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Since last year, World of Warcraft Classic has achieved a great success. Recently, Blizzard announced that the fifth phase will be launched in late July. For other classics and later versions, now is a good time.

Phase 4 is underway, and a 20-person raid is also starting. In April, a large number of players have gained the reputation they deserve for their World of Warcraft Classic Gold profession. According to what Blizzard initially promised, the unsuspecting player was wiped out by this time without any uncontrollable plague.

Blizzard reminded the players on the precautions that anything that prevents the character of the Cheap WOW Classic Gold transport server in Classic from opening the door will be resolved within 90 days. Players will be rewarded with the Scarab Medal. The purpose of this is to limit the possibility of transferring specifically for this purpose. Blizzard said that allowing players to transfer is what they want. They can play with friends without disrupting the Scepter competition in another field.

In the final stage, speculations as to when to launch the problem one after another. Phase 5 will have a three to four month popularity period when the final part of the content is released. There are some problems with this schedule, and there are some problems with the upcoming Shadowlands expansion retail game.

Both parties cannot start at the same time. Blizzard expects the most stubborn players to cannibalize their user base by letting players choose one version of the game instead of another, which is meaningless. Blizzard has maintained an appropriate amount of game activities for players for many years, and has a strong control over the content of World of Warcraft. Players will encounter various problems in the game, so they need to spend a long time in the game. Players can obtain Classic WOW Gold on MMOWTS to enhance their strength and reduce the time they waste in the game.

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