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When you allow for the vast expanse of spiritual energies to be a part and parcel  The Medici Code of your everyday movements, then the flow of life becomes much more intense and much more fulfilling. I have wanted to teach all of you about this, because some of you who have been on a spiritual journey for quite some time often do not realize that you have strayed away from some of the most basic concepts. 

When you retrace your steps and you allow for a new look at the same problems, you will find that the elevation of your attitude and the lightness of your heart and soul is much more simplified, less intense and more forgiving. Forgiveness of yourself from past mistakes and future problems is extremely important. When each of you realize that you do not need to be perfect in order to be seen as perfect by the Highest Power, then much of the pressure you lay on yourself is gone.

I would also like to refer to those who are relatively newly acquainted with their journey and connection to the source of Light and spiritual entities around you. You did not start too late, nor did you start too early. Each person has a right to live their physical existence in the way they see fit. Patience is required for many of you; from many of you.

On our side in the heavens, patience is not something we have to work at. Our souls vibrate at such an intense rate that, once again, the time it takes you to achieve what we can see as being done in an instant is really irrelevant.