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Last night, Blizzard conducted a stress test in order to understand the pressure that players on the upper level of World of Warcraft can handle during the opening event of the gate of Ahn'Qiraj that will be released in the next few months.

Since the release of Classic, the game server can handle many players' problems. Players who were forced to wait in line to enter the game also received as many complaints due to the large number of servers.

One of the most iconic open-world events in the original version of World of Warcraft was the WOW Classic Gold For Sale opening of the Gate of Ahn'Qiraj. Both factions fought a large-scale war on the server, and they also made some efforts for the game. In Silithus, they conducted a raid on the 40th person who entered the game, and then on the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj.

A large number of powerful elite world leaders are generated throughout the region in this event. If the heroes successfully defeat them, they will be rewarded generously.

Blizzard and classic players consider the magnificent nature of the door to open, and hope that within 10 hours, Silithus will have a serious surplus on most servers.

Last night, the developers conducted a stress test on its PTR, the purpose is to test the World of Warcraft Classic Gold Blizzard server restrictions. Asmongold also participated in this test. Many people want to enter the server, so we don't see disconnection and delay. Blizzard said the company obtained all the information it needed in this test.

Asmongold said in the live event that he has experienced many disconnections. He hopes to tell those audiences who are trying to participate so that they can continue to log in.

The developers did not elaborate on how they plan to deal with the inevitable influx of active players when the door is opened, but it does take a big step forward. If the experience of the game is a very important thing for players, then I think they will need help from the outside world. I want to say that MMOWTS is really a good website where people can get what they want, including the precious Classic WOW Gold.

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