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 My first recommendation to avoid falling into this circle is to put yourself on a daily Nerve Align Review dose of Z Health R-Phase Joint Mobility. However, if you are practicing this on a regular basis and you still feel like more flexibility is needed or certain areas of your body need constant massaging to help loosen up, try using a foam roller. While most of us try to "stretch out the pain" with passive lengthening, the roller is a much more efficient and effective way of targeting the muscle group without fear of pushing the limits and straining the fibers to the point of tearing.

How does foam rolling work?Just below our skin there is a dense connective tissue called superficial fascia that covers the entire body. "Often perceived as a thin sheet, superficial fascia is actually a special layering filled with adipose tissue, nerves, blood and lymph vessels, and connective tissue."(1). Together, our muscles and fascia make up what is called the myofascia system. Whether extreme athlete or couch potato, stresses such as inflammation, injuries and postural problems can cause the muscles and fascia to "stick" to one another and form adhesions and trigger points, making normal movement restricted and painful.

Self-myofascial release (SMR) on a $10 foam roller is one of the least expensive and most effective ways to help restore lost function by breaking down these adhesions and scar tissue while also increasing the length of the muscle tissue. The mechanism lies in the response of the GTO or Golgi Tendon Organ.


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