74,000 bots are banned in World of Warcraft Classic from eloisesmith's blog

World of Warcraft Classic is very popular. Blizzard said that the number of players on today's mid-sized servers is many times greater than the number of players on the WOW Classic Gold For Sale busiest servers when the game was first released. Robots have been an ongoing problem since the release of World of Warcraft Classic. Two weeks after Blizzard banned 74,000 accounts, is there any change?

The use of multiple types of Botting programs for different goals. Players can see the most beautiful places in Azeroth when leveling. In the same area, the character has been polished for hours or farming glorious killing on the battlefield again and again. These Classic WOW Gold robots will encounter obstacles over and over again in the motion cycle, and he cannot go beyond the tasks that ordinary players can easily complete.

In Stratholme, there are some robots running a similar farming cycle, and they can see them through the "/Who" function of the example. The mages and druids are the main characters, and their daily task is to cultivate. Players can benefit from it. The necessary reagent for enchanting crusader weapons. Righteous Orbs is a rare enchanting material that is always sold in auction houses at a cheap price. LJBlom, as a Reddit user, posted posts about how players work hard at Stralholme every day at 5 am, and these posts are all over the forum.

Boosting other characters can also rely on robots. Near the prison, bots will send spam. Will accept payments from interested parties and pull the entire instance.

Most robots have the same goal, their goal is to get enough gold. They violated the terms of the service agreement, which is very popular and maintains widespread interest among players. Players will encounter many problems in this game, and they will look for many ways. I think Classic WOW Gold may help players buy a lot of things. There are also very good services on the MMOWTS website.

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