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In 2004, World of Warcraft was released for the first time. At that time, many people didn't care about the takeover of the MMORPG rooted in Warcraft's RTS. Today, ten years later, the release of Shadowlands has been postponed, and the MMO giant still has the upper hand in this market. Before the World of Warcraft Classic Gold new expansion begins, players can participate in the celebration of the 16th anniversary of World of Warcraft.

There are new adventures every year, World of Warcraft is constantly changing, and players will slowly ignore or even eliminate the previous content of World of Warcraft. But they will still celebrate Azeroth every anniversary, and the original content that has disappeared for many years will also be restored and changed Buy WOW Classic Gold recently.

Players will get an anniversary gift set with 200 time-warped badges and a celebration set after they have taken control of their character. Using it will increase all experience and reputation of players during the event by 16%. After BfA and Legion lost 100% of their reputation gains, this reputation bonus is suitable for all reputations.

At the 15th anniversary of World of Warcraft, the first version of Originally was released. Many players were disappointed after using this classic battlefield last year because they felt that it severely ruined the experience of each game. Despite this, players are provided with time-warped badges when various auxiliary objectives are completed.

The original world leader of World of Warcraft was removed before the cataclysm, but it was restored after three weeks. After completing the weekly mission and killing three people, players will get 150 time warped badges.The reason why World of Warcraft can still occupy a place in the market is its own vitality. Players are looking forward to the release of the extended version of Shadowlands. On the MMOWTS website, players can purchase WOW Classic Gold to purchase equipment for themselves in the game.

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