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In the past few months, Grinding Gear Games, the developer of Path of Exile, wanted to keep the latest extension secret. Now, the details about the expansion can be shared with players. Path of Exile: Heist, as a new expansion, will log on to the PC on September 18.

In Path of Exile, Heist adds a lot of new content that players can check out. The POE Currency new robbery alliance, there are 13 NPCs, unique items, experimental basic types of items, new spell sets and many other additional features will appear in this game. Wilson said that originally the team would release the game in June. However, COVID-19 will have a huge impact on this development.

From the update, players can choose many different types of rogues. Each rogues has specific skills for looting without triggering an alarm or not knowing how to escape successfully. Providing players with information about each looting location or providing them with transportation can be provided in rogues.

The map of each robbery location is represented by this contract. Players can learn which artifacts they can steal from the area on each map. Players need to know which skills to effectively complete the heist. The contract, like all items in Path of Exile, can be designed and modified. If players want to change the difficulty of the robbery, they can use all the conventional methods of making items.

Wilson said that Path of Exile is now being used on the Mac is the last thing he can reveal for us. The new Mac version of the game will be fully integrated into the PC server, which is exactly the same as the PC version. Players in Path of Exile: Heist need to purchase POE Currency to help their performance in the game, and players can buy it on https://www.iggm.com/poe-currency

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