game, they will look for other methods. Players can buy it on a website called MMOWTS.
World of Warcraft Shadowlands has been released for a long time, and endgame players have already had the conditions needed to truly learn to defeat Mythic Castle Nathria in terms of combat strategy and party composition. After the players understand the battle situation, players who can play at their own level are better than unskilled players. The most interesting thing at this stage is to consider what level of DPS.

The reason why we can get these data is thanks to some serious "World of Warcraft" digital promoters. A few weeks later, the Classic WOW Gold players all entered ythic Castle Nathria. In order to reflect the current position of each DPS specification and the changes compared to the previous week, Wowhead data administrators have updated their highest DPS rankings.

Ordinary players don't care much about the fact that their class and selected specifications are at the bottom of the list. What they need to think about is that as long as each participant rotates his rotation perfectly, then the numbers may only be fully displayed like this.

Because they are at the bottom of the list, Frost Mages and Assassination Rogues will be ashamed. Their WOW Classic Gold For Sale class will be improved due to some future balance adjustments, so that their own level will be improved.

In different aspects, different specifications are outstanding. After comparing the data with the performance of a single target vs group, they used Mythical Dungeon and PvP. Their ranking will vary depending on the ranking of each category and specification.

Shadowlands as a very young extension. It takes a lot of time for players to master the content of this endgame. New battles and bosses will also bring about an ever-evolving endgame pattern. Players need Classic WOW Gold in World of Warcraft Shadowlands, so they can click to buy it on MMOWTS.

Now World of Warcraft has added a book library where players can purchase knowledge, history and development of popular games. Players can gain in-depth knowledge of Kalimdor of World of Warcraft here.

World of Warcraft has been established for its 16th anniversary. In the world of Azeroth, with the growing trend, Blizzard can find a new position and history in the game. Players can explore in books and games. In November of last year, all the books about a certain place, all about the Eastern Kingdom, were the last to Buy WOW Classic Gold be released.

On October 15, 2021, World of Warcraft: Exploring Azeroth: Kalimdor will be listed as the latest intelligence volume. The hardcover of this book retails for $25 on Amazon.

The long history of the Eastern Kingdom is the first exploratory book written by the in-game characters Flynn Fairwind and Matthias Shaw. A famous figure in the Cheap WOW Classic Gold legend of the World of Warcraft tribe will tell the content of the second volume. In this new version, game fans can look forward to many new materials, artworks and trivia no matter what.

World of Warcraft: Exploring Azeroth: Kalimdor is very similar to before. For those fans who don't know everything about Kalimdor, she will provide them with the opportunity to study in depth. They can conduct in-depth research on art, landscape, knowledge, history, important people and other fluffy tidbits.

One of the fastest selling PC games ever is the latest World of Warcraft Shadowlands. The Burning Crusade server will soon be available in World of Warcraft. History and land will also grow as the game continues to develop. All the knowledge in the game is difficult to master. Players need the help of WOW Classic Gold in the game. The MMOWTS website can provide players with the best help.
In the past few months, Blizzard has been working hard for their World of Warcraft: Shadowlands expansion in order to ensure that the real-time server can maintain a balanced state as much as possible. Many problems need to be resolved as soon as possible.

The loot issue is one of the most common complaints from the player community. You will find a phenomenon after completing a lot of endgame content. This phenomenon is that the drop probability of most equipment is greatly reduced. The players have also entered a dilemma.

Players are very disappointed with the number of equipment in World Bosses, Raids and Mythic + dungeons. In this WOW Classic Gold For Sale extension, Blizzard deleted Reroll Tokens. In this case things have become very bad, and the players have another chance to be looted.

Ion Hazzikostas, as the game director, also mentioned this issue in an interview recently. Hazzikostas acknowledged the existence of this problem and said that it is a problem they need to solve now.

Because the drop rate is low, players can't really get these things. They have no connection with what they are about to get. Every week, the "large safe" guarantees that players will drop at least once. There are some players who risk being brought into the game using equipment that is useless to the player.

Hazzikostas discussed the effects of PvP sub-production. Many players agree with this Cheap WOW Classic Gold view. Players are very happy about the return of PvP providers and rewarded PvP games. It also provides players with a source of guarantee for higher-level equipment.

