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Echoes of the Atlas as the latest expansion of Path of Exile seems to be very successful, as it has attracted more than 250,000 players. On Steam, its ranking in fourth place also broke the previous record of concurrent players.

To date, Echoes of the Atlas is the most successful extension in Path of Exile. Chris Wilson, as the co-founder of Grinding Gear Games, said that after the release of more than 30 quarterly leagues since 2013, a new record of the number of players that players can see has been set. We have started to move in the POE Currency Buy right direction on the path of Path of Exile 2.

After the debut of Echoes of the Atlas, 300,000 players have begun to listen to its live broadcast. The POE Exalted Orb 265,250 concurrent players had flooded its servers when it finally launched this week, which is higher than the Delirium expansion in March last year. Throughout the season, our game progressed very smoothly. So we are very happy to see these numbers.

On Twitch, Path of Exile also has a strong strength. At present, the number of viewers has surpassed popular films such as "Heartstone", "Hitman 3" and "True Impact" to 50,000. In the success of the game, Twitch has played an important role. The powerful example is the renewed interest in Rust.

Path of Exile got a new laundry list for Echoes of the Atlas. This game introduces new bosses, new maps, and even new currency forms. Veteran players also get a good reason to return to ARPG. Players also believe that this is the true successor to "Diablo 2", and some of the faces of the iconic dungeon crawler are closely related to Path of Exile.

On PC, Xbox One and PS4, Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas can be used by players. The game can still be played on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S. Players will be of great help after getting POE Currency in this game, so players can buy it on IGGM.
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This is bad news for enthusiastic fans who love the Path of Exile extension. Grinding Gear Games as a developer has postponed this POE Currency update. On December 10th, Cyberpunk 2077 will be released. In order to avoid conflicts, but also to provide players with some breathing space. The delay of Path of Exile also delayed the expansion.

This news does not seem ideal. Grinding Gear also felt that they could reach the original date. If such a big game is released at the POE Currency Buy same time, then the release expansion is meaningless. Sometime in December, the team will complete the 3.13 expansion. After the delay of Path of Exile, the next update is also underway. This can give them a win-win situation. One of the biggest releases in 2020 is something that players can enjoy. In the new year, they can have the new content of Path of Exile.

The delay of Path of Exile will not have any impact on developers, but the release schedule of the game in 2021 will be affected. Next year, the knock-on effect will appear. Fans can now wait patiently for a year when we continue to work hard to deal with the chaos. Developers also hope that the impact of this delay will be minimized.

The delay of Path of Exile will not make any reservation for the upcoming content. The developer's vision can be fully realized under the hope of fans. It is not yet known when the Path of Exile will arrive. Players who are novice players in Path of Exile can buy cheap POE Currency on IGGM.
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Today, Path Of Exile launched its 2 billionth free expansion as a beautiful free action action game. We will see it expand perfectly. In order to bypass security, we will recruit a group of gangsters with unique skills in Path Of Exile.

The Mac version of Path Of Exile needs to be introduced in this update. The POE Exalted Orb latest technical issues make these delays.

Players will enter Rogue Harbour, the pirate center, as shown on the video and expansion page. Players can recruit NPC and start working here. Players can train their crew here in order to obtain information and finally complete the Grand Heist. The crew will have those like keyholes, laser dancing and arrogant power to help with their work.

From this kind of inspiration, we will also get an inspiration. The magical adult story will be the next expansion. This is like a real crime of brutal murder. This is the perseverance of superheroes and the adaptation of different video games. We are all surprised that Val is actually an alien.

At 6 pm tonight, the server began to repair. At 9pm, the game will be updated in real time. The planned Mac version will click to enter the coffee shop after being shelved.

For the experimental Mac version, you can download it. Today, this Path of Exile Currency version will also be updated. The warning from Grinding Gear shows that it is faulty and needs to be repaired.

On Steam and its own client, players can get Path Of Exile. Path Of Exile is one of the best RPGs on PC. If players need to purchase POE Currency, they can click to buy on IGGM.
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As we all know, the Path of Exile Passive Skill Tree is surprising. Players can choose among more than 1200 nodes. Players can get all the skill points when they level up, and then he can reach distant and powerful nodes. In the build, if you make a mistake, there are several ways to fix it.

