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If you are a vegetarian, then there are many different ways through Hyper Male Force Review  which you can add lentils in your diet. Such as add Asian spices in lentils, also you can make soups. They are powerful source for anti-inflammatory anti-oxidants. They are also packed with quercetin, which is very helpful in order to maintain the structure and health of sperm naturally. If you regularly eat blueberries you can see better results in motility and vitality in your sperm count.

Best amount to eat almost every day is just a handful, you can use them as snacks, or just to add a new pop of flavor in your mouth. You can make smoothie, ice pops, or even add them in your cereal bowl. Though men really don't like having penis problems, most understand that it's the way life works. The occasional redness, itch, irritation or even trouble with getting it up is simply something a man has to deal with from time to time. In most cases, good penis care clears up the problem rather nicely.

But for some men, their penis problems take a serious turn into the world of the unusual. For these guys, even the best penis care might not be enough. Check out these really unusual penis problems.

1. Hypersexuality. Though jokes abound about how badly men want sex all the time - including that infamous myth that men think about sex every eight seconds, all day and night - most men actually have a rather healthy sex drive. But for those with hypersexuality, they truly can never get enough. A mental disorder related to bipolar disorder and similar conditions, hypersexuality means a man will even engage in risky, obsessive behaviors to soothe the craving. There are some options, such as testosterone inhibitors and intensive counseling, that might help control the urges.