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In 2004, World Of Warcraft was released for the first time, and it has been expanded eight times before that. Each expansion introduces a new game or new category that players can enjoy. Its latest expansion, Shadowlands, focuses on building new content changes. In the recent expansion, Blizzard did not add any new classes, just changed some knowledge, they also allow players to customize existing classes.

There are a total of 12 playable categories in the retail "World of Warcraft", and 9 categories are in the WOW Classic Gold For Sale pre-expansion "Classic World". More popular than others is this list organized based on the players’ favorite categories and the categories they tend to avoid.

Regarding the hype and demand considerations before the expansion of Legion, "Devil Hunter" will be ranked second. Although there are cool and powerful abilities, eyes and fist weapons, where is the fun of "Devil Hunter"? It looks very interesting, its demonic deformability and other unique features make it a tank or DPS type of versatility. The problem is that only night elves and blood elves can participate in this category of competitions. The real reason why they can become the most popular category may lie in this.

Regarding real life, we all like to carry weapons with us and show us a luminous epic for everyone to appreciate. Even if they can't use weapons, they can carry people, and some players may shrink back.

The Monk class can be used by almost all races, as well as allied forces. Like other classes, its accessibility is not a problem. Those World of Warcraft Classic Gold players who have monk characters love them. The problem is that the course is actually very useful at any level in various group dynamics. In this game, Classic WOW Gold exists as a universal currency. This can be bought with real-life currency. On MMOWTS, there are many cheap Classic WOW Gold waiting for players to arrive.

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