You do not need to completely reset the passive skill tree in Path of Exile. If you are now above level 20 and are not satisfied with your build, you can start all over again.

You can choose a version for any character category you are playing, so you don't make the POE Currency Buy mistake of destroying the passive skill tree. The complete classification of the skills you need can be included in the Marauder built by PoE Vault. To make sure you don’t mess up the passive skill tree, you can follow other players’ production guidelines.

If you want to completely reset the "passive skill tree", there is only one situation. Between seasons, Grinding Gear Games has drastically changed the skill tree, and the studio will reset it for free for players.

You can unlock refund points for characters in Path of Exile. You can get about 20 refund points after completing the Path of Exile Currency main story of the game. You can also earn more refund points with a rare consumable called the "Orb of Regret".

You can activate them at the top of the "Passive Skill Tree" after having refund points. You can cancel the unlocked skills. At the end of the unlocked branch, you can return the node. The skills linked to the other two skills cannot be refunded. You will also take your character in a completely different direction when the number of refund points you get in your campaign is limited.

In Path of Exile, passive skill trees can be very punishing. If you don’t want to start from scratch, find a guide and stick to it until you learn that making one yourself is the best way. If players need POE Currency in the game, you can get cheap POE Currency on IGGM.
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For Path Of Exile, there is no ARPG comparable to it in this market. As a free dungeon searcher, it provides players with a certain degree of customization, and other games have become completely unrecognizable. In this game, both your skills and the final game experience can meet your needs.

The price of Path Of Exile's depth is accessibility. There, it is likely to become the dullest dungeon crawler. Path Of Exile has the richest features in the POE Trade Currency game, and one of the richest and most satisfying ARPGs has exceeded the cruel competition of the game. This guide was created to help break this insurmountable obstacle, which provides players with a reference resource.

From the beginning, all courses can be used. Before the end of Act 3, Scion can only become a playable character after getting rescued. Each class starts with its own part of the passive tree. The passive tree itself is the same between each class, and it has a daunting scale. There is a ranger in the upper right corner of the tree near the Templar's starting area. In practice, these efficiencies are extremely low.

Every profession has a prestigious profession in Path Of Exile, which players can unlock during the Path of Exile Currency entire campaign. The privilege class of Ascendancies can provide players with a unique passive tree that is granted to support the construction of functions.

If you want to unlock the advantage, you must complete a series of trap gloves called the "advantage test". In the campaign, you can find twelve. The necessary conditions for obtaining prestige level are the first six. You can enter the Lord's Labyrinth after the first six trials are completed. You can release your advantages after successfully completing the maze-like run. Players who need POE Currency can purchase it on IGGM.
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In December, the method of "Cyberpunk 2077" was eliminated. Today, Path Of Exile released the latest extended version of "Echo". Path Of Exile's version 1.13 update added many new features including new maps, new endgame bosses and new passive skill trees.

In Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas, players can use their own passive tree to specialize the atlas in each area. This way you can complete your rewards by making observation stones. Up to ten map bosses can challenge Atlas' new pinnacle boss at the same time: The Maven.

Maven seems to be very tricky. You must defeat several other bosses before returning to your own realm to fight them again. In the POE Currency Buy end, she will decide to fight yourself.

There is a new ritual challenge alliance all over the world. You must kill the bad guys who protect them. If you want to activate the POE Currency altar for additional challenges. Players will get rewards from the altar after the monsters attack it.

Players will enter that part of the update. Yesterday, Chris Wilson, as the co-founder, said that in the past they had a lot of league ideas that tried to be courtesy. When we discovered that we had this idea, we knew it was worthy of this well-known name. Conceptually, the league is actually a comprehensive game.

The full patch notes for update 1.13 have been released by Grinding Gear Games. You can see detailed information about balance changes, advantage updates and all other details.

One of the best RPGs on the PC is Path Of Exile, and playing it for free makes it even better. In 2022, Path Of Exile 2 may be released. Players need POE Currency in the game. If they need a reliable website, then IGGM will be their best choice.
There are updates on Path of Exile, and the longest patch notes I have seen are all in it. Two of the most important changes are the addition of a new "Legislative Challenge Alliance". In this alliance, you can smash enemies to wake them up and collect a large amount of loot to visit the battlefield frozen in time.

