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For Blizzard's massively multiplayer online game, recently, World of Warcraft Classic has provided the most significant popularity boost in memory. The game’s top Twitch streamer is not very sure about what Blizzard has learned from what he did for World of Warcraft with legacy content.

Today, Asmungod spoke to Buy WOW Classic Gold the audience during the live broadcast and he did not want to praise Blizzard's development team. He said that he didn't believe Blizzard could identify the reasons that made Classic so successful and implemented it into the new extension.

In the game, they have a lot of problems with the way of things, which Asmongold doesn't know. They also don't know if he understands that this is interesting for many players.

In the fall, after the release of Classic, World of Warcraft received unprecedented ratings on Twitch. There are many ribbons in the marathon. These WOW Classic Gold numbers are even better than the newly established grassroots competition. In 2018, this competition was launched by Method at the beginning of the Battle for Azeroth expansion.

The game’s system for progress and rewards for players is two reasons why Classic has a large number of followers who seem to be a cult. It takes longer to upgrade in the game than it takes to retail "World of Warcraft", and players get a greater sense of reward in this long and sometimes tedious effort.

This year, the Blizzard development team will continue to work on Shadowlands. This is a challenge for them. Blizzard stated that it will use Classic's feedback to help Shadowsha work, which does not include the "unpruned" category. It is not clear what measures the company intends to take for players feel more rewarded. Players may not adapt to this game at first, but they want to get a lot of Classic WOW Gold to get some help. I think players can check it on MMOWTS.

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