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Well, 2011 builds on 2010 but will not only be 10 Minute Awakening Review  focused on new beginnings, it will also be a year of illumination. The word illumination means. To provide or brighten with light, to make understandable, clarify, to endow with fame or splendor, or to expose. In other words, to shine a spotlight on you and what you are doing.

Let's look at 2011 in detail. Joining the vibration of illumination, 2011 is also in the one thousand year movement toward diplomacy. This means we will continue as a world consciousness to move toward understanding the other side and moving toward the middle. We have seen this outplayed in the masses this year with diplomacy being used more in our international political strategy. Diplomacy is the vibration that will be with us throughout the 2000s.

Besides the vibration of diplomacy and illumination, the major vibration of 2011 is the number four, which is the ultimate number for order. This means that 2011 will be a year for order universally and in your individual life. While 2009 was a year of release, it was an end of a cycle and the bad and good was highlighted or over exaggerated. 2010 was the year of new beginnings, and called on us all to use our creativity. Now, 2011 is the year of order. It is time to put our lives, all that we learned and newly created into order. It will make way to the year of Freedom, which comes in 2012.

Yes, life is a series of cycles. Ups, downs and movement to and fro in order to move us closer to who we truly are. This year should be a good year for all of us, if we have done what we needed to the last two years, by releasing those things that did not work any longer and creating new ones. It should be a year that will help you build a new foundation based on new found ideas. It should be a year where your ideas are illuminated and becomes highlighted for all the world to see.



Who am I to tackle this age-old question. I am so 10 Minute Awakening Review  glad you asked. I have been studying this subject for probably 25 or more years. I have studied many different teachers and religious paths. I have discovered the answer that works best for me.

I would like to offer my perspective on this question. Why am I here. What did I do to earn this experience. After all, I was very content in heaven, enjoying myself, not getting into any mischief or, maybe I was. Maybe that's the problem. I wasn't learning or growing. Oh, by the way did I share with you that I am Soul. I am eternal. I always live. I change the robe or body with each lifetime I live. In some lives I might have been Asian or Black. Maybe I was an American Indian or a Russian Czar. Who knows and personally, who cares.. Today, I am the best that I have ever been.

After many, many lifetimes of negative and positive experiences, the inner veil began to lift in my life. The veil between heaven and earth. I realized that there was more to life than I ever thought. That there was actually a real purpose for me to be here.

I became restless and wanted more from this incarnation. I began to question. I wanted more from this life than just to survive or exist. I started searching for answers. I first stepped onto the metaphysical path and learned there were special teachings. I wanted to experience these teachings for myself. In these special teachings, I learned that I am Soul, a divine spark of God.



I am writing about and pointing you to J10 Minute Awakening Reviewohn the Baptist. He led and amazing life and was martyred, or murdered, because of his preaching and teaching as he challenged sin.

John wondered if Jesus was really the one who was to come, or should we expect and look for someone else? He sent friends to find out.

Is this not prayer? A reaching out to Jesus Christ even when you are not sure who He is?

The self assured do not pray.

He had been imprisoned by Herod the King when he had preached against Herod's immorality. Herod, like many of these Middle East rulers, was a Saddam Hussein type of character. They were cruel and ruthless even when a man of God was preaching and teaching the Word of God. Daniel and his three friends experienced that in ancient Baghdad, Babylon, 500 years previously.



We need to be careful about looking  10 Minute Awakening Review at others from the outside only. It is so easy to look at someone from the outside when we first meet them and begin to form opinions in our mind about them. We can't truly know someone by what they look like. We need to get to know them and what is inside their heart. As we meet someone new, we should look past their outward appearance knowing that they are God's child and begin to learn more about what is in their heart. We need God's help to show us what is in their heart.

1 Samuel 16.7 But the Lord said to Samuel, 'Don't' judge by his appearance or height, for I have rejected him. The Lord doesn't make decisions the way you do. People judge by outward appearance, but the Lord looks at a person's thoughts and intentions.' Samuel was following God's direction by looking for a new king. He was looking for someone who was similar in appearance to the previous king, Saul. However, God told him that just because this person resembled someone he chose earlier, doesn't mean that his heart is right.