By default, you can hit multiple targets while attacking. You will automatically get a goal in the game. If you want to interrupt the skill animation, you can use action or movement skills. After you use this skill without causing any damage, you can directly activate another skill.

The upper limit of accuracy is not 95%, and the enemy cannot avoid certain attacks. The POE Exalted Orb enemy can block the attack by wearing a shield. But they cannot prevent all damage, but some.

The way the enemy attacks will also change. Not only will they lock themselves, they can cause damage in a 120-degree arc. You can avoid it as quickly as possible. Now, the enemy's attack range has slowed down, so they can respond with appropriate actions or skills in time before being attacked.

Players can find boulders in the game. If they need to thaw the ancient battlefield and defeat the newly active soldiers, they can activate these boulders. You can get rich rewards after defeating the soldiers and the pieces that can be broken down into badges. In the Path of Exile Currency map device, two or more signs will be placed there. You will also enter the realm of eternal conflict, and then you will fight some armies and powerful new generals.

A long list of skill gems, jewels and items have been added to this update. Only after killing a certain number of monsters, these items will show their content. You can buy the POE Currency you need in the game, and you can buy it on IGGM.

How to get a lot of PoE Currency , and preferably in a short time, and even at the very beginning of the league – this question interests many players in Path of Exile. In this guide, I would like to talk about the basic, proven methods of farming. Of course, some of them will change with the release of new leagues (most likely they will become less profitable), but most of them will work in new leagues. The main thing is not to focus on the amount of chaos of the orbs per hour, but to enjoy the process. After all, exalted orb (and mirror!) can fall anywhere, regardless of the chosen strategy.

Divination Cards

Some Exalted Orbs can be dropped from certain Divination Cards, they can be dropped on different maps, and cultivation in these places can obviously get spheres.

Even though it is unlikely that it will naturally fall, it is still possible to acquire and carry at least 5 x currency items.

The types and amounts of divination cards that can be exchanged for Exalted Orbs are as follows:

12 x The Hoarder give one Exalted Orb

10 x The Saint’s Treasure equal two Exalted Orbs

5 x Abandoned Wealth give three Exalted Orbs

7 x Alluring Bounty give ten Exalted Orbs

5 x Emperor’s Luck gives drops a random type of currency.

Currency flipping

A very good method of farming Exalted Orbs in PoE is exchanging lower grade currency with other players. The price for the exalted orb depends on the league that you are playing in. It is important to do it with players, not NPC’s. While selling your lower-tier currency to NPC, you will not get much profit.

Currency flipping is very useful when you do not want to craft gear on your own and just buy everything from other players.

Mob grinding

It is actually quite popular to grind mobs from time to time in the Path of Exile. Exalted orbs have a very low drop rate, but can be dropped from any mob out there, but there are certain areas and mobs which should give you a far better chance of getting orbs, and definitely at a faster rate.

Typically a good place to start farming is Burial Chambers. If you already have a high-level character, you can also try farming the Uber Elder. Keep in mind that to do that you already have to have completed 20 maps, but the treasures are oh so worth it! You should also probably work on the Atlas of Worlds while at it.

Through mapping

You will need to make a single map over and over again. The map name is Burial Chambers. Why you have to farm this particular map? Because there is a chance to drop an item called The Doctor card. The card is needed for making the Headhunter belt. Such card costs around 20 exalted orbs. It is not the most efficient method of currency farming, but a very good one. Additionally, you gain good experience on this map, so you combine business with pleasure. This method gives you more chance of getting orbs.

These are all useful methods of getting PoE currency if you are just starting out in the game. It can be overwhelming at first, and there are a lot of varying pieces of advice out there on the best ways to get as much currency as you can. However, the best thing to do is to find the right method for you, and do one that you are willing to put your time into. If you don’t want to waste too much time, you can choose a reliable store, https://www.igvault.com/POE-Currency is a reliable poe currency store, cheap prices and fast delivery.


This guide contains general tips on how to make PoE Currency farming endgame maps plus a quick suggested build that works pretty well with the ideas presented.

