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The Path of Exile team has shared changes to "Significant Passive Pioneer" that will be released later this week.

If you don't know it, Passive will increase the halo gain by 10% for each Pioneer that affects you. This value may take a lot of POE Currency to get. The team cited the reason to make the change, because many things are considered aura, and many players don't consider it a halo.

Many players think this way, "This skill was originally not intended to interact with these skills, but it should be said something like," Every effect that affects your pioneers will increase the halo effect by x%. "This is what we can control. It will not arbitrarily break internal systems whose values ​​are not intended to be modified.

Passive skills now only apply to Skill Aura. Once that happens, if you're the kind of player who makes use of the aura of skill, passive players will still stay strong. However, it will become weaker for those who are currently abusing it.

There are specific explanations for this passive skill, "In essence, this is the huge alliance medium-sized nerve of the most powerful" enchantment "in the game, which is something we usually try to avoid. We fully understand the player It takes time and a lot of resources to build your character, and our policy is to avoid learning skills in the middle league in almost all cases. Situations like this break the rules of the game and are an exception to this policy. "

The group promised to investigate other areas of the delicatessen where similar issues could occur. You can view these specific contents on the news page of IGGM's official website. Of course, if you want to buy cheap and secure POE Items, you can also choose their website. This is a website that I have always trusted.
"This is a stressful time for many of our world," a new blog post on the Path of Exile website begins. Due to the global health crisis caused by COVID-19, many PoE vendors are frustrated. However, Grinding Gear hopes to bring a little joy to everyone by giving away free Thaumaturgy mystery boxes to all players on PC, PS4 and XB1. The box just debuted in the game on March 14 and usually requires the purchase of premium currency. Each box can contain one of many POE Currency cosmetic items, including items from "scientist" or "item" microtransactions.

Here's how to get your free box: Login to your Path of Exile game account, find the in-game store and open it, then select the violin! This box will then be automatically added to the player's account.

Developers are eager to let players know that the free Thaumaturgy Mystery Box is only available from the game, and visiting the store on the website will not trigger the free packaging. This makes more players who want to get free Thaumaturgy Mystery Box can only continue to play the game, in my opinion, this is also a fair opportunity.

If you want to learn more about Path of Exile, you can check the details on the official website or the IGGM news page. Of course, their website also provides very cheap Path of Exile Currency, and guarantee the security of customer accounts.
On Wednesday, March 25th, EA will officially release Madden 20 NFL Free Agents Part 2 in the Ultimate Team. These include many new high-level player cards. Some of the best cards will include Byron Jones and the new Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady. Players can view more detailed information about new items now available at Gamems, and of course they can Buy MUT Coins on their website.

Football fans now know that Tom Brady will no longer wear his traditional Patriot color scheme. Instead, he moved to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for warmer weather and had the opportunity to show his ability to lead another team to the Super Bowl.

His Madden 20 NFL free agent card shows that Brady is still wearing a Patriot jersey, but reflects some good upgrade numbers. The team player who finally gets this card will have QB, including Throw Accuracy Short (99) and Mid (99), and 97 Play Action, 94 Throw Power, and 92 Throw Accuracy Deep. Of course, it also has other options, including a "power-on" option that brings Brady to the full 99 OVR.

Another high-profile card revealed on Twitter before content dropped on Wednesday was Byron Jones. Although his business card shows that he is with his previous team, he also recently went to Florida. The overall rating of the new Miami Dolphins Cape Guard is 98, with key attributes including 99 agility, 99 jumpers, 98 compression, 98 area coverage and 97 acceleration. Gamers can also take this card to another level using the Power Up and Ability options.

Brady is the new Madden 20 NFL Free Agency Master project in Part 2. Jones is likely to be one of the cards needed to acquire Brady. All new cards arriving on Wednesday are available through Madden Pack, store deals and auction houses.

Players can watch the full video of EA's Madden Twitch video stream here, showing each card. From March 25th (Wednesday), they will all join the Ultimate Team. Visit our Madden NFL Free Agent Part I to see which players belong to the first group.

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Path of Exile recently released a message that they will offer special rewards to players who are in trouble worldwide due to blockades and other restrictions.

In the latest blog, developer Grinding Gear Games announced that everyone will be offering a Thaumaturgy mysterious box with various cosmetics for free. POE Currency may also be included in these boxes. All you need to do is to open the path of Exile game Inside the store, the box is automatically added to your account.