The drop rate is unlikely to increase, so getting 35 animations to run Mythic + 15 keys is like slapped is one of the main problems pointed out by players. If players need to get cheap Classic WOW Gold, they don't need to spend time looking for other methods. Players can get cheap Classic WOW Gold on MMOWTS.
Commercially, the latest expansion of World of Warcraft will be a success. The latest expansion of World of Warcraft breaks the barriers of income and the number of players. All this is only temporary. Players leave the game in groups as the new expansion shines. Players will return to Azeroth under the stimulation of another such release.

Word of Warcraft is an MMO that defined this genre and shaped it into what we know today. Blizzard Entertainment released it in 2004. Word of Warcraft, as a long-lasting competition, is not a big multiplayer game. Many other MMOs also follow its lead.

There are impressive numbers in Shadowlands, which players have never heard of. The Classic WOW Gold number of players in World of Warcraft has increased and decreased over the past five years with the release of new versions. New content will be released every other year and will attract experienced players and subscribers.

A large number of new and old players entered World of Warcraft at the beginning of the new expansion. There is a loyal and vocal fan base in the Cheap WOW Classic Gold continuous development of the story. "Warcraft" was released in 1994, and people have been paying close attention to the story of Azeroth and its residents. If you grew up with it, then you definitely want to meet him.

Its dominance in the industry it creates is the other side of World of Warcraft's seasonal success. If players are interested in MMORPG, they will definitely encounter World of Warcraft. In order to arouse people's interest, the expansion will provide players with enough plot beats and new content.

Blizzard's World of Warcraft has long been the king of this type of game, which will leave a deep impression on the MMO industry. Players can get better game performance in the game, then Classic WOW Gold will help them. MMOWTS is a safe and reliable website for selling Classic WOW Gold.
There are four four covenants in World of Warcraft Shadowlands, and they all have their own home world. This is full of secrets and treasures. As long as players can complete puzzles or perform correct actions in other ways, no matter which alliance they belong to, they can access some of the hidden treasures. The WOW Classic Gold For Sale location of Maldraxxus "Necro Contract" is also one of the four regions.

Obtaining keys and unlocking the Battlefront Lockbox will not be as complicated as the more complex puzzle boxes found in Torghast and other areas of Shadowlands, it is very simple here. Players need to purchase keys, and of course they can also randomly find loot from nearby enemies. In Battlefront Ration Lockbox, the World of Warcraft Classic Gold loot is different. But these are very useful for players to complete the battle and exploration of the covenant.

If this is not accidental, you can buy it from two nearby merchants. They can get 1 gold from the supplier through the key. Atticus is the first supplier located near Primus. He will sell some weird things including animations that champion players can use to buy the Mission Command Table. Players can use it to buy food. Nidore Ocularis can check the smell.

Players can be stopped by other vendors' hatred, so they don't have to go too far. Players can find him in the southern part of the Theater of Pain. In addition to selling keys, he also sells mounts, companions and some equipment.

There are several other boxes near the spearhead, and players can unlock it with a key. The "Lock Toolbox" key and the "Construction Supply" key can be purchased or obtained from three enemies. If players need Classic WOW Gold, this website MMOWTS can provide them.
Since World of Warcraft Shadowlands was released, there have been eight complete expansion packs. Keeping track of all the storylines that happened at the time is difficult, especially for players who focus on the game rather than the story.

Blizzard has completed the task perfectly, leaving only hints and references for the players. Those loyal fans can piece together many stories. This major event was organized by expansion in the history of World of Warcraft.

Initially, World of Warcraft began after the third war. Recently, the Alliance and Horde recruited new allies, the night elves, and the Classic WOW Gold forsaken. Battles such as the conflict between night elves and the orcs in Ashenvale and the forgotten invasion of the Eastern Kingdoms will occur during this period. The opening of the Gate of Ahn'Qiraj is one of the most famous events in this period, which effectively prevented C'thun's power growth.

In order to contain the threat of the Burning Legion, the two factions continued their offensive as they traveled to Outland. The demon lord Kil'Jaeden was summoned by Kael'thas when the expansion was about to end, and he was also the ultimate boss of the World of Warcraft expansion. In the end, the Cheap WOW Classic Gold heroes of Azeroth returned to their hometown after Ki'Jaeden was defeated.

World of Warcraft started from the natural disasters, the main cities of Azeroth were attacked by countless undead. A group of death knights broke away from the Lich King's army at the same time. This knight, named the Black Blade, has formed an alliance with the mortal race of Azeroth.

