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World Of Warcraft is a game full of e-sports and competition. Those who are not familiar with it will be surprised. Many people say that they are the first person who can accomplish something in this world, but some people still spend some time in order to become the fastest person.

The European guild Boom Blasters is like this on the Pyrewood Village server. The record for the fastest killing of Onyxia, one of World Of Warcraft's most famous raid leaders, was created by this organization.

The highest-level character can kill her even with bad equipment, so killing Onyxia swiftly on a retail server quickly is not that difficult task. This record was created in World Of Warcraft Classic. The fastest record now is 53.9 seconds, which is not the first record that can reduce Onyxia's record in one minute. The World of Warcraft Classic Gold guild based on the American server Herod that took her down in 58.73 seconds a few months ago was completely exposed.

Boom Blasters is not set up with 33 hunters, but with 32 fighters. Refresh the previous record with the advantage of five seconds, which is already very good. In the final stage of this game, the greatest benefit was won.

The world gains of many players can be combined with other enhancement effects to provide players with the Cheap WOW Classic Gold additional rewards they need. Some members of Boom Blaster raised the Windrunner's blessing blade and waved it. No one can break the record set by this complete exposure.

Naxxramas will be online, new equipment will be provided, and this record may be broken at that time. Before the era of Naxxramas, the name Boom Blasters was likely to remain the number one.Players can invite their friends in reality to enjoy themselves in the game World Of Warcraft Classic. In addition, here you can also fight side by side with people you never know each other, which is a way to open up social interaction. On the MMOWTS website, players can enjoy 24-hour online customer service. If you have any questions about WOW Classic Gold, players can log in to this website for help.

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