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It's in the old pots that we make the best soups, and it's not Jagex who will say the opposite, when presenting the new products to come for his retro MMO.

In a pretty paradox, the Runefest is an opportunity for RS Mobile Gold to shine at the same time as his elder who he wants to be the ancestor. As with RuneScape, the retro version of the game (it is recalled that it was launched five years ago to offer players a return to the game as it was in August 2007) takes advantage of the scene offered by the annual convention of Jagex for illustrate his future.

Of course, the focus was on the near arrival of the mobile version of the game, scheduled for October 30 on Android and iOS as we told you a few weeks ago. But some of the RuneScape Mobile Gold  new features that will be available to players in the coming months have also been revealed: as a reminder, the development of Old School RuneScape content is entirely controlled by players, who must approve any content additions or recasting proposals. developers more than 75% before seeing it come into play.