World of Warcraft has 16 years of history. During that time, fans ushered in many memorable moments. The success of World of Warcraft Shadowlands is obvious to all, and fans can continue to look forward to more developments in world characters and storylines. Players have requirements for the expressiveness of this game, and players have a great demand for Classic WOW Gold. MMOWTS is a website that will help players.
A lot of new content appeared in World Of Warcraft Shadowlands, Torghast, Tower of the Damned is one of the main focus. Soul ash is provided by this complete dungeon for players, as an important resource for making legendary characters.

Many people are very happy to see this new event, difficult content has become easier. This is an activity to simplify this activity, and many people cannot enjoy the content exclusively.

Tomorrow, Prodigum's Beasts event will begin. Toghast is the first of the three activities. Players can use this activity to control one of the three beasts in a tower run, which can also be obtained from their first animation ability.

How these beasts and warlocks and hunters for their pet bonuses are mutual. We don't know if these beasts will benefit from these bonuses, or if they can be limited to their animation capabilities.

A large number of animation capabilities have been unearthed now. Collar of Teeth can increase the damage of Maw Beast, and can also increase more beneficial powers such as symbiotic essence. In this way, the healing effect of your Maw Beast can be improved. The WOW Classic Gold For Sale player who commands it can also be healed.

How to interact with the group? How does a group of five people deal with Torghast? We don’t even know. Torghast will greatly simplify this World of Warcraft Classic Gold situation, especially when they already control the pet category.

This is very interesting for Beast Mastery Hunter. It can already control two pets. Players can use three minions against Togst, and soon we will have an army marching into Togst.

At least ten data mining capabilities have been discovered, and there will be more in the future. Wowhead provides you with information about the events of "The Beast of the Beast". The Classic WOW Gold players need in the game can be obtained on a reliable and good-quality website called MMOWTS.
Players can choose one of the extended versions of Legion and Battle for Azeroth to upgrade their characters. The storyline of "Shadow Land" is very linear, you only need to play it once.

This story briefly introduces the four new adventure zones in Shadowlands and controls their alliances. After the story, the Cheap WOW Classic Gold real impetus for expansion happened. In the game, players can establish contact with the alliance of their choice. Players can choose between Kyrian, Ventyr, Necrolord or Night Fae. They can also obtain the equipment in the game, the extra powers and the activities they participate in.

If players want to choose a character in the line of fate, players need to perform world and auxiliary tasks in the Classic WOW Gold game and complete the reward goals. In this case, players do not need to upgrade from level 50 to level 60 through story missions.

Players can choose among the four available options. They need to choose a starting adventure zone. In the area of ??their choice, players can participate in tasks and events. Players can get rewards after the meter is full and continue the adventure. After they reach level 60, they can begin to explore flower gum, and players can also collect resources.

The fate line mode is disappointing for players who prefer a more guided experience. Players can choose and join in the event.

The thread of Destiny Mode is my favorite. I would like to know what is provided in the four covenants. I think this game is very important, especially since players can get a familiar feeling in the game. Classic WOW Gold is an important currency in the game, so players will definitely consider the price of Classic WOW Gold. MMOWTS is a website with cheap Classic WOW Gold.
Currently, DDoS is attacking Blizzard. For those players who play World of Warcraft, DDoS attacks have brought them high latency and disconnection issues. The problem that lasted for many days was announced by DDoS today.

"Distributed Denial of Service" is a characteristic of DDoS. IP addresses and networks cannot be used after these attacks damage the host's services. This WOW Classic Gold For Sale is not the first time Blizzard has responded to one of these attacks.

Blizzard has dealt with DDoS attacks in June and April. The support team’s report shows that they are mitigating the Cheap WOW Classic Gold problem and the situation has returned to normal.

Many comments do not support Blizzard's post. They are not allowed to carry out DDoS attacks on every server. Another DDoS attack on Blizzard servers will surprise everyone.

Last time, Blizzard dealt with these attacks in record time. The DDoS stopped within 45 minutes, and the authorities arrested the people behind the attack in this case. The news about this interruption will be similar on the next or next day.

Your information will not be at risk in the case of DDoS, so don't worry. Data and company documents will not be stolen or destroyed. In June, Blizzard stated that DDoS is like a blocked pipe on the Internet. You can now start another game so that World Of Warcraft can rest all day.

Your data will appear safer after backup. You will give up Read Dead Online and its New Year's content. Players in this game, if you need Classic WOW Gold, MMOWTS is a website worth buying. Players can make purchases here.
A movie that tells a spoiler story about Anduin and Sylvanas in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands has been mined with new details. Last fall, Blizzard has released the Shadowlands extension. In the summer of 2018, the game experienced a significant decline in content after the release of "Battle for Azeroth".