Visiting the Path of Exile store website alone is not enough, Grinding Gear specifies that you must visit the in-game store to get this freebie. Also, please note that you must have created an account to receive freebies, and the offer is limited to one Box per account. You can experience Box for a week on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Grinding Gear is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, and the country has issued some of the world's strictest agreements to help fight the spread of COVID-19. So they offer the best discounts for many players who can't go out, so that they don't get bored while staying indoors.

There are other news released this time, "The Lord of the Rings" and "Dungeon and Dragon" will provide special rewards and in-game activities in April to help people have fun indoors. If players can't wait to get the cheap POE Currency Buy by April, I suggest players get it at IGGM, and their website will give you the best price in the industry.
Path of Exile 2 may have a year or more to land, but while we wait, Grinding Gear Games has not made a quarterly update to their free action role-playing game. Last week, I talked to studio managing director Chris Wilson about the upcoming Challenge of the Path of Exile.

Like many extensions of Path of Exile, Delusion is about players challenging themselves on their own terms and deciding how much, if any, they want to play with the new system and quirks. When Delirium is released on March 13, players starting new roles in the Delirium League will find fragmented, creepy mirrors scattered around the world, and behind them a vaguely dim image of themselves. Although there are still many players who like to play this version and are willing to Buy POE Currency, after all, it is still very good overall.

Those who are really seeking punishment can walk through the mirror and then play the boss of the main story in the mist, which greatly increases the challenge of any given boss fight. Wilson showed me what happens when Delirium meets the Brine King, which is mainly a sea god similar to a crab. Ol'Briney is indeed terrifying, but under the influence of Delirium, the super-large crustaceans have acquired some nasty new abilities, such as the huge spectrum of characters ejected from their shells Assault you. This is a strange twist, and I can't wait to see Delirium's effect on other battles.

There are some new gems in this update, called Cluster Jewels. They are different from our common POE Orbs in the game, they are caught on the edge of Path of Exile's infamous passive skill grid. Generally, you can collect jewels that make minor adjustments to nearby nodes on the passive grid, but Cluster Jewelry adds an entire cluster of nodes, effectively expanding the passive tree in all new ways. Some even come with additional extension points that allow you to link multiple Cluster Jewels together to create almost brand new custom character classes. By placing these jewels on the edge of the skill tree, you will create a new branch on the less-traveled course progression path, allowing you to invest in new statistical adjustments and even redefine some characters.

The way these new Cluster Jewels change the path of Exile's metagame is fascinating, and I'm excited to see what new characters this system brings. If widely accepted, I can see that it has become a standard part of the Path of Exile's complex interlocking system.

Usually, when a new Path of Exile league starts, the previous one is either completely removed or separated into a broad endgame. Not this time. Because the previous Metamorph Alliance (where you collect monster organs for alchemy to make custom morph boss fights) is so popular, Grinding Gear Games made it semi-regular. You won't establish a boss in every area you walk through, but opportunities often arise.

The last half of the update, Atlas the Conqueror, will also be retained. There have been some improvements to this complete overhaul of the World Atlas endgame, in which the UI has been adjusted to make the main conqueror bosses appear and where your choices have brought them closer. Interestingly, the deli effect is also designed to work with any other kind of endgame event, which means that the most focused loot hound can multiply the difficulty and loot.

For those who are waiting to learn more about Path of Exile 2 news, I am sorry to be the bearer of the bad news, but due to coronavirus concerns, Wilson said that at least one team that has switched from expansion to sequel production has been temporarily closed and production has been released Slow pace However, for Grinding Gear's main team, development work continues as usual. But I think during this period there should still be a lot of players who need a lot of POE Currency while waiting. I think this is a good phenomenon.

Many friends who do not play the game may not know much about "NBA 2K20". This is a game that contains 5 new NBA stories, a new brilliant career story line, and a new "sweep the street" mode. Of course, the NBA 2K20 MT is essential in the game. If you want to play this game, you must prepare it in advance.

When you ask who is the biggest gamer on the charger, many names are everywhere. But although one of them, Keenan Allen, regularly broadcasts on his Twitch channel, he did not do what the charger or NFL player did on Friday.

On March 20th, Allen will participate in the Phoenix Suns NBA 2K20 live broadcast at Twitch at 6:30 pm Pacific Time, his first cross-border game. Joining him is NFL security Tony Jefferson.

Fans can watch Allen's Twitch channel.

The Suns are simulating the rest of the season through NBA 2K20, so the game between the Phoenix and the Los Angeles Clippers should have evolved into a virtual hardwood matchup. Allen will be led by the Los Angeles Clippers and Jefferson.

