Ahn'Qiraj launched in World Of Warcraft Classic today from eloisesmith's blog

There were two surprise inspections. In this collective raid, World Of Warcraft is the most important content brought by today's update. Forcing the entire field to converge into one goal is the efforts made by the Ahn'Qiraj war. The milestone in the early life of World Of Warcraft was revealed at this moment.

WoWHead said that the process of opening the door is difficult and complicated. Both sides must collect thousands of resources to assist their troops in Silithus. Players also need to complete the task of "Quicksand Scepter". What they need is a very special stick to knock the gong to open the fallen kingdom. This World of Warcraft Classic Gold is a huge and complex quest chain that attracts players from all over the world. Players can make friends with dragons through previous dungeons and raids.

Ticket holders must wait at least five days after the construction is completed before they can strike the gong and the ten-hour war can begin. In recognition of their realm, rare mounts and scarab medals will be awarded to them. For this kind of trouble, everyone else can be in two brutal raids, so that they can fight the huge, huge eyeballs within reach through the tunnels where the bugs are infested.

WoW has not conducted any large-scale community activities of this kind. He is a rare opportunity for those who missed the first round. There is no change in World Of Warcraft Classic, and the game culture has undergone many changes. It is conceivable that Twitch's streamers and large communities will be bombed during the entire process to Buy WOW Classic Gold ensure that their favorite becomes the Scarab Lord.

The classic closing ceremony began with the development of Ahn’Qiraj. The major drawbacks of "World of Warcraft" are also dying out over time. After Ahn'Qiraj falls, Naxxramas can only face the situation of falling. In this game, if players need Classic WOW Gold, they can purchase it on our recommended MMOWTS website. And there is a 24-hour online customer service on this website, you are absolutely satisfied.

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