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The most mysterious character in World of Warcraft-N'Zoth 2


N'Zoth, one of the ancient gods in Azeroth detained by the Titan, N'Zoth is mainly responsible for creating the "Starfire" of the Emerald Nightmare, and he is also the main cause of the corruption of the Deathwing. N'Zoth is hostile to two other ancient gods, C'thun and Yoggsalon.

It is the most active of the four ancient gods, driving Nesario to the edge of madness. He may also be one of the reasons for the death wings to oppose dragons in the battle of ancient times. N'Zoth may also be one of the secret words to Queen Azshara during the Big Bang. When Malfurion had a nightmare in the Rift of Darkness (Orn Rift), he felt an "ancient evil" based on the Emerald Dream, from a deep sea in Azeroth.

That might be N'Zoth. We naturally thought that N'Zoth might be in Vasquel. There are a lot of tentacles like Jugsalon around the sea shell bed and scalding pits, which may be against the tentacles that may be N'Zoth.

And there is a mission that says that three cannibal magicians (summoning tentacles in the sea shell bed) are begging for dark power, which may indicate the existence of an ancient god. Perhaps the greatest evidence of the existence of the ancient gods in Die Home. Of course, the specific situation of all needs players to go to the area and judge by themselves. World of Warcraft Classic Gold is now on sale in MMOWTS, where players can buy a lot of gold at the lowest cost to help them develop quickly in the game.

During the Cataclysm, Twilight believers attempted to resurrect the giant faceless "Slither Saugers" on the Black Coast, killed by the Titan Stone Giants, at the command of Deathwing. And the giant tentacle monsters appearing in the Twilight Highlands, the Nightmare Giants, herald the emergence of this new ancient god. It is as early as mentioned in the official novel that the third ancient god, N'Zoth, the god of nightmare. This ancient god, who has not yet shown his true face, is hiding in the center of the Great Vortex.

N'Zoth started a bloody battle with other ancient gods in the Dark Empire long before the Titans came to Azeroth. Although its power is not as good as other ancient gods, N'Zoth's cunningness is also in the dark The empire has a place ... However, the Titans took advantage of the civil war of the ancient gods to print all the ancient gods one by one deep in the ground, trying to imprison them. But the ancient gods are not obedient. They have been planning in the underground of Azeroth, ready to re-rule the world at any time. Browse https://www.mmowts.com/wow-classic-gold, there are a lot of the cheapest World of Warcraft gold and weapons waiting for you to discover.

Compared with several other ancient gods, N'Zoth controls the endless army of faceless men, and the nightmare legion that lurks in the emerald dream as quickly as a tumor, but he did not immediately attack, but hidden deep, Ready to take over the world when Azeroth is exhausted.


WOW classic: Troll

Troll is the fictional race of the online game World of Warcraft, also known as the trolls. It has different performances in different literary or electronic game works, but most of them are evil monsters, so they are commonly called Troll. This nation is often a deadly enemy with the elves.

Physical characteristics

Troll is seven feet high and two hundred pounds. With the exception of the two tribes, Zandalari and Dhakale, they are usually slightly larger than the rest of the compatriots. However, in other tribes, there are still some scattered bodies that are far more than other members of Troll. We will continue to discuss these so-called "malformed" Trolls in more depth below. A small number of Trolls are amazingly large and have more muscular strength than the rest of the compatriots. There is no ethnic difference between them and the rest of Troll. Their distinctive body and muscle organization may be attributed to a complex set of factors. For example, these Trolls may have been altered by some alchemy or magic, or they may only grow larger than regular Trolls. Although the Troll family generally discriminates against foreigners, these giant Trolls are fortunately not considered to be monsters by the rest of Troll. Essential in World of Warcraft is World of Warcraft Classic Gold. With the help of these coins, the player's personal strength can grow rapidly. So Vanilla WOW Gold got the crazy pursuit of players in the game.

Racial characteristics


Ethnic initiative

Increases attack speed and casting speed by 30%. When you activate when the health is full, the acceleration effect is 10%. When the health is lower, the skill is activated. The acceleration is higher, up to 30% - for 10 seconds. - Cooling time is 3 minutes.


Ethnic passive skills

Add an extra bonus of 10% life recovery speed.

Beast killer

Ethnic passive skills

Increases the 5% damage to the Beast.

Tribal relations

With night elves

No one knows the exact origin of the night elves, a race that was formed long and long ago, so there is not enough definitive evidence to prove or falsify any hypothesis about this. What is certain now is that a night-time humanoid tribe once lived on the shore of the original Eternal Well. And the vast boundless power of the well turned them into the night elves we know today.

Obviously many Troll believe that the so-called "night-walker creatures" are exactly Troll. This hypothesis is still somewhat credible. After all, in terms of physique and appearance, Troll and the night elves are indeed more or less similar. In addition, long before the night elves gained power, the Troll family had ruled most of the area of ​​the ancient Kalimdor continent (the only continent of Azeroth before the landslide).

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Blizzard Entertainment's massively multiplayer online game TWITCH is regarded as a new height by the "World of Warcraft Classic". From the first full week after the release of 8.26, the "World of Warcraft Classic" view reached an astonishing 47.1 million hours, this data exceeded Any previous game.

"World of Warcraft Classic" has been released for a while, but his popularity has not decreased. The release of World of Warcraft has made many people find the feelings of the past. Perhaps this is why they are so crazy, as people have guessed, the classic peak viewing date of "World of Warcraft Classic" is just the day of the release, and many people celebrate it in the live broadcast of TWITCH.