"Tipoff" is set to 6:30 PM Pacific Time, so listen to Allen's channel on Twitch for follow-up. I think there will be more players interested in NBA 2K20 video games after Keenan Allen live broadcast. You can Buy 2K20 MT at Gamems according to your needs. According to my experience, I should get a good price.
The first 2020 extension of the Diablo-style action RPG Path of Exile has been announced for free, which sounds like a treat for game fans. Path of Exile: Delirium will be released on PC on March 13th and then on PS4 and Xbox One in the week of March 16.

Delirium has a new POE Currency item called Delirium Mirror in the area. Touching the mirror puts your character into a "del delirious" state, which adds a creepy mist to the map and other weird, extraordinary elements based on the character's deepest fear. In short, this mist invades the player's mind and creates new and more challenging scenarios, adding dynamic difficulty and stronger enemies.

The monsters appearing in the deli will generate their own demons. These demons are particularly powerful, and ordinary monsters will gain buffs to make them more lethal. In addition, the delusional influence will affect all encounters, including the boss, so players should expect greater challenges.

One of the main attractions of the Delirium extension is that it makes Path of Exile more replayable than before. The irritation effect is also mapped to all previous league content, so you can revisit the game from a new, more challenging perspective. Through hard work, players will receive special random rewards, including currency items, map items, armor, etc.

With the new update, another major change in Path of Exile is the new "Cluster Jewelry" that can be found in the Delirium Alliance. These jewels can be placed on slots in the skill tree to create additional passive skillsets, each of which can contain more slots. But it is worth noting that these jewels are different from POE Orbs and players need to distinguish them. According to Grinding Gear founder Chris Wilson, this is the biggest change in the level of control and customization of the character since the Ascendancy class was added in 2016.

Path of Exile has always been a hardcore game for hardcore players, and the new jewelry system further enhances this ability in terms of the depth and complexity of character construction. Wilson said the new jewellery system unlocks millions of possibilities, which will affect build guidelines that players can find on YouTube or via Google search. Finding easy ways to create the best characters will no longer be so easy. Wilson said this should help Path of Exile feel fresh and exciting, and more mysterious.

Wilson told GameSpot that the story elements of the Delirium extension were hidden to preserve its mystery. As for the theme and tone of the expansion, it focuses on bringing the game back to its roots, focusing on action combat and difficulty. Wilson said delirium is a "core, basic" expansion that will challenge veterans.

The Delirium extension includes two additional skills and three additional support features that will be announced later. More importantly, in this expansion, new items of Path of Exile appear, including the body armor "Perfidy" with a focus on melee and a set of gloves "Algor Mortis" that can be used with characters. Focus on cold / lightning generation.

In addition to the ongoing support for Path of Exile, Grinding Gear is also working on the sequel Path of Exile 2 and the mobile version of Path of Exile. There is still some time before the release of Path of Exile 2, I recommend players to prepare POE Orbs first, in order to prepare for the future.
The Washington Wizards and the entire NBA season have been put on hold for at least 30 days due to the spread of the coronavirus, but that doesn't mean we can't continue to understand the game. I started a season on the PlayStation 4 console video game NBA 2K20 to understand the performance of the Washington Wizards games. Since only online games can be played, many players are already looking for suitable places to buy cheap NBA 2K20 MT. I think this is an opportunity for online games.

It seems that the virtual Scott Brooks learned a lesson from Friday's loss to the Celtics, with Davis Bertans playing just 14 minutes and scoring 4 points. In a simulation of the Wizards vs. Oklahoma City Thunder home game on Sunday, Bertans played 26 minutes and scored 21 points, providing Bradley Bill with a much-needed free scorer.

Beal's off-court field goal percentage was 29 points and 11 goals, but he still scored a game-high 27 points because the Wizards won 123-107 without a doubt. OKC entered the game as the fifth seed in the Western Conference, so it was a huge disappointment for Washington.

Washington's two three-pointers-Bertans, Ish Smith (12 points) and Troy Brown Jr. (12 points)-came off the bench. The Wizards' bench score exceeded the Thunder's 55-21, which was an important factor that caused this game to get out of control. Jerome Robinson (+26), Brown and Moritz Wagner (+25) have the best positive and negative values ​​in the game.

Until the third quarter, the Wizards led at least 20 places, but they created a double-digit lead for the first time in the first quarter. The Wizards made seven free throws and suppressed their defense in the fourth quarter to lead 32-21.

Washington blocked 11 shots in the game, including 5 in the first quarter. OKC only hit 29 of 10 (34%) in that quarter, while shooting only 39% in the first half. The Thunder improved their shooting percentage in the second half, but Washington made up for it with better offensive capabilities. Throughout the game, the Thunder could only get 12 three-pointers for free, eliminating 5 of them.

