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Before the release of World Of Warcraft Classic, players were arguing about the future of the title and the next steps after it was released. More answers to this question also appeared under Blizzard's hint.

A questionnaire specifically aimed at Classic players to help Classic players evaluate their interest and earn money was released by Blizzard. The main problem is the player's decision on "World of Warcraft: The Classic Burning Crusade".

One of the most interesting questions about the handling of Classic customers themselves. The "new start" server is something Blizzard is considering, and in order to start the cycle again, all progress will be reset to the release date.

We still don't know the details of the new server. The developers stated that they just wanted to reset it to the release date and provide content in the Cheap WOW Classic Gold same phase as Classic. Since then players can experience it.

The new World Of Warcraft Classic was introduced into World Of Warcraft, and a new field began. Just like the first day of the game, its game content unlocks and develops over time. How interested are you in playing games in this WOW Classic Gold field?

Blizzard clearly pointed out what is about to be lost. Everyone is at level 1, and the only available assaults are Molten Core and Onyxia. The battlefield function has not been activated yet. Players began to wait for new content, and the delivery time was the same.

These players will start at 58 in the "Burning Crusade Classic" field, and initially begin to expand in Outland content. This survey did not imply that players need to carry characters.

There has been a lot of discussion on the Burning Crusade Classic server, and this method was used by Blizzard when the Vanilla Classic server was first released. It is also the most effective method at present. For the performance of novice players in the game, players may need Classic WOW Gold. With this, they will be much easier in the game. So players can get it on MMOWTS.

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