How to Farm Chaos Orbs

When you sell items to an NPC vendor, you will receive certain currency items in return. These items can range from scrolls of wisdom all the way to chaos orbs. If you want to earn chaos orbs from these vendors, then you will have to follow one of these recipes.

When trading with a vendor, you will need to sell an entire set of gear in order to achieve anywhere from one to two chaos orbs.

How to Farm Exalted Orbs

While the chaos orb is generally considered standard currency among Path of Exile players, the exalted orb is far more rare and consequently far more valuable within the player market. If you want to farm for this highly sought after currency item, then you are going to have to work for it.

One of the top ways to earn exalted orbs is simply to raid for them. Burial Chamber locations are great places to raid for exalted orbs. The drop rate is still low, but these locations still provide superior odds to many other options.

How to Farm by Mapping

Maps are not only playable areas, but also end-game items within Path of Exile. This is the primary way to farm most high-level loot with the game.

In order to use a map, you will first have to gain access to the

Templar Laboratory. In order to gain access to the location, you will have to complete act 10 within the game’s campaign.

Once within the laboratory, you will find a device that allows you to place your maps within it. Once you have placed the map item, the item will be consumed and a playable area will be made available.

Just like other items, map items come in different rarities and at different levels. While maps exist at many levels and can be of the normal, magic, rare or unique rarity, most high-level players ignore maps of levels lower than 66 or of rarity values lower than magic.

When using a map, some would suggest to always use an Orb of Alchemy when applicable to greatly boost the effectiveness of each map. However, there are more efficient ways to improve each map. This will be discussed below. Beyond that, you get a bonus to item drops when using an unidentified map. Consequently, you really shouldn’t identify any of your maps before using them.

When looting in a map area, look out for the gear mentioned under Chaos Orb farming, as this is one of the best ways to earn the gear you will need to trade for the currency items. Beyond that, currency items will randomly drop in map areas. However, the drop rate is not terribly high. Still, make sure to keep an eye out for any chaos orbs or exalted orbs.

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Facts have proved that for the road of exile, 2019 is already a year. Grinding Gear Games released "Path of Exile 2" and "Path of Exile" in December. It turns out that before these details, players are already excited about POE Currency.

"Path of Exile" is one of its fastest growing games on Western servers in five years. Chris Wilson, general manager of Grinding Gear Games, shared these details in a speech about the Delirium expansion on March 13. From a quantitative point of view, the peak growth from 2018 to 2019 is roughly the same as that seen in Grinding Gear from 2016 to 2017, although the growth percentage is higher because the player base at the time was small.

Wilson said in the video on Monday: "I am very happy to see the growth, and the fact is that the number of players we added between 2018 and '19 in terms of game time is basically the same as the number of players in 2015." Call. "This is a big increase. I hope we can maintain the growth time."

These growths do not include mainland China and Taiwan. The reason why these figures have not been disclosed at present is because they have not yet obtained permission from partners in the region, and can only be disclosed with permission. The studio no longer reports a specific number of players, but instead chooses to track player hours or concurrent players (like noticing that there are nearly 200,000 concurrent players at one point in the betrayal).

Path of Exile was launched on PC in 2013, and has since steadily expanded in regions and platforms. It entered Xbox One in 2017 and PlayStation 4 in 2019. It entered China in 2017 and brought the game to a key region where you can enjoy PC free games and action role-playing games. Players enjoy the process of Buy Exalted Orb, which will increase their confidence throughout the game.


Path of Exile often introduces additional features into the game, and many times it completely shatters these features until the next major update. This is some reasons you should not start new skills at the beginning of a new league.

When an additional feature appears, you may not know the exact mechanism surrounding that POE Currency. After introducing these new mechanisms, sometimes they will be severely disrupted.

Some mechanics of these abilities look good on paper, but may not be good in actual games. Many players started with tracing Lance in the Heist League, but found it to be too clumsy compared to only using Arc, because its strength stack was quite weak and it took too long to reach the maximum stack.

While playing the game, you may notice that even when you see it marks the new gems “projectile” or “AoE”, some gems do not work properly after pairing with the new skills. I usually fix these issues in a day or two, but this may be an entire day. You may have been playing with maximum efficiency and making a lot of money for “Path of Exile” before rebuilding the version.