Next game: This will be the Wizards' back-to-back game. They will play the first game of three road trips on Monday, heading north for the Philadelphia 76ers. Finally, this is for players who like this game. If you need Buy NBA 2K20 MT, then you can choose to buy at Gamems.

The Delirium extension of Path of Exile has enabled the dungeon crawler to reach the largest number of concurrent players to date, even if a DDoS attack has the potential to paralyze those numbers.

Path of Exile is a game that keeps reaching new heights with every release. Although many players are looking forward to the final sequel to this game, there is still a lot of excitement in the first game, which has only recently launched the Delirium extended version. Even before the console version was expanded, Grinding Gear Games had a lot to celebrate, as Path of Exile set a new high for concurrent players. Of particular note is that even in the face of DDoS attacks, it has happened. In addition, players are scrambling to buy POE Currency because they are worried that it will be difficult to obtain in the game after the new version is released.

Path of Exile officially released a statement: We released Path of Exile: Delirium this weekend, and I'm glad we reached a new peak in the number of concurrent players. Although some server problems were exacerbated by prolonged DDOS attacks, things went relatively smoothly. "

According to Grinding Gear Games co-founder Chris Wilson, Path of Exile hit 237,160 players at once during the weekend. The team believes that number may be higher, but a DDoS attack occurred when Delirium was launched.

In an interview with Shacknews, Wilson said: "Before the release of Legion last year, most of the players we previously recorded online recorded about 224,000 at a time." "This weekend was the release of Delirium, and we attracted 237,160 online once. Players. We think the final number will be higher, but we are trying to withstand a serious DDoS attack, which has eliminated about 40 servers from the Internet and reduced our capabilities. "

As Deirium is scheduled to be released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at 3pm Pacific time on Wednesday, March 18th, the good times of Path of Exile will continue. For more information on Delirium, check out our preview.

As we continue our march to Path of Exile 2 and keep it on Shacknews for more information about the future of Path of Exile. Before Path of Exile: Deirium is released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, I suggest players can prepare POE Currency Buy and wait for it.
The Houston Texans kicked off the NFL's free agent market legal tampering period with an amazing trading package on Monday, trading full-time star receiver DeAndre Hopkins to the Arizona Cardinals to defeat David Johnson and two draft picks.

This is an incredible deal, praising the Cardinals for deceiving Houston. At present, the Texans are still the successors of the NFL. One person tried to simulate the transaction between the Texans and the Cardinals through the popular football video game Madden 20 and instead found out that no MUT Coins transaction in the game had occurred.

The Twitter user responded to Arizona rising sophomore quarterback Kyler Murray with a photo of the decline in the deal, which celebrated with the team by welcoming Hopkins, 27, with the team Texan deal.

Murray was the top pick in last year's draft, the winner of the Oklahoma Heisman Trophy, and the best offensive rookie of the year in the NFL. Now Hopkins has more firepower. . The former Texans is a former bowler in four pro-bowling games. Over the past three years, in the AFC South, the average has more than 1,300 catch codes per season, a total of 105 balls and 10 Touchdown.

Hopkins ranked first in the league with 13 touchdowns against the Texans in 2017. He has been the first choice of quarterback star Deshaun Watson for the past few years, and now he has grown into the top five in the league. In return, the Cardinals had to give up the Texans, Johnson, who has a better life than him, a second-round draft pick next month, and a fourth-round pick in 2021. The framework of this deal is so unrealistic Madden does not accept the deal.

Follow the NFL on ClutchPoints on Twitter and Instagram, and follow us on Facebook. We can also find us on Flipboard, where you can subscribe and follow us. Get more information about Texas people.

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The latest Path of Exile expansion, Delirium, brings players into the darkest corners of their hearts. Introduced corrupted jewels and new skills, while setting up a new set of tasks in a very evil mirror. The extension is officially launched today, providing a crushing opportunity for players seeking greater challenges.

This is the full patch description for Path of Exile Patch 3.10 on the game website. If you are looking for a more streamlined version provided by Delirium, please enter our mirror.

    Cooked Food Challenge League-Jump into the Cooked Food Mirror and experience new challenges. Here you will experience old and new monsters, and as you progress in the dungeon, fighting becomes more difficult. Delirium's exclusive Cluster Jewels can drop from enemies and grant new passive abilities when inlaid. You may also find Delirium Orbs on the map and Delirium Splinters where Simulacrum is available.
    New Gems-Spins adds seven new POE Orbs that give you new power. There is a kinetic arrow, which can launch a wand attack, and the blade explodes, detonating the blade at your location. , Try to find these gems to increase your spell arsenal and make it strong.
    New Unique Items-Added 16 unique POE Items such as Perfidy Glorious Plate and Augor Mortis Carnal Mitts. These armors can provide unique construction opportunities that were not possible until expansion. With the new gems, you can create entirely new ways of playing games that have never been seen in a dungeon crawler.
   UI changes-element effects (such as shaking or burning on the ground) now look better. There are many more monsters and back-end changes that will make the game run smoothly on the PC.

