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Nowadays, Air Jordan 1 is almost a must-have item for hipsters. Similar to the shape of these shoes, the Air Jordan 1 Mid series, which is always easy to confuse, has appreciated. Recently, another new color matching Air Jordan 1 Mid is again exposed. The color matching of the Air Jordan 1 Mid GS is very special, with a metallic luster of discolored purple as the main color,
and a toe series color scheme. The rest of the area is matched with light cyan, pink and purple laces, and the overall dress is very harmonious.

Jordans 2019 Shoes Said that the spirit of the spray and "Jiu Bao and the second ukulele" joint version Air Jordan 15, I think everyone is very familiar. It was launched by Nike in collaboration with Leica Animation Studio. Lycra Animation Studio has a relationship with Nike and is currently owned by Phil Knight, one of Nike's founders, and his son Travis Knight is the President and Chief Executive Officer. So every time you join with Lycra, Nike will be especially worried. After a number of over-restricted joint names, it is finally coming to the first unnamed limited-edition Missing Link x Air Max Susan. Inspired by Leica's new film "Missing Link", using a sophisticated stitching design, using rich materials such as plaid fabrics and a variety of leather materials, echoes the elegant and gorgeous suit of the protagonist Mr. Link in the movie. The midsole's leather wrap and cork insole are all extraordinary.

It has been exposed, but it has been jumping, and Sacai and Nike have designed the main line of “deconstruction”, based on the low-end LDV Waffle and the midfielder Blazer Mid. Sacai x Nike Blazer Mid is designed with displacement, superposition and repetition as the design method. The
color tone is also colorful, and the stitching of multiple colors brings a highly recognizable visual effect. Among them, the Sacai x Nike Blazer Mid, after exposing the official pictures of the two color schemes, ushered in a new color appearance. Blazer Mid's classic shoe model has recently joined forces with OFF-WHITE and Frog Skateboard frogs, and is currently popular. This
time with Sacai, not only the impact of the hue, the superposition of the sole and Swoosh overlap, seemingly chaotic, but the visual experience is novel, it can definitely become a new eye-catching artifact! The new exposure of this color is presented in white, yellow and blue, fresh and vibrant, especially to cater to the bright sunshine of spring.

At the end of last year, Jordans 2019 Shoes was reported that the top-ranking black-red Air Jordan 11 Bred will be re-enacted at the end of this year. Recently, the specific release date has been confirmed. As early as the Air Jordan 11 “Concord” came out, the editor Guess the black and red Air Jordan 11 "Bred" is likely to return in 2019. “Concord” and “Bred” are definitely the two most popular colors in Air Jordan 11. It’s hard to say who is better. The last black and red Air Jordan 11 was in 2012 and has been in existence for seven years. Although no pictures have been released yet, according to the design of the Air Jordan 11 in recent years, the black and red color scheme should still restore the design of the first year to the greatest extent, which means that the design of the large patent leather may be retained. According to the convention, it is still the level of the big devil that has ended in the whole year. Last year's “Concord” reached a million-dollar volume and it is still not enough to sell. I hope that this year will still be a large-volume sale.

Every year, Nike will inject a new design into Air Force 1, so that this long-lasting classic series has always been the focus and love of the majority of sneakers. Recently, a new deconstructed Nike Air Force 1 Low was first exposed on the Internet. The Nike Air Force 1 Type shoe is entirely white, boldly removing the Swoosh design on the side of the shoe. The toe is
also black velcro on the heel. The details are embellished with orange and dark blue tongues, completely overturning the Air Force. The classic image of 1 brings a new visual effect.

Nike's two classic series is about to usher in cooperation. Nike SB and Air Jordan 1 are once again working together to integrate skateboarding elements into the flying boots. Both the concept and the actual product are quite expected. In addition to the high-top style, there will be more than one Air Jordan 1 Low low-end new products in the near future, and these low-cut new
color schemes are extraordinarily flattering! The most watched Air Jordan 1 Low Black Toe is a black toe that uses almost the same color scheme as the black toe. The white, black and red are presented in black and white toe, simple and generous and rich in Chicago. Chicago atmosphere. The material used in the material is a combination of smooth leather and nubuck leather. It not only has fashionable gloss expression, but also has a good feeling of Niu Ba leather particles, which is also unforgettable. In addition, there are two new styles of "black and yellow toe" and "grey white rubber". After releasing the official pictures, they also ushered in the appearance of the real thing.

