Denathrius was defeated by Complexity Limit and won the World of Warcraft Shadowlands victory from eloisesmith's blog

Complexity Limit continued to win the second victory after World of Warcraft competed for the title of world number one. In this raid, Sire Denathrius was defeated and Nathria Castle was cleared. This is the first time it has taken effect on servers in North America.

As soon as the race through Castle Nathria started, the limit failed. With the help of the North American trade union guild during the controversial 16 hours, a week later, in the huge World of Warcraft studios, they stood under the leadership of their European race rival Echo and started a raid.

Along the way, Method has won six world leaders including Sludgefist, General Stone Legion and the final boss Denathrius himself. In the final stage of the Classic WOW Gold game, the North American champions did not have any restrictions. They attacked the second-to-last boss.

Echo returned to the competition in the long battle. On December 23rd, Limit completed the work as a 43 pull against Denathrius. Limit's second victory in 2020 was won in the only complete Nathria castle.

In February, Ny'alotha defeated Method, which shocked the shadow of the guild. "21st man" was launched by the complexity-led industry association, and Maxim was on the sidelines at that time.

They put in a lot of effort for this attack. In the last attack, the affairs of the 21st man helped a lot. Other guilds use this method to deal with it, but it may not be good for players.

"Complexity Limit" has already won the "World Competition" twice on December 23. After their victory, the World of Warcraft professional player world was ruled by Method. If players need Classic WOW Gold, I suggest that players can log in to Buy WOW Classic Gold the MMOWTS website, which has cheap Classic WOW Gold and high-quality services.

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