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World of Warcraft Classic brought a lot of influence when it was released last week, and the influx of players into the server gave 2004 a new life. Players formed a queue of thousands of players while playing the original Vanilla World of Warcraft. Modern games have become a ghost town.

They found that they seemed to have experienced the most realistic launching experience of World of Warcraft. He serves as an entertainment rather than a real thing. Classic is driven by an engine, it is released based on modern games, and fixed on the top are its vanilla graphics and game system. Although its appearance and gameplay are somewhat similar to Buy WOW Classic Gold the launch version of the game, it runs smoother.

When the game was launched in 2004, players usually actively avoided killing anything. In order to make their Classic WOW Gold own strength can keep up with the footsteps of other players, they paid a lot of effort. Among thousands of players, the most backward areas in Classic still have a lot of playability.

The most important point for World of Warcraft Classic is that the art, mission text and NPCs are almost identical in previous games. There are also reservations about the original error. To make the entire game run better, make the game itself as close to the original game as possible. For players, this is a welcome improvement.

As I said, it is not so easy to kill things completely at first. For novice players, monsters will be hit harder, and they will overtake you if they cannot zoom. This has a big impact on whether you can establish contact with the target.

Players' memories of "World of Warcraft" are different from those of modern versions of "World of Warcraft". What they like is exactly the same as in the past. Novice players will face many problems in the game. Unlike experienced players, they may not adapt quickly to the game. So I think they will have a great demand for Classic WOW Gold. So I want to recommend a safe and reliable website MMOWTS for them.

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