For the previous "Battle for Azeroth" expansion event, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands was set after this. For this experience, the Cheap WOW Classic Gold new version adds a lot of content. The rogue dungeon was built by the latter. In November 2020, this game set a record number.

A few weeks ago, players were still exploring new content for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. Anduin and Sylvanas are still facing each other, and the movie gradually turns black. This special story is also unfolded on the cliff. It is not known whether players will be confused about accessing the camera in the game. When the final Torghast mission line transitions to Twisting Corridors, the movie will be played.

Many unsolved mysteries are left on the huge cliffs. Will Sylvanas will execute the plan and let Anduin stand by his side. In the end, these Classic WOW Gold two people will each take a different approach. In Shadowlands, making this all the more obvious is Will Sylvanas' core role.

For the content of World of Warcraft, players should enjoy it. Many players question the difficulty of "Torghast". The game has been updated and the demanding expectations of endgame events have also been reduced. Players need Classic WOW Gold in this game, so the way to get them as soon as possible is to buy Classic WOW Gold on MMOWTS.
Forming an MMO raid team to eliminate a tough boss is not a good thing. Recently, a World of Warcraft Classic team happened in a novel way. The WOW Classic Gold For Sale conservative raiders have restored the most iconic raid in World of Warcraft in the past few months. But the boss was cleared by some guilds only shortly after the game was released.

Last year, World of Warcraft Classic went live at the request of players. The golden age of MMORPG that many people think is finally back. The original version of the game was very popular, and the number of subscribers to World of Warcraft doubled when it was released. The popularity of WoW Classic has continued since then, and Blizzard is also adding new content to the World of Warcraft Classic Gold early World of Warcraft patch. The experience of using the game server is replicated in this way.

The difficult dungeon solved by a large number of players is the main content of the raid and the most popular content in World of Warcraft Classic. Today, they succeeded in the hardest battle. It is very painful to completely wipe out the RAID team just because of a mistake.

In an attempt to shoot down the corrupt Vaelastrasz, the organization joined the Blackwing Lair raid in February. But the main battle tank of the organization disappeared in the remaining seconds.

For some players who want to play the latest version of World of Warcraft, last year’s "Shadow Land" expansion plan is still underway, which may be good news for them. In 2020, Shadowlands plans to release. After entering the afterlife version of World of Warcraft, players allied with a faction that rules the field.

The consequences of participating in an MMO attack may be serious. The Blackwing Lair team is also striding forward. The first appearance of World of Warcraft Classic content has surprised players. For these players, they really like this game. So they value their experience in the game. If you want a good experience, you can buy Classic WOW Gold on MMOWTS.
One of the most controversial elements of the reintroduction of World of Warcraft Classic movies is what Blizzard is considering, which Asmongold said is the WOW Classic Gold For Sale best option.

Many popular World of Warcraft Classic server activities have been revived due to the World of Warcraft Classic Gold COVID-19 pandemic, and the queue time in multiple popular areas has become very long. Faeralina, a high-population area, is home to Twitch streamers, where there is queue time. Entering the game requires players to wait a lot of time, but ultimately depends on how long they try to log in.

Blizzard published an article to solve this problem. He proposed an idea to implement when the server is most active when the game is released. The reason Blizzard added "tiering" is to allow more people to play, which means that each server has a different "tier". This will prevent overload on this server.

Players provided him with feedback at the request of Kaivax. In order to shorten the queue time, the number of layers in the high population area was temporarily increased to two, in order to understand the feelings of the players.

Many classic original authors don't like layering. It is technically different from the way "World of Warcraft" first came out. In today's live broadcast, he said he didn't mind this idea.

Many people feel very worried that stratifying multiple instances in one field will damage their economy. World of Warcraft Classic is different from retail WoW. Growing raw materials in the open world is the most important thing.

Asmon stated that the classical purists are in a denial situation. People have more extensive access to Internet resources on more servers, and they have no way to experience the true original experience, which will also make the players more aware of the game. Players need help in this game, so they are always looking for the best way to solve the problem. I suggest that they choose the MMOWTS website, because the Classic WOW Gold here can help them.

In the game industry and fan communities, there is a celebration called Cosplay. Players dress them up according to the characters in their favorite games and performances. Cosplay can cross media and interests. World of Warcraft role player Jarod Nandin is one of the classic examples.

Complicated costumes and countless working hours are a major feature of many World of Warcraft role players. The role playing created by Nandin is very popular on the Internet and is even famous in the World of Warcraft game community.