Many times, these new gems are not good. They cannot be built to where they cause enough damage to erase everything. Many of the recently released “steel” skills are obviously terrible. The way it develops the skill doesn’t matter; it just doesn’t cause enough damage to pass through certain parts of the game; especially the most important places are mapped.

Sometimes it is better to stick to what you know than to sneak into abilities that may or may not work. Usually on the first day, you will see other people writing articles about the feature and its ideas, or some other people doing the same. If you like it, then buy Chaos Orb. It may take longer to determine the extent of the damage, but if you are happy, it is important.

Buy POE Currency


Matthias Brückle at 1:30 pm on 09/29/2020-Path of Exile: Heist is currently letting players roam the frustrating ARPG world again with new league content and master the "World Atlas". The special alliance mechanism of the raid provides us with a special POE Currency, and its concept art has been published.

As we deal with the new challenge of Path of Exile: The Breaker in the Battle of Heist, we learned about the variety of characters in the Raid of the Heist Alliance. The so-called traitors have their own personal reasons, goals, and origins that make them thieves. For example, there is a huge Mr. Tibbs who was very nervous before the fight and then took a bubble bath. Or the original Isla, whose invention alone may constitute a war crime in our world.

On the other hand, the conspiracy theorist Niles believes that the stories of gods and companies in the Path of Exile world are deceptive-even though we have already fought for ourselves!

If the design of these characters does not match their personality, then all these characters are only half as interesting. The official concept art of the Renegade shows the attention to the designer's details and the different appearance of each character, you can check it in our gallery!

If you want to follow the artist behind the picture, we recommend Buy Exalted Orb and use Tim Albano's Artstation profile. Both publish other works there!

How do you find traitors? Do you like them, or do you often repeat this annoying sentence? How do you compare to the group members who betrayed the alliance? Write to us in the comments!


Heist isn't far-removed and for delved in fans there's bounty in transit in POE Currency 3.12. Presenting the Heist League, 13 new NPCs, Trinkets, Alternate Quality Gems, Replica Unique Items, Experimented Base Types, New Unique Items, New Spells, New Curses, New Steel Skills, and revamps to every one of these game regions. 

The Heist development includes another area and a band of criminals who assist you with arranging and execute heists, helping you with errands, for example, lockpicking, transportation, and incapacitating snares www.lolga.com. These cheerful rebels help you in your theft of curios and the more you take, the closer you get to taking on Grand Heists by selling them at The Rogue Harbor. In the end you can group all your ability and amass the best mavericks to penetrate a huge office for more prominent prizes. 

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The update of BIG Streaming Amplification Path to Pirates will be released today, and the developer Grinding Gear Games has confirmed when it will be launched on the server. With the release of POE 3.12 on PC later today and on PS4 and Xbox One next week, exciting new content will be released. If you are also a player in Path of Exile, Buy POE Currency can improve your strength.

Currently, we know the official release time and server maintenance schedule of "Path of Exile" released on September 18. But as the POE update on September 23 approaches, we can expect more news about the launch of the console.

As the development team confirmed earlier this week, the release date and time for The Path of Exile Heist has been set at 6pm BST on Friday, September 18, 2020. This is when the official Banish Path server is taken offline for maintenance and then restarted at around 9pm BST. Therefore, gamers can expect to reach the big update of POE 3.12 in this window, and the team also confirmed that they can download files via torrent.

It should be noted that another release schedule will be prepared for console game players next week. Path of Exile and Heist on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will start at 6:00 PM (EDT) on September 23, 2020 or at 3 PM (PDT) on September 23, 2020. The downtime will be deployed at 4 pm (EDT) on September 23, 2020 or at 1 pm on September 23.

A message from Grinding Gear Games confirms: “On a standalone client, the updated patch size is about 4.6GB. Please keep in mind that although this method is available earlier, it contains all existing client content, so it’s done Larger update. Start the Path of Exile: When patching the robbery, you will also need to update some remaining files. Although you are here, we need to draw your attention to the problem of element overload, which will affect attempts to create buildings using this cornerstone People. Previously, the behavior described did not match the function. Now, it correctly grants its damage bonus only when you select Keystone, instead of continuing to exist after removing the Keystone."