Path of Exile players have always wanted new content, so Grinding Gear Games needs to make it available to them. The Delicatessen Challenge will smash a fun time for players seeking something else, which will also increase their character talent. This patch doesn't seem to be aimed at newbies, but rather veterans who have already browsed everything. Nevertheless, Path of Exile continues to grow due to content updates (such as Delirium). At this stage, I think players can prepare sufficient POE Currency in advance in order to have a better performance in the new season.
In the past few days, there has been a relatively surprising announcement: the NFL has made its first deal with 2K Sports in more than a decade. EA Sports had exclusive rights to the NFL at the time, and some believed it led to some complacency.

The announcement itself is interesting because it states that EA Sports continues to own exclusive rights to "simulated" games. Read between the two lines, which means that Madden 21 and later should be safe. But there is an interesting trend in the sports market, which means it can bring more than just eyeballs.

Since next year's games will also be played on PS5 and Xbox Series X, the attention paid to content to be played in 2020 will be higher than ever. In recent years, the number of various types of arcade-style sports games actually led by EA itself has surged. Madden 20, for example, has been loved by a large number of players, and many people have purchased MUT Coins.

Even in Madden 20, we have a similar new game mode Superstar KO. Other sports games such as NBA Live and NBA 2K also introduce the ability to bring your character into a "street" environment, making the game play slightly different. Another element of FIFA and Madden is the "no rules" or "internal rules" game played online and in FUT / MUT.

EA Sports has actually been making this kind of game for a while. NFL Street and FIFA Street were both issued in the mid-2000s, but did not achieve the best commercial success. They are fun, but not worth buying the full game. NFL Street went through several championships before getting cut off and received good reviews.

Compared to Madden's competitive game, seeing your favorite player shine in the game and bounce off the wall is a good change. Although previous attempts to bring arcade fun to sports simulation games were unsuccessful, there are signs of demand. FUT and MUT prove that people really want certain game modes to be disconnected from reality, and it seems that the entire game is not worth the money.

2K saw this and responded in their top NBA titles. Since entering the EA Sports exclusive deal, they will not enter the main simulation part of the game, so their entry into the NFL arena will be more difficult.

So this is where EA Sports may become more aggressive in the competition. If they can match what 2K is trying to do and put it into an existing Madden 21 game, then 2k will have no chance.

I can fully expect the single-player mode in Madden 21 to combine some sort of "streetball" arcade experience. But since they usually launch in mid-August, they didn't spend much time. Now that players are looking for cheap and reliable MUT 20 Coins, I find GameMS is a very good choice.
On Tuesday, Grinding Gear Games released a patch note for the POE 3.1.0 update, which means the new Delirium Challenge League is officially launched.

Like all Challenge Alliances, the official website offers a brand new opportunity for the new Path of Exile players. For Delirium, the biggest attraction is a mysterious object called a mirror of Delirium. This will lead the player into a world full of nightmares and monsters. Not only will players be surrounded by powerful new enemies, but all existing enemies that appear after stepping into the mirror will also be enhanced. Of course, surviving in these counters also means greater returns, including the new Delirium Orbs and Delirium Splinters, the latter will grant Simulacrum access, which will contain the league's toughest battles, the best POE Currency rewards and mysterious Story elements.

At the same time, Path of Exile's latest expansion, Atlas Conqueror, is undergoing some significant changes. Here are some player expectations from the Path of Exile website, verbatim:

Now, certainty has produced the existence of conquerors and their impact mechanisms, and progress has been made between each affected map tracked on Atlas itself. You can see it on the left side of the Atlas panel connected to Watchstone inventory.

If the conditions are met, the chance of the conqueror occupying the Atlas area is now 50% (was 33%). Conquerors now sometimes provide buff effects to map leaders in their area. Improvements have been made in tracking the progress of the Atlas Conqueror mission.
Now you can clearly see which link stones were added to the Link Stones list, and they have the hexads applied. Added a short Observation Stone tutorial that will guide you on how to use and store the Observation Stone. The "wake level" of the atlas is now the number of watchdogs inserted, divided by 4, and then rounded. In other words, you will now gradually gain the "Awakening Level", not just when filling the Watchtower Altar.

