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Every morning, I check my island. This is a quarantine procedure and will continue until the next reopening phase. I dug up the fossils and brought them to Blathers for evaluation. I checked Nook Shopping to find out that its K.K. song was provided. When I opened it, I saw what stock was in the store. I checked the elusive giant Trevally on the dock. I also saw who was visiting that day: If Leif was on the island, I would pick up some flower seeds. I might buy some shoes from Kicks. One thing I have almost never done before: Use Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells to buy artwork from Redd, a changeable fox in a North Shore trawler. Because since he first came, I have only seen him twice in the last two months.

Redd has been unfamiliar with my island for several weeks, and it seems that I am not alone. Although no excellent luck protection was found last week, which increased the chance of attracting visitors, it is clear that there is not enough swing space in the system to ensure that we have enough art supply. Even visiting only one person a week is idiotic. It takes months to even conduct a respectable exhibition in an art gallery. But the current system means that I have to give up the goal of the gallery.

Filling up the museum has always been one of my greatest pleasures in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This is a beautiful space, it exudes calm, care and pride, which you get from seeing all these small specimens collected on land and at sea. At this point, I am only missing a fossil-the back of the Sabertooth Tiger-my fish and bug exhibits are filled, so that nothing looks particularly empty. That’s why I’m so happy to unlock a new wing, filled with new collectibles, so I can take a stroll on a leisurely morning. That’s why I will never really fill this point of increasing disappointment.

At this rate, it will take years to fill my gallery, and maybe even more. We cannot guarantee that Redd will sell the art you need, or even that he will sell you real art on any given day. If I only see this person twice a month, it’s easy to imagine that if I'm in a later stage and only need more, then I won’t buy one for my museum for most of the year New artwork.

I hope Nintendo will fix this problem at some point, at least to ensure that we have a Redd visit once a week. I also hope that I can purchase over one piece of art each time I visit, which makes filling the museum more like a fossil, and you have four opportunities to get a recent piece of art every day. For now, this has changed from one of my favorite new features to some features that I largely have to forget. As a new player, you must have a lot of Animal Crossing Bells and Nook miles Tickets, which will make your life easier and better in the game.At https://www.iggm.com/animal-crossing-bells

“International Museum Day” is obviously a true annual event held on May 18, rather than an unforgettable holiday and seasonal event. “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” regards this day as an in-game event. It is called a stamp rally, and it takes place from May 18 to May 31. Just like the May Day event that took place earlier this month, the stamp rally provides you with a week’s visit to the island’s museums to collect stamps and provide you with time to fully appreciate Blathers’bugs, bones and perch (and other fish Category) An excuse for beautiful architecture. Of course, if you did n’t buy the items you want at the rally, do n’t worry. You can Buy Animal Crossing Bells or Nook miles Tickets directly from IGGM like I did, which is easy to solve.

Attending a stamp rally couldn’t be easier. Head to the museum on the island and talk to Blathers. Balthasar will explain the event and invite you to visit three different wings of the building: fish, bugs and fossil wings. If possible, the art exhibition area is not part of this stamp rally event.

Your goal is to simply find all Stamp Rally stations in the wings of the three taking part in museums and interact with them to stamp your cards. The wings have 3 positions each, 9 positions. After collecting all the stamps on the card, please talk to Blathers again to get the completed stamps and rewards.

Finding Stamp Rally stations is a simple matter-they are bright yellow and red booths, and you can find them before certain exhibitions in the museum wing taking part in the exhibition. It is worth mentioning that the location of the stamp kiosk is randomly assigned every day, but thankfully, the wings are small enough to allow you to spend too much time rushing to find them.

The stamp assembly is completed by handing the completed stamp card to Blathers, which will reward you with gold patches of fish, butterflies and fossils, just like those zebras you see in the museum hall. You can hang them on the wall of your home in case you want to create your own competitive museum in case Blathers closes down.

You can continue to visit the museum and complete the stamp assembly in the following days. The location of the stamp station may change, but the rewards for completing the stamp card will not change.

This is all you know about this simple event. The next event of “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” is “Wedding Season”, which is a photography-focused event that will take place throughout June. Players who like photography must not miss this event. Before the event, players can use the ACNH Bells and Animal Crossing Nook miles Ticket to buy some items, or buy Animal Crossing Items directly in the IGGM mall to decorate your home. This is also preparing for the next event.at https://www.iggm.com/animal-crossing-bells
Just last week, we shared a newly discovered item repeat failure in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, where players can copy any 2x1 item indefinitely. This is not the first glitch discovered. Nintendo actually repaired the glitch discovered earlier, but now we have another glitch to try.

This time, YouTube user Do Whatever Games discovered a new malfunction. In the video below, they explain how to use the game's mail system to copy any item that can be sent as a gift to a friend, which may also include the appropriate amount of Animal Crossing Bells.

You need to register two or more other players on the island, and you want to send the item of your choice to one of them by email ("Do any game, it is recommended to send 1-3 things at a time"). After reaching your destination, you need to use the Call Resident app on NookPhone to bring the mail recipient player to the game.