Nandin's role-playing is not entirely from World of Warcraft. The South Park episode "Make Love Not Warcraft" is very popular both inside and outside the "World of Warcraft" community. Nandin was on the stage in the cosplay competition at Blizzcon 2013 and equipped him with a computer installer. The Cheap WOW Classic Gold image of South Park’s children’s rival "That No Life" is perfectly reproduced in a concentrated way.

He will become famous for his role-playing, and Nandin's popularity in the community will also have other reasons. Many friends and fans emerged on social media, and their condolences and fond memories of the man were also shared. Nandin is a good gamer as well as a good friend. He helped them get rid of abusive relationships and was shared.

For the video game industry itself, cautious measures have been taken to limit the Classic WOW Gold spread of the coronavirus. He still influenced the game and the game players themselves. To prevent this disease, the World Health Organization even recommends staying indoors and playing games. It has also dealt a heavy blow to many player communities, and "Cyberpunk 2077" will also be delayed due to COVID-19.

A legend has disappeared in World of Warcraft and the broader role-playing community. In the next few years, they know that they will be remembered, which also makes them feel somewhat comforted. Players want to have a good gaming experience in the game, so they spend a lot of time in the game. Classic WOW Gold is what they need, and I hope MMOWTS this website can help them.
The dangerous place for adventurers has been Azeroth for many years. Players can choose to challenge in the open world or fight with elite bosses. Grouping with other players in World of Warcraft Classic provides the greatest chance of survival.

The only boss in Onyxia's lair is Onyxia. Onyxia has been used as a raid for World of Warcraft, and it also serves as a stepping stone for advanced raids. The battle between the players and this dragon is not so difficult. The leader of the raid yelled about DKP minus due to the failure of the WOW Classic Gold For Sale mechanic, and the iconic video of Onyxia's encounter will circulate for a long time.

On the Zandalar Tribe EU server, 40 allied players conducted a raid on July 9, and they only took less than 12 minutes. The entire encounter in all three stages and the performance of the group are shown on a POV tape of a dwarf priest.

Paladins cannot release threats without weapons and shields. An intruder explained that 15 wizards would use level 1 Frost Bolt in battle. The World of Warcraft Classic Gold paladin tank Berit will use the blessing of the king's blessing to make up for the threat of loss. Each character will have enough buffs and consumables, and they will resist any wandering spells or blows of Onyxia. The healer will keep a close watch on everyone, pets or Paladin tanks will disappear after successive attacks.

In the community, this move is impressive, and the impossible stunt was verified. Within the first month, Ragnaros was beaten in a role other than the highest level.

In a naked raid, Onyxia failed. This means that similar stories with other raid leaders are waiting to happen. Players can advance to the future in the opening of Ahn'Qiraj. Initially, the old god C'Thun was also defeated upon release. Players will need a lot of cheap Classic WOW Gold in this game, so they need to find a very good method. Many players will buy what they need on MMOWTS.
In August, SuperData’s latest research showed that World of Warcraft Classic subscriptions tripled. In 2005, new and old players returned to the world of Azeroth under the leadership of the original version of World of Warcraft. Between July and August, subscriptions more than tripled. However, the Cheap WOW Classic Gold number of players is still not as large as the number of players during the expansion of "Battle for Azeroth" last August. In general, the retail update of World of Warcraft that attracts many players is often.

The success of World of Warcraft Classic was unexpected. They don't know why the game is restored to a simpler and more frustrating mode that will be more popular with players. The simplicity and nostalgia of the original game may be one of the reasons. You have no way to use the power of Raid Finder to find allies, and there is no task mark to show whereabouts. The players themselves dominate the game. This makes the game feel like an achievement simulator, rather than virtual obstacles before.

Although popular at present, Blizzard game developers are still worried about the concept of World of Warcraft Classic. A fan wants to know if the Classic WOW Gold old server will be added to the game in the Blizzcon 2013 panel. J. Allen Brack, as the production director of World of Warcraft, said that players need old servers in the game, but they think they don't need it. He enumerated the errors and problems in the early version of World of Warcraft, which is why they can never make old servers.

World of Warcraft Classic releases game updates very slowly, and the hardcore miller has enough time to complete attacks such as the Blackrock Abyss before joining the challenge. Many content fans wanted to add content such as getting rewards by killing enemy players, but did not get a response. Classic became so strong in the first month of entering the wild, so the future development is also unpredictable. If players need Classic WOW Gold, they can buy it directly on MMOWTS, which is very convenient.


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