In "Path of Exile", players will be able to hire skilled thieves to help complete dangerous tasks, and it means that you will steal valuable artifacts when planning to execute "The Great Hijack" to fund and train your crew. The expansion in September includes a robbery challenge league, nine new skills and support gems, curses, steel skills and some spell revisions.

Grand Heists provide exclusive new rewards, such as weapons and body armor enchants, Heist trinkets, spare POE Orbs, and unique items in copies, etc.POE Orbs can effectively enhance the player’s strength.

Buy POE Currency

Path of Exile is one of the hottest games at the moment. As the currency and medium in the game,POE Currency is used to make and enhance equipment and reorganize passive skill trees. Heist is a new league coming soon in Path of Exile. , The player will steal coveted items with a group of NPCs named Rogues. However, the player cannot break into any position and take what they want. Before starting the Heist, they need to get a contract.

After the player gets the contract, he can take it to Adiyah in the Rogue port and start recruiting Rogues for the robbery. The thieves are required to cut through the security system or open the door. After setting up "Heist", the player will infiltrate the building and rob as much as possible without triggering an alarm. After the player reaches the target and collects the item, they need to escape quickly while hundreds of security forces begin to gather in their location.

Hearing the sound of stealth mechanisms and alarms in ARPG seems to be a huge red flag, but GGG has ensured that Heists have the intuitiveness of the core game loop. Players can choose to get past the guards to obtain items, but there is actually no charge and kill every guard in sight.

Heist's alert level mainly depends on how many items the player has stolen, not the noise they make. If the player obtains an item during the Heist, it is marked as contraband. If the player dies and fails to pass the Heist, all contraband items will leave the inventory. For the first time in the history of Path of Exile, softcore players will need to worry about dying items.

In order to find the thieves, the player needs to go to the appropriately named thieves port. This location is the home of 17 thieves of different abilities. Some people will open the door better, while others will choose the door lock better. In order to complete Heist , it is important to choose the right gangster to do the right job. The thieves who succeed in a specific robbery conflict will gain a certain level of proficiency experience, allowing them to deal with more severe challenges.

Players can also use new items to upgrade Rogues in the Great Harbor. Looters can grant players new items that can be equipped on members of the robber team. These can range from lowering their hiring costs to granting players extra damage during the robbery. If the management of Rogues and the detailed project are properly combined, it can develop into a mature companion system in "Path of Exile 2".

In the Heist League, players can expect to find new basic types of items, enchanted weapons and armors, Exalted Orb with different quality rewards, and a changed version of the iconic "unique copy". Rare items dropped in the robbery will also use the new system, which will scroll the items multiple times before falling to choose the best result. Of course, the classic currency explosion can still be expected.

There are many character choices in "Path of Exile", if you want to easily get started in the Path of Exile, then the witch is your best choice. She is a spellcaster who can cause a lot of damage at long distances, keep you away from the shooting route, and away from distant punishments. The Path of the Necromancer is an excellent path for beginners because it allows you to summon creeps to make up most of the damage. Buy POE Currency can also build more powerful skills and enhance your aggressiveness. You can follow this great road as the starting point for the witches in the "Path of Exile".

Necromancer Witch build
Although she has a high potential for personal injury, one of the best ways to play with the witch is to increase the power of the minion and do all the work for you! Necromancy has abilities like Raise Zombie and Summon Skeletons, and is a very feasible way to play, especially for new players who may want to rely more on AI rather than their own mechanical skills. For this version, you need to rely heavily on the Raise Zombie gem, which allows you to raise corpses from the dead to fight for you. Remember, you must have a usable corpse nearby to use it, otherwise the spell will be invalid.

Necromancer passive skills
For novices, the huge skill tree seems unstoppable. It doesn't matter, just start small. You want to find skills that can enhance your minions. At the beginning of the tree, select "Energy Shield and Mana Regeneration", which will not only protect you, but also provide you with more mana when the minion is summoned to die. From there, walk up to the right to upgrade the health and damage of your minions.