If you fail to defeat the Conquerors, you will no longer receive additional monster packs or affected items from their area of ​​influence unless you defeat them. Improved visibility of the active Conqueror's Castle on Atlas.

The bonuses for completing the Atlas Bonus Goals and Wake Up Bonus Goals have changed:

You will no longer have another chance to bring the map down one level from the Awakening Reward Target. The basic chance of getting atlas missions when the map is completed is now 35% (was 40%).

Now, for every 15 maps you complete and the Awakening Reward Goal, you have a 1% chance to get atlas missions. After completing the Awakening POE Currency Buy reward goal, you can get 1% map mod effect for every 6 maps.
Tuesday's patch notes also contain information about adding Metamorph to the core game, new skills, skill rework, passive tree changes, balance adjustments, and more. There is a lot to absorb, so be sure to study everything from the "Path of Exile" forum and prepare for "Path of Exile: Delirium". It will launch on PC this Friday, while PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will launch next Monday.

2K Games, the maker of NBA 2K20, announced some major news today, with developers making deals with the NFL to produce multiple new American football video games.

2K Games, the maker of NBA 2K20, today announced an agreement with the NFL that will see them release multiple new video games. The transaction will enable 2K Games to create a "non-simulated football gaming experience" that will be announced in the future. The platform for upcoming games has not been announced, but the deal between NFL and 2K Games will take effect in 2021. Now many players are playing NBA 2K20 and they also need NBA 2K20 MT. I think now is a good opportunity to Buy 2K20 MT, and Gamems currently has a 5% discount.

This means that the PS5 and Xbox Series X, which will be launched later this year, may become the home of new 2K Games NFL games. 2K Games said the deal would "signify the return of football-themed games to 2K" and "expand video game attributes for the NFL."

2K President David Ismailer said: "The NFL is one of the most successful sports brands in the world and is known for creating incredible entertainment for fans." We are excited to form a partnership with the NFL that will span Multiple video games centered on fun, approachable and social experiences. It's exciting to combine 2K's expertise with the NFL's reputation as a world-class entertainment and sports organization. "

Joe Ruggiero, vice president of NFL consumer products, added: "Expanding the influence of the NFL in the gaming world has become the focus of the league because we want to expand the next generation of fan base and restore our partnership with 2K. A natural step in effort.

"2K is a global leader in sports video games and has a proven track record of creating best-in-class and award-winning games." Ismailer said, "We are developing sports products and have new IP Based on the core games and continuous support for award-winning franchises, all goals are that our fans will get more exciting games and entertainment in the coming years. For 2K and our fans to come Say, this is an exciting time. "

The shape or form of 2K NFL games remains to be seen. From its point of view, the maker of NBA 2K20 will create an NFL-like American football experience before 2K. The NFL 2K series was produced before the Dreamcast and completed in 2004 with the NFL 2K5. A statement convinced fans that their deal with the NFL remained unchanged. I think a lot of fans should be at ease, so I bought a lot of NBA 2K20 MT in gamems some time ago, so that I can enjoy this game.

The maker of Madden said: "EA Sports is the exclusive publisher of NFL simulation games, and our partnership with NFL and NFLPA remains unchanged. Our agreement always allows non-exclusive development of non-simulation games on various platforms.

Last week, Grinding Gear Games announced Path of Exile: Delirium, the first expansion of the game in 2020. This is about the expansion of facing inner fears, which makes some of the legendary battles of the game more difficult. As a bonus, players can add new skills at the end of the game's already ridiculous skill tree, and there may be POE Currency gift packages to send, and the update of extension functions will be launched in mid-March.

In different areas of Path of Exile, players can encounter Mirror of Delirium. By interacting with the mirror, the player envelopes the surrounding area with mist. Mist creates new monsters, while existing monsters are more powerful. Mist will increase the difficulty in various situations, such as operational bosses such as Salt King, and old extended encounters such as ambush safes, invasion, breakthrough and betrayal encounters.

With Delirium, the harder the process, the better the rewards you get. Different regions offer different rewards. As players get deeper into the mist and away from the deli, the battle becomes more difficult and the rewards become higher and higher. This is a point that attracts players to join.

Path of Exile: One of the coolest things in Delirium is a new POE Items type called Cluster Jewels. Clustered POE Orbs are new skill tree nodes that players can use to customize themselves. Players can get these clustered jewels during the Path of Exile: Delirium season and attach them to jewel slots at the edge of the passive skill tree of the POE.