Think about how much time and money we spend on our outside appearance when we should be spending time and money on our hearts and minds. What are your intentions. Do you want to create an appearance where others see your outward appearance more than your inside. What can you do to create a better heart and mind today. What investment can you make today that will help you improve.

The spirals are becoming easier to trace. One major revelation I made for myself today was tuning into Universal Mind and the divine healing energy of my focused path of attention. I found that once I began to tune into the divine, my attention grew and became more concentrated. The white ball of energy became very healing, nurturing and gentle as it traveled along its path through my brain and core.



This is exactly what's happening... there is 10 Minute Awakening Review a much bigger reason we avoid looking at the reality behind all this so-called Ancient Wisdom. Everything we discussed above is totally true and correct, but something else is preventing us from wanting to admit to or face any of it. So, the question then becomes... What's bigger than all of this that makes us want to hold on to these ancient ideas even when reality says they don't work.

The answer comes down to something very much akin to wishful thinking... or more accurately desperate thinking. We in fact are so desperate for these things to be real because of what we think they represent that we choose not to look deeper. It becomes more important to hold on to the dream or delusion attached to these ideas than it is to deal with reality. Of course, this means that there must be something massive and huge we are trying to avoid looking at right. There is no way we would so willingly delve into the world of delusion unless something huge was at stake right.

The sad truth is that there is no reason for it beyond what we think we get out of it. There is no huge issue, massive social problem, or anything else that makes us do this. Just the simple desire to be something we aren't... without ever actually trying to be that thing in the first place. It actually comes down to the perfect example of doing something for nothing. 

There is a certain amount of logic in doing it because we can't ever actually live the dream. This then would sort of make sense... this would be a way to hold on to is. However, never even once trying to see if the dream is real or that it can actually be had... that doesn't make any sense does it. Yet, this is what's happening.



I believe in you, in every part of you, and I love your darkness as well as 10 Minute Awakening Review your light. Won't you do the same for yourself? False shadows hide truthSo, you have looked into yourself and found but a shadow of truth hiding behind a false persona. And what are you but a busy, unhinged consciousness with drifting moods and obsessions. Your floundering outward self is prone to whims of feverish changes of interest, filled with apathy, and arguments and irrational impulses. But you hide it well and even a trained psychologist would mistake you for a matured person of stature.

The search for self In your search for self, you have exposed, buried deep within your inner most sanctuary, a person who is not totally practical and refuses to be satisfied by a busy lifestyle of interacting with normal men. Now your soul is exposed, naked, hungering for a closer relationship with a spiritual presence within a vast and cold Universe.

 This idea, this longing, is so foreign to your surface consciousness, yet it holds a familiarity which you have entertained throughout your life. You are now faced with your true self whose existence you always took for granted. In the back of your mind you have always known it was there when it surfaced in its scattered expressions. "Art thou but a man as any other man or at thou a spirit drifting in outer-space?"



After attending the Calgary Body, Soul and 10 Minute Awakening Review Spirit Expo a few years ago (and almost every year since then) I always feel a little bit lighter and more energized than I have on previous days. It always comes at a good time of year as well, April - the start of spring. I can remember being a healthy skeptic about this kind of thing in the past. In fact the first time I went, long before I was on the career path I am now, I thought it was going to be a lot of mumbo-jumbo. However, in the spirit of practicing what I preach, I felt it would be imperative for me to go and check it out with an open heart and mind to see if I could be inspired.

Walking into the event is quite casual and as you would expect friendly people with friendly smiles greet you. There are interesting smells, tastes, sounds and activities to try. I had in depth conversations with everyone from chiropractors to psychics and Christians to hypnotherapists. The various vendors will strike you as interesting and unique, I have no doubt. Being a healthy skeptic I asked lots of questions and in some cases challenged the vendors about their services and products. I wanted scientific proof about the benefits they claim to provide. While some of them were able to provide me with studies that had been done and others offered testimonials, many didn't have anything to offer but faith and personal experience.

I allowed myself to absorb what they were saying but not without my own personal bias and inner eye rolling. After four hours and the purchase of some lotion and cooking oil I headed out the door. Later that evening I was reflecting on my day when it struck me that both the people hosting and attending this event were happy to be there. From all walks of life and every part of the world the people participating in this event truly believe that the products and services in which they prescribe to are benefiting them and others in some way. They have one thing in common - faith.



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