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World of Warcraft Classic, as a golden treasure server option that allows players to return to Blizzard’s legendary MMO, is about to open the fourth phase. The World of Warcraft Classic Gold release schedule of the original game title in 2004 shows that World of Warcraft will be updated every few weeks to advance the game.

Players need to install on the Battle.net launcher before they can play on the PTR (Public Testing Domain). This series of operations can be done by opening the tab, switching the menu, and finally selecting PTR: World of Warcraft Classic.

It is a pleasure to be able to play on the PTR without installation. In addition, downloading the WoW Classic Test Realm only requires 500MB. Players need to start the game and choose their preferred server type after the installation is complete, choosing between "player-to-environment" or "player-to-player". The impact of this is the same for vanilla WoW Classic.

After selecting the server, players should consider whether to recreate the character or copy the Classic WOW Gold character in vanilla. One thing to note is that the characters cloned from the live server will not be affected by the copied characters. There will be no changes to any operations done on the PTR. The series of operations for selecting race, gender, class, appearance and name are the same as those of Vanilla WoW Classic.

If you want to be able to use your World of Warcraft character, then you can copy the character. Find the desired character in the current area, and then select from the name list. Characters below level 10 cannot be copied, otherwise it will cause copy errors in World of Warcraft Classic data. If you want to make changes to this question, you can click "Copy Data" in the launcher to complete.After entering the game, novice players often feel very confused. Faced with the completely unfamiliar "World of Warcraft" game, players will feel that they will be a little powerless at the beginning, but don't worry, there will be many cheap, safe and efficient WOW Classic Gold on MMOWTS, and this website can also provide you with the best Service.

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