TheAir Max 95 is definitely a must-have item in the OG shoe sneakers. Whether it's commuting or going out, this pair of retro running shoes is absolutely classic. With the arrival of spring and summer, Nike has once again launched a lot of flamboyant color matching for Air Max 95. The Volt Solar Red will soon be on sale. Black and white shoes, with fluorescent green, rose powder two-tone gradient embellishment, echoes with the midsole gas column, very recognizable, very suitable for spring and summer.

Jordans 2019 Shoes update the new Air Max 720, which was just launched at the beginning of the year, has won the praise of many shoe fans with its exaggerated full-handed air cushion and awkward foot experience. In the same period, Jordan Brand designed a new Jordan Proto Max 720 shoe from this new technology. The black and red color version has been reported many times before, and a new black gold color has been exposed again. These shoes feature a gold-tone upper with black laces, velcro and more. A white midsole that complements the colorful metallic lumbar support. The transparent air cushion is matched with a milky white outsole, and the overall design is simple and clean, but also has a unique temperament.

LeBron James's strength as a basketball player is recognized by everyone, and his sensitivity to fashion trends is also appreciated by people in the industry. Previously, Nike Sneakers specially designed the LeBron 16 boots “HFR” for the upcoming Harlem's Fashion Row fashion show award ceremony in New York. The most attractive thing about the Nike LeBron 16 HFR is its unique and aggressive design! The beige leather body perfectly highlights the brown belt around the upper and the gold LBJ Logo lock, plus the golden spiral pattern of the hemp rope in the midsole, like the boots at the foot of the ancient Roman gladiator! It is worth mentioning that the domineering embossing of the heel, the remaining laces directly around the shoes, bitten by the lion's mouth, for the most explosive design highlights of the shoe! The lion embossed on behalf of the king, the LeBron who feels that the alliance is called the lion heart is indeed deserved! Although the original design was originally intended for the fashion show, the configuration is unequivocal. As with the regular version, the midsole also uses Zoom + Max Air's hybrid cushioning technology, while taking into account the sense of fashion, but also ensure that the shoes still have a strong practical ability.

Nike Sneakers As the temperature gradually rose, it was time to wear a light running shoe to brush the street. Recently, a new React Element 55 from Nike will be a good choice for you. Nike React Element 55 is made of black as the base, with a striking coral orange Swoosh Logo, and the details are complemented by fluorescent green accents. It is worth mentioning that on the high-density fabric upper, a rare checkered pattern appears to make the whole pair of shoes more recognizable. The midsole is equipped with React cushioning technology to provide a good wearing experience.

In the past two years,2019 Mens Jordans has never been more popular, not only the frequent demonstrations of the stars, but also the streets and alleys. Jordan Brand also took the opportunity to develop more new generations of new models to hit the market. This pair of eyes, the new Air Jordan 1 Low Slip for girls, will definitely make you feel excited. The design was very different from the Chicago dress Air Jordan 1 Low Slip released two days ago, making changes on the Swoosh Logo. Created with a punching process, it is full of leisure attributes. The iconic snaps and exaggerated label design on the tongue are highly recognizable. The color is also a familiar taste, with a unique marbled pink toe, a splash of lacquer on the matte leather and a fluorescent green accent on the details, all perfectly restored the Air Jordan 4 “Silt Red” color dress.

Jordans 2019 Shoes is arguably one of the most popular shoes in recent years. The Nike SB series, which is derived from this shoe type, has expanded into a variety of patterns in the material and color of the upper.Recently, a unique scratch shoe Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 spy photos for the first time.Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG upper is made from beige and light grey leather with black Swoosh Logo and Flying Wing Logo. The tongue is decorated with the Nike SB label, and the overall design is simple, making this classic shoe more street style. From the spy photos of the Swoosh Logo edge, you can feel the pink upper under the vamp, and the insole is also very unique with fluorescent pink. If you can have a good idea, with a pink pattern with a creamy upper, it will be a very good scratched upper!