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The World of Warcraft Classic patch movement has been ongoing under the leadership of Blizzard. In the game, the "Rise of the Blood God" update has been broadcast live. Zul'Gurub's raid was released, and World of Warcraft Classic can start the adventure once again.

One of the most famous raids in World of Warcraft, Zul'Gurub, was released in 2005 as the first 20-man raid in World of Warcraft. This contrasts with the typical 40-person attack that occurred before.

Zul'Gurub was removed from World of Warcraft five years after its release. The Cheap WOW Classic Gold story of World of Warcraft continues to evolve, and Zul'Gurub is transformed into a 5-person dungeon with new enemies and bosses. In the past ten years, as a player must experience the first opportunity of the original Zul'Gurub.

In addition to Zul'Gurub, there is also an open world boss known as the Dragon of Nightmare and Blizzard has joined them. The four green dragons destroyed by Emerald Nightmare each have their own unique epic equipment loot pool. The Raid difficulty alone provides players with more final game challenges.

In addition to Zul'Gurub and Dragons of Nightmare, there are many other content. The Stranglethorn Vale Fishing Carnival can provide players with fun and fun to transfer from the raid or PvP honor system. Silithus was also inspired. One of the most memorable events in World of Warcraft, Ahn'Qiraj event is coming soon, classic subscribers can also play this game.

For all the new content, players can now experience it in the game. This is not the final update of World of Warcraft Classic. There will be more examples, and raids and PvP content will be launched in the coming months and years. This great return experiment will continue to move forward with the support of the players. For players, having enough Classic WOW Gold is a great help to them, so I recommend players to buy on a safe and reliable website called https://www.mmowts.com/wow-classic-gold

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