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In the latest quarterly earnings report, Shadowlands confirmed that World of Warcraft Shadowlands has more pre-sales than any other expansion in the history of the game. They stated that the Cheap WOW Classic Gold sales record of the Shadowlands expansion on November 2 was the highest circulation they had ever seen.

The CEO of Blizzard said that after World of Warcraft went live last year, the number of users has increased dramatically in a different trend. Kotic also revealed some circumstances, he said that World of Warcraft can make more than $1 billion. Like the gaming giant "Call of Duty" and the mobile cult classic "Candy Crush", MMORPG generates more than $300 million in revenue every quarter.

In the 10s, World of Warcraft also fluctuated greatly. In 2012, "The Fog of Pandaria" kept many people away from this game. In 2014, "King of Draenor" was also unremarkable. The ebb of veterans in the series is also something that cannot be stopped.

As the chief operating officer of Activision, Daniel Alegre said in the third conference call in the same quarter that franchising activities had reached the highest level at this stage before the expansion ten years ago. The numbers are also rising.Data from the World of Warcraft statistics tracking website shows that among the approximately 105 million users owned by MMORPG, 4.99 million users play games every day.

On November 23, "Shadow Land" will be released as one of the largest movies in the history of "World of Warcraft". New and old players must prepare for this game.

Before World of Warcraft "Shadow Land", in order to celebrate its 16th birthday, Lord Kazak, Azgos and others were brought back. The next expansion will be officially launched on Monday, November 23.The pre-sales of World of Warcraft Shadowlands are the best in all games. Players can enjoy themselves here, team up with their friends in real life to play games, and even team up with people they have never seen in real life. https://www.mmowts.com/wow-classic-gold is a website that can provide players with WOW Classic Gold that is very cost-effective when they consider the reality, so you must not miss it.

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