Let the mail recipient be the leader and let them open the mail. They should open the gift and put the item on the ground. After that, you should immediately use the Call Resident app to play with other players. Once they join the game, end the session; you should find these items are still on the ground, and if you repeat this process. Your mail recipient still keeps these items in their mailbox in case you want to do it over and over again.

If you are a little confused, you can watch the news article at IGGM to understand all these operations. At the same time, their website is very friendly to those players who are difficult to Buy Animal Crossing Bells. They provide cheap products for a long time, and players can buy them at a low price. Nintendo is likely to fix this fault in the near future, so what you worry about will be resolved soon, don't worry.
What attractive appeal can make polarized congresswoman publicize their Twitter direct messages for the first time in years? That of course is Animal Crossing: New Horizons. If you want to buy Animal Crossing Bells, I still think you should buy it at IGGM. This can help you save time and money.

On Thursday evening, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted about the new fun she had in the game-she had joy a few days ago-and asked if she could Visit other people's islands to "leave notes or doodles on their bulletin boards".

Ocasio-Cortez said that since Mark Zuckerberg ’s congressional hearing in October last year, she will publish a message directly on Twitter for the first time to obtain the mission The required code.

As you might expect, this is an exciting reason among AOC's 6.8 million followers. Screenwriter Gary Whitta suggested that the congresswoman participate in the late-night talk show he created on the island to be interviewed. This will be one of the more surreal things that will happen in 2020. Realistic things.

Ocasio-Cortez opened her Twitter DM for four minutes, tired of the massive abuse of strangers on the Internet. But the results are surprisingly exciting:

Ocasio-Cortez, 30, took office at 29, making her the youngest woman in Congress. As they said, she is unusual among politicians. She often attracts millions of fans through Instagram live streaming and Twitter satire. Last year, she organized a seminar to help her fellow Democrats understand social media.

At the same time, "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" was a huge surprise for Nintendo. Since its release on March 20, the book has sold more than 13 million copies, greatly surpassing the previous titles in the series.

The game takes you to a barren island and turns you into a paradise. But what players do is not just fishing, catching bugs, and collecting furniture. Of course, these tools can be purchased with ACNH Bells. A couple has fallen into real life in the virtual world. A company decided to host its technology conference in the game. After gamers in Hong Kong turned their island into a virtual protest area, animal crossing was banned in China.

Marc Jacobs and Valentino are not your first names related to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but this is an unprecedented era. Shortly after it was locked and released, fashion photographer Kara Chung began to specialize in Animal Crossing, taking pictures of villagers in a variety of fashionable clothes in the game. Now, she has the help of some real designers to bring their clothes into the game through the game's custom clothing system. These clothing items in the game can be purchased using Animal Crossing Bells.

As long as you have unlocked the Able Sisters store, when you go to Marc Jacob ’s Twitter page, you can see some clothes inspired by their collection, as well as the Design ID codes that can be used in the game. If you want to see more high fashion meet Animal Crossing, there is no better place than Chung's Animal Crossing Fashion Archives. The archive arranges fashion shots based on the use of limited tools.

The fashion in Animal Crossing: New Horizons was an unexpected surprise to me. Usually, I just pick some low-key clothes and insist on using them in such games, but combined with the daily rhythm and some meticulous and exquisite choices, I carefully look for myself in the closet every day, and from Able Sisters like this Get clothes. I haven't spent much time in the field of custom clothing, but this is mainly because the formal clothing field has been overwhelmed.

Prior to this, museums such as "Metropolitan Museum" and "Getty" have imported their collections as custom artwork in the game. The real world is temporarily at a standstill, which has caused people from all walks of life to start living their daily lives in Animal Crossing. What follows is that brands and institutions will use trends to do the same thing, and when we are fighting global COVID-19, we just keep a realistic view. If you want to know more, please check the news about Animal Crossing New Horizons on IGGM to get the consultation you want. Of course, you can also consider buying Animal Crossing Items on this website to get what you want.At https://www.iggm.com/animal-crossing-bells
Grinding Gear Games has released the full Path of Exile update 1.48 patch notes, which can now be downloaded from the PlayStation 4 version at a size of 820MB. Although this game is free, I think players still need to purchase POE Currency in the game to make the whole game more interesting and relaxing. Of course, if your technology is good, then you can try not to buy POE Currency, which will save you some money.

The following will briefly introduce players to the Patch of Exile Update 1.48 patch instructions

    Fixed a bug introduced in 3.10.1f. After defeating the fear of infinite drifting in the Desert Springs map, the mist will not resume movement.
    Fixed a bug where the "Hanta Tower Special Attack" ring paste modifier made the beam of the siphon trap always freeze the monster.

Path of Exile was released for PC in 2013, and was released on Xbox One and PS4 in August 2017 and March 2019, respectively. Now this game has entered a very mature stage, so players are more and more aware of the importance of POE Trade Currency. Regarding this, I suggest players to buy at IGGM. Their website will make you enjoy this game more.

The game takes the form of an action role-playing game and has gained a lot of influence in the "Diablo" series, the most notable of which is the second finalist of Blizzard's popular series of games. Therefore, you will conduct raids in dungeons and other areas while robbing the bad guys and completing the tasks given to you by the NPC-anyone who has played Diablo II should be here.