Upgrade Zombie Support Gems
The gems you want to use and upgrade throughout the build process, ideally using a 6-link device (which means using 6 gems and working together). If you don't have enough gem slots, make sure to keep the top gem slots in this list. Of course, you can use a variety of gems to better change your "boost zombie" ability. The most important thing is that your zombie will do all the work for you and finally get POE Currency or other rewards! You can always change your gems, and passive skills are difficult to adjust later.


So far, the path of exile has mainly been to survive on an island full of monsters, demon wizards and forces outside of our natural space. Grinding Gear Games has been experimenting with dungeon crawlers for years, but the idea is usually rooted in the original premise of exploring the continent of Wraeclast and getting rid of its painful power. Things will be different in the next expansion of the game. It's time to organize a group of happy thieves for "Heist".

Grinding Gear used to be good at surprising the player base of "Path of Exile", and I certainly don’t think anyone can get the "Sea’s 11 style heist movie tribute" in the expansion pool, but this is indeed the main premise of the heist. . The Heist Alliance will take players to a new place called "The Thieves Port", where they will encounter 13 new NPCs, the "Thieves". The idea is to infiltrate a protected facility, manipulate it undiscovered, look for valuable artifacts and POE Currency , grab it, and make a complete vacation.

To visit Rogue Harbor, players must obtain a badge that can be found throughout the league. The logo is also used as currency for hooligans who hire the next job. There are 13 thieves in different professions, so you need to check the contract (including Heist's work at Didi) and determine who is the best in the future. You can only recruit one thief to pillage, so choose wisely. Some will provide transportation or intelligence, while others will be used for commercial purposes, such as unlocking or eliminating traps.

When you are ready for the heist, you will hand over the contract to Waynefinder, which is the NPC in the port of Rogue who is responsible for paying the marking fee for the partner Rogues and traveling to and from the facility. After arriving at the facility, the goal is to slide the workpiece without triggering any alarms. It sounds easy, but you will often find that the room is full of treasures. You may risk using these treasures, but as you steal more items and waste more time, the alert level will increase.

When conducting a theft, you can choose to be invisible, otherwise it will be discovered by the guards and it will be difficult to get out. But when you get the artifact, you can lock the mechanism and there will be more chances of escape. If you fail, all your previous loot will disappear.

The use of contracts and robberies is only the beginning, as they will train players to heist. Players can make a plan and Buy POE Currency to plan a robbery with greater rewards. When you are ready for the big heist, give the plan to the barber Huacano, who will map the big heist and use the intelligence gathered to provide more information, such as the enemy's location, escape route, and reward room . And more. Although plan downgrades are not common, one of the main elements of this expansion is the ability to buy and sell contracts and plans. If none of these heist activities are suitable for you, you can share contracts and plans among players to make substantial profits.


The latest update of Path of Exile will be officially released on September 18th, and the update has been named Path of Exile Heist. In the game, players need to hire some thieves in the rogue port to steal items or POE Currency. Why heist? Path of Exile is a huge game, and even developers don’t always know what will happen next. Wilson told me that finding new ideas is very difficult, but inspiration can come from anywhere.

We have exhausted all our ideas, because so far we have completed nearly 40 tasks and have been inspired by "Magic: The Gathering". After 27 years, they continue to come up with new ideas, you know, they have made Hundreds of sets.

"Can we make a game about heist? Well, of course we can! Everyone started to come up with ideas about the meaning of robbery on the path of exile, and it was obvious that it would be a very easy thing."

The only problem was the scope. The team eventually had to postpone the release date from June to the present, which meant they took longer to develop Heist than most extensions, and its growth far exceeded initial expectations.

Wilson (Wilson) must emphasize that the beginning of the new league is an excellent time to enter the path of exile, because you and all the other players start in a more level playing field. Each new expansion starts with a new temporary alliance, transferring the older role to the permanent alliance, so essentially a server reset.

All the items obtained by the player in the robbery are personal. Of course, there are some difficult tasks players can also complete through POE Items, which will improve the efficiency of the player in the heist.

You can play Path of Exile Heist on a PC at 2pm PDT (PC) on September 18th, and on the 23rd on a PC. The new Mac version will also be released with Heist. On Mac, it will use exactly the same account and information as on Windows, so you can grasp all the progress and characters you have been working on so far.


