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Delirium as the latest league update of Path Of Exile has now been released. Its expansion has undergone a fundamental change in the way the role is constructed, which is related to the new league mechanism. In some areas of the GGG ARPG, this delusional alliance focuses on producing hazy alternative reality. They are committed to transforming the current enemy into a more lethal version.

Path Of Exile is influenced by the "Diablo" video game series and "Magic: Convergence", so dark fantasy, huge league updates and notoriously complex systems have always been synonymous with Path Of Exile. In 2013, the original PC version of the game was released. Fans can see a variety of randomly generated entertainment content, as well as a large number of expansions and updates in Path Of Exile. The POE Currency Buy playability of the game has been greatly improved.

In search of better loot, a creepy new master guides the player to accept the potential madness. This is what we can see in the latest trailer of "Road in Exile: Delusion". All enemies are made harder by the fog of Delirium, and the chance of falling will increase. In the game, new unique items, skills and crafting materials have been added.

Since POE introduced the Ascendancy class in 2016, it has called it the most significant change in its construction. It is allowed to replace the very traditional POE construction, they are expanded on the skill map. So they can get important nodes. In the 2020 release schedule, this is a good way to attract players.

Currently, it is Path Of Exile that continues to lead the ARPG market. As the founder of GGG, Chris Wilson discussed at the press conference how the game will continue to attract new players in 2019 at a rate that has continued for years. Players in such a game, if they don't have so much time to spend in the game, then they can buy POE Currency on https://www.iggm.com/poe-currency

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