Five disadvantages of one of the most popular football games "FIFA Mobile" from Jennymill's blog

If you want to play the most popular football game at present, you can choose FIFA Mobile, because this game is a game console that does not need to be purchased with money or a computer. You only need a mobile phone, which is not difficult for everyone. This game has many advantages, but today we will talk about some of its disadvantages. There are five main aspects. One is that the game has many business priorities; second, the game has no official leagues or teams; third, the multiplayer game of FIFA Mobile is very strange; fourth, FIFA Mobile also follows an outdated model that allows players to participate through energy Competition; Fifth, the game is a mobile game, so it is hindered on a small screen mobile phone. Now we will explain one by one.

Get ready to determine many screens that nearly beg you to spend money on FIFA Mobile. Like almost every free mobile game, it had been made with the intention of taking money from the player. Of course, developers must be obtained their work, but sometimes it's excessive.Again: the complaint here isn't having to spend money, in fact, with the sport. But it seems that everything revolves around coins and special gems that we get throughout the matches. it's as seen on the final word Team of the consoles, but in a very very intensified way.

In FIFA Mobile you'll be able to even play against official teams, especially European ones, but don't expect to regulate them. the sport also has no official leagues or tournaments, like Libertadores. It's all very simple and looking on the “generic”.

FIFA Mobile's multiplayer is bizarre, to mention the smallest amount. He doesn't allow you to play a full game. Just “moves” - and that they are asynchronous, that is, they happen at different times for every player.In each move it's possible to undertake an attempt for the goal while in attack, as an example. Or try and counterattack, risk a defense, win on penalties. But they're loose moves, as if they were scenes that are changing all the time. Extremely questionable.

FIFA Mobile actually follows a very outdated model, which is to allow players to use their energy to participate in the game. This is actually a way to limit matching and let users return after a few hours. But it is worth mentioning that this energy model has not been adopted in recent Cheap FIFA Mobile Coins games, but has adopted unlockable tasks or other modes combined with monetization. Although this will not hinder you, it will still affect your mood.

We all know that FIFA Mobile is a mobile FUT Mobile Coins game, and the screens of the phones we use are not very large, so this game will be limited by the screen being too small. In addition, the game has a lot of details, so novice players may not understand it at the beginning. The game also brings touch-only controls. After reading, you must have a certain understanding of the game, and I hope you will spend a little time to understand FIFA Mobile Coins, it has a very important role in the game, if you do not have FIFA Mobile Coins, I suggest you Buy in the MMOAH store, this is a very formal store, you can check other buyers' evaluation of the store on the website, because the buyer's evaluation will definitely be more convincing.

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By Jennymill
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