With clustered POE Orbs, players can create their own skill trees and even link certain jewelry clusters together. These clusters are randomly generated, and one can be randomly selected from 280 newly added clusters, and players can also reroll the clusters to suit their needs. Grinding Gear Games has claimed that this is probably the biggest change in the way players build since 2016, as it added the Ascendancy class in 2016.

Path of Exile players can also learn new skills such as Blade Blast and Kinetic Bolt-both have created new versions for knife skill users and wand makers. There will also be new unique items in the game, and the popular Metamorph League will stay with you as part of the main game.

Path of Exile: Delirium will land on the PC server on March 13 and enter the console a week later. Interested players can consider buying POE Items at iggm in advance, where players will get cheap and secure products, and fast delivery!
The latest lineup update for NBA 2K20 has been reduced, and once with the New Orleans Pelicans rookie Zion Williamson has become the biggest winner.

Zion Williamson has now entered his career 17 games and looks like a good deal. The 19-year-old rookie has definitely dominated the New Orleans Pelicans for his limited time since his debut in January this year. His performance on the court in real life began to be reflected in NBA 2K20. Players also want to always get a cheap NBA 2K20 MT in order to make their gaming experience better.

The latest ratings update (# 6) for NBA 2K20 was released last week and Williamson is once again a big winner. He scored two more overall points, bringing the NBA 2K20 to 86. He is now one of the top 40 players in the game. In Power Fowards (his top spot in the game), he is tied with John Collins (Atlanta Eagles) and Kirstaps Porzingis (Dallas Mavericks) (they also scored 1 point in this update), ranking him in the game three. The three young players are only behind Anthony Davis (Anthony Davis) (96 OVR, Los Angeles Lakers) and Pascal Siakam (89 OVR Toronto Raptors). This is not a bad thing for this 19-year-old rookie. Williamson's overall score of 86 is well deserved. In just 17 games this season, Williamson has averaged 24 points per game, averaging 6.8 rebounds and 2.2 assists per game. At the time of writing, he has scored at least 20 points in 13 consecutive games. This is amazing!

Joel Embiid also scored an overall score, giving him another 91 points. In a previous roster update, his OVR has dropped to 90. Embiid and the 76ers have experienced a roller coaster season all season, but it seems he is finally on track. Although it is unclear whether he and Ben Simmons will find a way to consistently win each other, Embiid is a force to be reckoned with.

With a total score of 91 points, Joel Embiid is now the tenth highest rated player in the NBA 2K20, with Denver Nuggets and Kyrie Irving) (Brooklyn Nets) tied. He and Jokic are two of the most highly regarded centers in the game, although Embiid has a slight advantage in dunks (80 to 70). In the end, I do n’t think that ordinary players can be compared with professional players. Most players still want to find a more suitable Buy NBA 2K20 MT. My suggestion is to buy from GameMS. After all, this is a website that I have always trusted.
It turns out that 2019 is a year for Path of Exile. Grinding Gear Games released Path of Exile 2 and Path of Exile in December. Many players are preparing to buy POE Currency, and it turns out that players are interested in these online action role-playing games.

Path of Exile is one of its fastest-growing games on Western servers in five years. Grinding Gear Games general manager Chris Wilson (not related to the author)-shared these details in a speech on Delirium extensions on March 13 (and a week later 3.10 update for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One). In terms of quantity, the growth peak from 2018 to 2019 is roughly the same as that of Grinding Gear from 2016 to 2017, although the growth rate is large because there were fewer players at the time.

This is another good growth leap forward after Betrayal expansion started at the end of 2018.

"I'm happy to see the increase, and the fact is that the number of players we increased in game time between 2018 and '19 was essentially the same as the number of players in 2015," Wilson said in a video on Monday. Call. "This is a big growth, and hopefully we can maintain the growth time."

Wilson said this does not include growth in China and Taiwan, as "Grinding Gear Games" needs permission from partners in the region to reveal those numbers. The studio no longer reports a specific number of players, but instead chooses to track player hours or concurrent players (as if you noticed nearly 200,000 concurrent players at a time of betrayal).

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Path of Exile launched the PC version in 2013, and has since expanded steadily across regions and platforms. It entered the Xbox One in 2017 and PlayStation4 in 2019. It entered China in 2017, bringing the game to a major area that enjoys free PC games and action role-playing games. Just in the game, you still need to spend Path of Exile Currency to win the war and win trophies.
Xbox Game Pass now includes four new games, including NBA 2K20. More specifically, in the Xbox One and PC versions of the service, NBA 2K20, Mother Russia Bleeds, Train Sim World 2020, and Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game have been added. The first and third of these games are available on the Xbox One, and all games are available on the PC except NBA 2K20. NBA 2K20 is also a very popular game now, and players' enthusiasm for purchasing Cheap NBA 2K20 MT is also very high. I think this is also a good opportunity for publicity.