The basics of action RPG have always been fairly simple: click on monsters until they die, collect some POE Currency, and repeat. Grinding Gear Games has been looking for novel ways to change this cycle in the past few years, and keep this cycle fresh through the seasonal content in “Path of Exile”, and Heist hopes to be the most novel so far, The unique method.

Heist is a different instance area from your average exile path map, because the alert level measures your status. Alerting the enemy, reminding you to pay attention to your presence or breaking into the looted optional loot room will increase your vigilance. If you reach the maximum, there will be a red alert all over the place and you will find yourself surrounded by powerful enemies, and the best option is to escape. Once you catch this artifact, it will be some kind of powerful rare item. Then you must log out. If you die before reaching the exit, any loot you robbed will be lost forever.

This does not mean that they are trying to turn the path of exile into dividing cells. You will still do some swats, blasts and fast moves. However, you will decide throughout the heist process to decide when to use the fireball and when to use more subtle methods. The NPC team will provide you with alternative ways to overcome obstacles.

For the first time, thieves brought AI-controlled companions into the path of exile, although you can only bring them into the robbers now. There are 13 kinds of them, each with its own personality, background story and ability. Some are good at picking up locks. Some people might laugh at the concept of a lock and then rush directly into some loose masonry to open it. You will also coordinate with these characters during the planning phase of the robbery to arrange things such as transportation and search for joints.

One of the best things about the Heist system is that you can use it from the start of the new alliance. Maps are usually downgraded to endgames, but now you can use POE Orbs to unlock contracts and blueprints for heist and huge heist cases when you level up. These items can also be traded, so if you are not that interested in smashing and snapping up, you can at least profit from snapping up along the way.

The Path of Exile proposes another expansion in the form of harvest. This gives players the opportunity to grow their own monsters and to build eye-catching gardens and increase the craftsmanship they can do. Those who choose not to spend their hard-earned POE Currency to buy real-world funds may also be addicted to microtransactions.

Another ongoing competition is to give away a new set of Alienware gaming laptops. These laptops are sent to the first person who can beat Harvest’s Grove boss' heart, and that person can grow in the game. If you want to pick up relevant PoE projects to develop your boss, then this is the way.

Grove boss's heart
Some people may suspect that the monsters that grow in Path of Exile do not completely revolve around the PoE ball. Initially, you need to get seeds from the seed cache, and then plant the seeds in the holy bush. After getting there, you need to place a collector in the center of the seed to collect Lifeforce. Then you can upgrade weapons and plant more seeds. If you want to help plant higher level seeds, you may need to place irrigation lines from the collector, so keep this in mind.

If you really want to get higher-level seeds, then you can plant monsters that will drop them. For example, defeating a level 2 monster will drop a level 3 seed, and so on. However, if you want to use this method, remember that the higher the monster level, the more difficult it is to defeat them. To plant a level 4 seed, you need to plant it near the level 3 seed. In total, you need to harvest eight crops of the same color before harvesting. Your goal is to defeat monsters from level 4 seeds. These seeds include wild thorn fruit, vivid Scaelefruit and Primal Blisterfruit. After completing this operation, you can plant the "Grove Heart", which can be obtained after 100 maps.

Beat the Heart of Grove
Now that you know how to harvest the boss, you will have to defeat it. The heart attacks the player with projectiles, so you need to avoid this attack quickly. You can distinguish the phase of the boss by color. The best option is to attack when she charges, so stay defensive until you find the right opportunity. Her orange stage will cause her divine pain, which is a yellow patch placed on the floor. You need to stop it from spreading, so please break the wall to stop her from causing damage. At the same time, her purple stage will see that she is charging and launching the Orb of Thorns, so this is necessary. In the green phase, the boss is equipped with a grapevine hammer, she will use it to hammer the ground, so you have to keep your distance again to avoid this kind of charged attack. The blue stage then sees the volatile orchard being charged and sending out snakes that will transform into balls to chase the player.

If you POE Currency Buy and then beat Heart of Grove, then you can be proud of beating the newest member of this popular ARPG title. If you want to complete more challenges, remember that you can regenerate the Heart of Grove to experience it again.
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