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In his book, James Loewen condemns the current American history texts for presenting faulty information about events and people in the past American history. People like Helen Keller and Woodrow Wilson have been depicted as good and bad persons leaving out the occurrence of other events in which they were involved. The events such as the American invasion into the Latin American countries and Cuba have been edited to favor the American scenario in order to educate the students about history. Further, to the contribution of some groups like the Native Americans to the American history has not been elaborated to the expected standards (Loewen).

The students are deceived by different American textbooks to avoid controversy within the education system and future generations. Most of the writers use a bland and simple style to bring out their message to the students. The major events that might tarnish the history of the country and the image of the given leaders or influential members of the society are left out for protection purposes. The students are being taught what is essential to know as a general principal although they are being lied to. Such an approach has worked over a longer time, but critics have been, on the other hand, raising questions to counter such modes of teaching by exposing some hidden truth.

Another approach that the history texts have taken is to elevate the status of heroes of the American founders. Most history figures have been considered to have extraordinary strength as compared to the present persons. The students are given the impression that those who lived in the past and made the American history were superhuman. The myth approach has created an impression that the days of making history are over, and individuals have to live in the reality of this world, which does not need any change.

Loewen uses the story of Christopher Columbus to give an example of some of the lies that have been taught in both grade school and high school regarding history. The contents of history in most texts concerning Columbus have considered him the first man who discovered the American Nation. The historians have left out the fact that there existed some other groups like the Native Americans who were already occupying the land. Also, there were some groups like Vikings, Phoenicians, and Egyptians who had travelled as far as America. They had travelled even close to Mexico as indicated by the artifacts that are dated back before Columbus expeditions .

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