At the time of publication, it was unclear how long any of these versions would be available in the library. Of course, Microsoft does not disclose this information. They may also stay for weeks, months or years. Who knows?

It's worth mentioning here that the Xbox Game Pass is a monthly subscription with a popular price of $ 10. In other words, it costs $ 120 per year. As a subscriber, you have unlimited access to the vast game library and keep it updated with new additions and deletions.

Next, I will introduce you to the situation of NBA 2K20. NBA 2K20: "The development of NBA 2K has far surpassed basketball simulation. 2K continues to redefine the capabilities of NBA 2K20 in sports games, with first-class graphics and gameplay, breakthrough game modes, and unparalleled player control and autonomy. Define the function. With its immersive open world neighbor function, NBA 2K20 is a platform for gamers and ballet dancers to come together to create a new platform for basketball culture. Of course, after investing more 2K20 MT, you will get more Good development.

The other three games I recommend players to understand on the official website, you will know more detailed and specific. If none of these games surprises you, rest assured that there may be many new games coming to market this week. You can check out all of these new releases with the latest Game of the Week on Xbox Game Pass. Meanwhile, for more information about the future of the Xbox, this is every Xbox Series X game confirmed to date.

It is reported that according to the latest community update of Path of Exile, "World Atlas" is undergoing changes. The team addressed the main issue of feedback, namely the randomness of spawning encounters. They responded to this directly through their plans. The change is a brand new experience for players. There are already a lot of players who are preparing sufficient POE Currency for a better game experience in the future.

"After you fight the Awakener for the first time, you need to make an impact in an area. This effect will happen randomly, but the odds are high. After having an impact in a certain area, you will see a new one next to the Atlas list Icons and bars (your watch stone can be stored on the left). This bar is divided into 5, 7, or 9 sections. The first, middle, and last sections of the bar represent maps containing affected monsters and results. In the screenshot below, the first map is complete and the third and fifth maps are still in progress. "

In addition, the sextant is back as a supplier formula. Even though Delirium is coming, the team hasn't made many changes to Atlas in the Delirium League. However, some adjustments have been made to some map layers.

Awakening levels will be the four watch stones inserted in your atlas. In addition, except for the percentage increase effect of modifiers on non-unique maps, the Awakening Level bonus will give you the same benefits as before.

If you missed it, you can check out a Delirium preview of Path of Exile at IGGM. In addition, you can also buy POE Chaos Orb here. As a loyal POE player, I totally recommend it.
Essentially, MyTeam Unlimited is the best and most complete way to play NBA 2K20's MyTeam mode. However, it has a problem that things will only get worse as we enter the release cycle.

In short, the rewards do not match the hardships or challenges required to reach the maximum MTU reward. The requirement for MTU to finally win the reward is to win the match against online opponents 12 times in a row. If you can do that, you will win an exclusive pink diamond card, 8,000 tons and 20 NBA 2K20 MT and / or tokens.

The available cards change once a month, and if you can collect them all, you can win the Galaxy Opal. Each time you lose a game, the maximum reward is reduced because you can only play 12 games. Every time you fail, the reward will decrease proportionally, and you will not be eliminated until your third failure. At that time, your records will be reset and you will receive the bonus you received. It sounds simple, it does, but it takes a lot of time. In addition, achieving 12-0 is not easy.

Each game takes about half an hour to complete, which means that if you can play 12 games, you still have to spend six hours to reach your goal. Participating in a 12-0 match is aimed at a specific group of players, which is great, but those waiting to complete the journey should have some gains. The more experience you have, the less valuable the highest award you get. For example, the Pink Diamond Clyde Drexler card currently does not even have a place in my MTU or Triple Threat team, so I have no incentive to fight for a 12-0 record.

Since MTU games take longer than other games in MyTeam, it is not recommended to put two games together. If the rewards are more attractive and the value increases as the season progresses, players will be more motivated to fight for the highest ladder.

Finally, there is no need to wait until they are eliminated before redeeming prizes. If the player is given a game pack, 2K20 MT and / or tokens after each win, it will be encouraging to continue.

For now, you'll only get one reward package, which is proposed when you are eliminated or have 12 wins. Many of the players I spoke to immediately reset their records after losing a game. So after winning a lot of players, in addition to the Cheap Cheap NBA 2K20 MT obtained in the previous game, there is only the previous MTU experience.

It is not recommended and not rewarding, but this exit method still leaves a nasty taste in the player's mouth. Ultimately, this is not the ideal result for gamers, developers, and publishers.