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With the re-enactment of Nike Dunk Low "Viotech", this super-popular color theme will also be given to the same classic Air Max 90, which is undoubtedly a recent extra surprise! The domestic sales information that everyone cares about is officially exposed today! Nike Air Max 90 QS Viotech color matching is so popular, except that the shoes are made of colorful colors such as rose, blue, green, yellow and black, which are unforgettable and made of high-quality matte leather. Stand out in many shoes! The overall visual performance is rich and bright, and the high-quality texture is also taken care of. The eye-catching degree of the upper foot is definitely a good hand in the street!

2019 Mens Jordans,NBA star Paul George's signature shoe Nike PG 3, recently with a new color appearance. The name of this pair of shoes is Lure, which translates to Luya in Chinese, meaning that it is a lure fishing. The inspiration may be derived from the daily fishing hobby of pickled pepper. Nike PG 3 LURE is a combination of lake green and light gray, with a green label on the tongue and a fish pattern on the heel. The overall color scheme is very fresh, and everyday wear is also a very good match.

Last year,adidas sneakers brought a new shoe type POD S3.1, which is loved by trend lovers with its excellent foot feel and unique style. Recently, a new color matching adidas POD S3.1 ML 2 with a unique Chinese style has been brought, and the detail design is very interesting. The design is dominated by nude colors, and the highlights are very eye-catching. The embroidery on the toe has Chinese characters. “Sick and evil”, the heel shoes also have the Chinese character “Tonsill”, and the inside of the heel is also embroidered with herbal patterns. The theme is unique and interesting.

This year's 30th Anniversary Air Jordan 4 will also have a number of new heavyweight members, and next month will usher in the ultra-popular Air Jordan Cool 4 Cool Grey. After 15 years, this classic color scheme finally ushered in a return to the re-enactment. It is less than half a month away from the official release. Today, the official map is officially released. Nigel Sylvester, a professional BMX athlete who has worked with Jordan Brand many times last week, has taken the lead. The shoe body is decorated with the iconic black, white and gray colors. The clean and neat color scheme is definitely a good choice for daily outings. The yellow “Flight” lettering on the tongue stitch is highly recognizable, followed by the Jumpman Logo, still with silver accents.

Last year, it was praised as a real weapon for flying on the ground. Adidas BYW X ushered in a refreshing color matching for summer! Adidas Crazy BYW X Cloud White is made of high-heeled socks, the upper is covered with pure white breathable mesh, and the side gray leather covered support cable, the overall simple and elegant! The midsole Boost is coated with a TPU and mated with a stiffener to provide excellent response and stability.

From the purple lobster at the end of last year to this year's panda pigeons and hyenas, these pairs of goods have made Nike SB Dunk, who has been silent for many years, return to your eyes. This month, there is another heavy Parra joint name to be released soon. Recently, there is a friend and friend to limit the color exposure. Parra x Nike SB Dunk Low Friends And Family is completely different from the fresh style of the commercial version. This friend and friend have chosen the dark green suede to create the upper, with a rubber sole, which is full of retro style and looks more like a skateboard. of. The Swoosh, lining and tongue are embellished in the same color as the commercial version, still with a naked-eye 3D effect. In terms of detail, there is no Mini Swoosh design on the side of the toe, and instead the blue Parra signature Logo.

After the retro trend swept the sneakers, the Nike Air Max 97 once again ushered in popularity, and has been loved by many sneaker players for the past two years. A new pair of Air Max 97 inspired by the classic game console Nintendo 64 is expected. Nike Air Max 97 Nintendo 64 adds four colors of red, blue, green and yellow on the basis of gray, which symbolizes the color of the buttons on the handle of the game machine. The whole shoe is covered with triangular dark lines, which represents the The arrow keys on the gamepad. At the same time, the words “POWER” and “RESET” are printed on the tongues of the left and right feet, and the words “Air” on the heel are presented in the form of Nintendo Logo.

Jordans 2019 Shoes,Among all the colors in the Air Jordan 11, the big slam dunk Air Jordan 11 “Space Jam” is more popular than the first year. After more than two years, the theme of the big slam dunk returned again, but this time it was carried out by Air Jordan 11 Low IE, and the official map was officially released recently. Designed on the basis of the Air Jordan 11 Low, the shoe has a hollow vent hole in many places, and the low-cut design is a pair of shoes that are more suitable for summer wear. The familiar black and blue theme is the symbolic color of the big slam dunk. The black shoes are made of a variety of materials. The patent leather has a good luster effect, and there are bright and stylish details in the calm. The blue tongue Jumpman Logo, and the blue crystal outsole, make the overall temperament more refreshing and transparent, making it both versatile and rich in visual layering.

2019 Sneakers Release ,Evergreen Nike Air Force 1 Come back with a new playful color! The body of the shoe is similar to the blue and yellow contrast of the Golden State Warriors. The side Nike Swoosh is decorated with white accents, and the outsole is complemented by white finishes! The upper leather and the breathable mesh are combined to create a light and breathable shape, which is more suitable for summer! The biggest point is that the metal jewelry of Nike basketball dress is attached to the shoelace. The details are rich, the texture is outstanding, and the playability is better!

After experiencing the “crazy sale” in June, the Yeezy series also entered a flat period. Next, there will be no Yeezy new products for sale throughout the country, and your wallet can take a temporary break. However, this morning, the sneakers account yeezymafia broke out, and the Yeezy 500 will release a new color in August. The overall shape of the adidas Yeezy 500 Bone White continues the Yeezy 500's consistent multi-material stitching design, which has not changed. Judging from the pictures released at present, the outsole is dressed in butter color, which is different from the previously exposed raw rubber color outsole, and the fresh and fresh breath is full. The official designation of this new color is "Bone White", the bone white body is very similar to the first color, the difficulty of starting is not small.

Air Jordan 1 is one of the most classic shoes. In addition to the classic first-year color scheme, the new color matching is also popular among shoe fans. Recently, it has exposed a brand new color scheme, combining the classic black and black and blue and blue color inspiration. Below is the latest picture of this color matching. It is probably the final physical figure! From the color design point of view, the second half of the shoe and the Swoosh are black and blue. The shoe body is not used in the darker shades like Royal Blue, but is more biased towards the lighter shade of UNC. The first half of the shoe and the outsole are black and red, and the classic colors of black, white and red are full of texture.

In addition to Kanye, Travis Scott is the most successful singer in the sneaker circle in the past two years. Together with Jordan Brand, the Air Jordan 4 and the anti-hook Air Jordan 1 are highly popular. Next up is the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 6. After the exposure of the real thing and the details, today, the latest pictures of the last foot are finally released. After reading it, I believe that you will look forward to it! The upper is made of olive green suede with black and white splicing midsole and a striking orange accent on the details for a rich military look. The foot is tough and the trend is not lost. The most characteristic is that the outer side of the upper changed the original raised design into a small pocket to pay tribute to the gold rush culture of Travis Scott's hometown of Texas. Compared to the anti-hook Air Jordan 1 double-layer upper, it is more convenient to use, you can really use it to decorate the change. The outsole also has a luminous effect, compared to the Air Jordan 4 and Air Jordan 1, the cool index of wearing at night is better. I have already exposed the recent photos, and the details are really rich. The “Cactus Jack” label appears on the shoe for many times, highlighting its unique identity. The iconic Ghost Logo is hidden in the upper pocket.