"World of Warcraft" is a fifteen-year-old game with many fans. Countless people are waiting for its classic return, but Blizzard's horrible server makes the queue become the normal state, and even some players need to wait for hours. Therefore, Also visit our WOW Classic store at GameMS,Cheap World Of Warcraft Classic Gold for you. TWITCH viewing also becomes a good choice for them, which is also a very interesting opportunity, many people are willing to do so.

Another important reason is who can be the first to become the 60-level player. This speculation makes the game full of competition and more inspirational. The end result is that Jokerd has won, and people are more interested in achieving further development after 60-level. For a quick upgrade, you need WOW Classic Power Leveling and GameMS is responsible for providing you. This curiosity is enough to keep people interested and continue. Exploring, Keeping the player interested is an achievement.

The return of World of Warcraft Classic. has allowed Blizzard to regain its glory, but Blizzard's terrible server seems to challenge the patience of the players, hoping it will not line up today.

Wow: Demon Hunter



     Demon Hunter

    One of the classes in the famous online game World of Warcraft. Joined as a new class in World of Warcraft 7.0 "Return of the Legion". The demon hunter voluntarily accepted the taboo power from the Burning Legion. They control evil spirits and chaotic magic, master the transforming power and ghost vision, rely on the daunting agile to hunt and defend against the most dangerous opponents.

    One of the highlights of World of Warcraft 7.0 is the new hero class, the Demon Hunter, and announced the 6 skills information of the Demon Hunter at the press conference. The basic information about this class is also exposed.

    basic information

    Abandoning the heavy armor, the Demon Hunter focuses on speed improvement, they can shorten the distance to the enemy with the fastest speed, and launch a fatal blow with a one-handed weapon. At the same time, Illidari can also use the agile body to defend and ensure that the battle develops in the direction they want.

    Type: melee damage output, tank

    Status bar: life, anger

    Available armor: Cloth, Leather

    Available weapons: battle blade, dagger, glove, one-handed axe, one-handed hammer, one-handed sword

    Races to choose from: Night Elf, Blood Elf



    Ghost vision

Demon hunters have lost their eyes on the surface, but they have gained real predictive power. They can rely on this extended field of vision to detect where the enemy is, even those enemies hiding behind obstacles can't escape. With WOW Classic Gold, you can maximize your strength and increase your attack power while helping others. Players are recommended to use it with Classic WOW Gold. More information about World of Warcraft Classic Gold can be found at https://www.zzwow.com/.

Devil turned

Demon hunters can transform into a form of terror and enhance their ability to choose. The demon hunter who chases the damage can gain unbelievably quick and damage power, and complete the hunter more easily; the demon hunter who focuses on defense will become almost incapable of being killed in the transformed form.

Unparalleled mobility

Demon hunters can use two jumps, rush into the battlefield or get out of the melee, or even unfold their horrible wings to gliding and launch a surprise attack from the enemy.

Melee damage

The chaotic energy of the demon hunter's body makes their melee and magical attacks devastating.

With the release of WOW Classic, the queuing phenomenon of some servers has become a normal state. Although there have been predictions before, the actual situation is still serious. For the players, they need to wait for a long time before they can Entering the game, in view of the current situation, in order to solve the problem of queuing, Blizzard will launch a free move realms service, Blizzard revealed in the "World of Warcraft" forum: We are working hard to open up the World of Warcraft Classic for the next few days. Free move realms service. This means that if the player has to wait too long for some busy servers, they will get another option that is for the page to move freely. With the influx of a large number of players, you may need to purchase Classic WoW Gold to get through the game more quickly. Recommend your GameMS store, my best choice.

Of course, the news has not yet been finalized, but Blizzard has announced that it plans to prepare players, and players who line up in some busy servers will have the opportunity to move to other districts for games. However, Blizzard will also have certain rules to limit the player's movement.

Before the player moves the uniform, they should first confirm whether they have the right to do this, and any guild leader, or in the original district service, there are some operations such as auctions or purchases that are not completed. You won't be able to move, so before you want to move, you should read the relevant statement carefully.

If the free move realms service is really launched, the current wow classic queuing will be alleviated. Everyone can play better. If you need to trade Vanilla WOW Gold, GameS will be a good choice for you.
The World of Warcraft classics have actually been released and players will begin their adventures. The original World of Warcraft social experience continues to be discussed a lot, but the login site Classic is indeed the way to own it. In Barrens's chat, the players politely line up and you can even find someone who will tell you where to find Mankrik's wife.

It's still going on, but I'm happy to report that Classic really feels who has regained the 2004 atmosphere. The GameMS website offers a lot of Vanilla WOW Gold, and my friends and I get a lot of help in the game.

When I started the battle of Azeroth, when I recently expanded World of Warcraft, I did my own personal business. I upgraded the decoration, checked some tasks, and then logged out again. I did see a lot of players in raids, wars and island adventures, but I wouldn't date them. I am a paladin performing a mission; I am not making friends.

It is these claimed current designs that include excitement about Classic. The fifteen-year-old game competitors are designed to force players to work together, and the prizes we expect for a relaxed quality lifestyle have disappeared. If you are a fan of Warcraft classic games and want to buy World Of Warcraft Classic Gold, welcome to GameMS No more flights, no more experienced heirloo equipment. Many monsters need a team to take them away; no one, you will spend a lot of time running back to your body.

I spent some time in Azeroth as a teenager and I experienced classic community awareness. I know many big names in the league and trade chat, I will wave to your Ironforge friends. I have a complete guild, and now I can meet in the real world. I still remember the fierce competition when using the Horde, and then when I saw their name in the Alterac Valley, I would go crazy. I will use my body to see the ocean and go to your toes together. They may recognize my return.

This version is really a honeymoon period. Before you planted natural resistance for Ahn'Qiraj, you still have no real classics, you happen to be cowards.
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