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In 2019, after the game went live, one of the most anticipated events in World of Warcraft Classic was the opening of Naxxramas. Many players have carried out raids on the floating castle in Wrath of the Lich King, but almost no one will worry about Vanilla World of Warcraft. Because it was released shortly before the release of "Burning Crusade".

To be honest, many players choose to play World of Warcraft Classic just for entertainment. They want to do more in the WOW Classic Gold For Sale original form. For this Naxxramas, it is impossible for many players to skip it. Of course, some people will prepare for this event for a long time. World of Warcraft will only be released in December, and now players still have plenty of time to prepare.

On December 1, Phase 6 will start. However, on December 3rd, Naxxramas and natural disaster invasion events will also be unlocked. Under normal circumstances, it may take a while for ordinary players to reach Naxxramas. But everyone has plenty of time to participate in the invasion of natural disasters.

In this event, natural disasters will invade the entire Azeroth area, and no one is spared. The mobs are neutral before the players actively attack them, so players with low levels don't need to worry. The guard will take care of them, so don't worry about the mobs. Advanced players are different, because killing creatures will drop some very useful things such as necromantic runes and invaders' natural disaster stones, so advanced players will want to kill more creatures.

The mob of Shadow of Doom must put down their equipment if they want to damage the undead. You need to use it in Naxxramas, so you have to do your best to get things. The scourge stone of the corrupt person will fall from the mob.For novice players, World of Warcraft Shadowlands will be a bit difficult after a break, and we need to Buy WOW Classic Gold think of a solution. WOW Classic Gold can help players solve many things in the game. If you want a cheap WOW Classic Gold, I think reliable MMOWTS can do this. You can buy a lot of WOW Classic Gold for very little money.

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