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On December 3rd, the last World of Warcraft Classic competition started on Thursday. If you don't want to fight with everyone on the server, then the solution Blizzard will also provide you.

The developers also revealed to the players the exact time of the sixth phase of the natural disaster invasion, which will be at 4 pm Eastern Time on December 3rd. This game is different from the initial expansion period of World of Warcraft in 2006. Players will have a lot of time to experience the game.

Players who want to obtain the necromantic runes that can help them obtain the special "consecrated grindstone" and "blessed wizard oil" can be achieved by eliminating disasters and fragments. For the game's final raid, Naxxramas is of great help. After 150 necromancer fragments are eliminated by the player, it means the game is over. At this time, players cannot plant the Necromancer runes.

Modern servers have become more and more common. Knowing that there are already a large number of players making the World of Warcraft Classic Gold final game content, Blizzard has expanded the time to sell these items.

Blizzard said that some changes will be made to the event. It is easy to complete intrusion activities in certain areas within five days, but their main purpose is to give players enough time to participate.

150 necrotic fragments are not enough to end the invasion, 300 necrotic fragments must be eliminated to complete the activity. The invasion will last for a week. Players can continue to Buy WOW Classic Gold cultivate the necromantic runes while participating in the invasion.

But this time will not last until December 31. This effectively avoids the phenomenon that some players never end the game.

Blizzard also showed some advantages of extending the event. The boss, quest NPC, and supplier of the dungeon received three weeks of rewards in 2006. Within four weeks, all of this content will be available. As we all know, it is quite difficult to defeat the boss in the game and upgrade quickly. In other words, it takes a lot of time, but few players can have a lot of time to play the game. So WOW Classic Gold is particularly important to them. Players can buy him on MMOWTS.

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