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The loving delights of God are to be tasted and savoured on the palate; ruminations of which take us far away from Manifestation Sigil Review  darksome thoughts and senseless pleasures. Such contemplative milestones are quietness of soul, stillness of spirit, and perfect God-designed-and-anointed sensuality for the senses - dependent on nothing but the salacious delicacies of his creation.

Nothing, literally nothing, is to be compared with the light God brings a being swept up in his loving Presence by prayer. Prayer is unadorned focus on God to the exclusion of all interruption; although, by interruption, there's further invitation, an impelling, to re-join him in his holy of holies.

Prayer is hence about Presence. Prayer is more about him than it could ever be about us. And the beneficence of prayer is that God gives such perfection of love in his Presence that we'd hardly want of anything else. This is when prayer approaches worship - as we ascribe, though our worthiest, most sacrilegious attentions, the honour due God for our sole attentions alone.

Having succeeded in bringing ourselves before his plate, having experienced even once the multiplicity and depth of the delights of his Presence, we're addicted to the only healthy, healing addiction in all creation: God, and him alone, all of him that we can manage, and all of him, by prayer.



 I want to address those questions in the paragraphs that follow - not from a perspective of all knowing, universal  Manifestation Sigil Review understanding, of course. I can't presume to have the definitive answers to the questions humanity has been posing since the beginning of time (or, that which we perceive as "time" ). But I would like to put my two cents worth in - what I perceive to be the beginnings of the answers to these questions. My intention is simply to inspire you to new thoughts and new directions.

Imagine yourself as a genie in a lamp. The genie is your higher self, your inner self or your spirit and YOU - your ego self, your physical self - are the lamp. You are the vessel. You are one with the genie - it is a part of you - but there are two distinct parts. If you are like most, you feel quite separate from the genie most of the time.

Now, although this analogy works quite well in describing what I believe to be the relationship between our higher selves and our physical selves, there are a couple of differences between the reality of this image and the classical story of the genie in the lamp. I will highlight the differences. In the classical story, the lamp is a prison for the genie and, in fact, the genie longs to be free. This is NOT the case with you and your higher self.



By accepting responsibility for our thoughtsand actions, on conscious and subconscious levels, we recognize how our Manifestation Sigil Review programming dictates what we do. The trick is fully moving it to the conscious level where we have the power to control how it's projected. Once we control the projection of our individual energy, we understand how we are lead to what we wish for. This is where we become the creators of our destiny. It is in this moment, we see what changes we need to make in ourselves. It all begins with the individual and the examples we set.

So, we have overcome our subconscious programming and are on our way to bringing positive changes into our lives. We have more self-confidence and this leads to conscious choices that move us in the direction we want to go. We are now free thinkers with the ability to set positive examples that keep us grounded in our physical reality and we no longer rely on past programming to pull us back to the places we have outgrown. We must fight the urge to allow old habits and patterns to re-emerge. Being a free thinker moves us into a level of reality where anything is possible. We are no longer bound by repressive thoughts and feelings of inadequency. Building our self-worth brings changes on numerous levels and we discover our true mission. Our reason for existence. The purpose of our soul's growth is to evolve and co-create a reality where all are one.

Religious beliefs that repress and project fear and judgment only add to the issues of segregation in our world. Spirituality should be viewed as a puzzle. A puzzle whose pieces are made up of every individual, regardless of color, size, belief system or status. When we allow judgments to alienate individuals, we accept and allow the process to continue.The situations we find ourselves in are of our own making and until we accept responsibility for our actions, we will continue to be segregated from the individuals who carry the same spark of life as we do. It's time to look past the physical appearances and accept the soul that is housed within the shell.



Your consciousness is like a star in the sky, a bright point of energy  Manifestation Sigil Review that generates its own image to the world. The energy field that defines you changes and shifts constantly. Ego is built into humans to build identity and personality. But attachment to ego also creates separation. The process of birth, ego development, attachment to form, and birth of awareness is the cycle of consciousness. The span of life is usually described as the journey from birth to death. Reincarnation carries the soul back into another life in order to continue the development of consciousness. Your beliefs will change as your awareness evolves as well.

The key is to understand that evolution is taking place in your life both physically and in consciousness. If you look back at some of the decisions you made, what you would change? Looking back you can see more clearly because your understanding of the situations is different now than it was back then. This is how awareness grows; you learn new skills and you gain maturity through experience.