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One of the eight expansion packs of Blizzard's iconic MMO is World of Warcraft Shadowlands. Shadowlands made a huge change to World of Warcraft that no other predecessor can match. The highest level was reduced by half, the introduction of new areas, and the entire story structure was overhauled.

For new players, the first thing World of Warcraft Shadowlands does is to introduce a new starting area. This Classic WOW Gold move is the first time in 16 years. Players do not need to enter a certain area according to the selected race. The new area is an island named "Land of Exile" that players can explore as a tribe or alliance.

The previous starting area was also very unique, but with the development of the game, there have also been many problems. The completely unbalanced upgrade experience may be experienced by many players, and many areas are more difficult than other areas and everyone knows. Key mechanics like how to use quest items will not be clearly introduced in all World of Warcraft starting areas.

All players can complete the journey from 1 to 10 in "Land of Exile" and have a firm grasp of the core game mechanics before going to a wider area. Players can try to Buy WOW Classic Gold kill the boss in "Road of Exile" and even end with a mini dungeon. The previous starting area still exists, which is something you need to pay attention to. Players can choose to go to the island or start the race in the classic starting area of? the race without creating a new character.

What happens to other content in World of Warcraft is what players want to know. Players can directly rise to 50 in Exile's Reach and BFA. Players have not missed the opportunity to experience the first 16 years of "World of Warcraft" DLC content, which is great news. So when players play the game, they encounter some difficulties in the game. Classic WOW Gold can be purchased directly on the website. As a website called MMOWTS with a lot of cheap Classic WOW Gold, its service is also excellent.

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