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Shane is a western novel by Jack Schaefer published in 1949. It was initially published in 1946 in three parts in Argosy magazine, and originally titled Rider from Nowhere.[1] The novel has been printed in seventy or more editions,[2] and translated into over 30 languages,[1] and was adapted into the 1953 film starring Alan Ladd.[3]


The story is set in 1889 Wyoming, when the Wyoming Territory was still open to the Homestead Act of 1862.[1] It is narrated by a homesteader’s son, Bob Starrett. The original unclaimed land surrounding the Starretts’ homestead had been used by a cattle driver named Luke Fletcher before being claimed by Bob’s father, Joe Starrett, along with 12 other homesteaders. Fletcher had settled there first, although he could only claim 160 acres (650,000 m2) as a homestead. He wants to expand his herd; homesteads in the area would hinder its growth.[1]

The title character, Shane, is a mysterious stranger who rides into and then out of the lives of the Starrett family, “a man who seemed to come from nowhere and appeared equally determined to pass on to nowhere.”[4] He is typically quiet, always silent about his past. He does not wear his gun, and yet everyone seems to understand that he is a dangerous man.[5] Joe Starrett hires Shane as a hand on his farm, and Shane puts aside his handsome Western clothes and buys dungarees. He then helps the homesteaders to avoid intimidation by Fletcher and his men, who try to get them to abandon their farms. With Joe Starrett’s leadership and Shane’s help, the farmers resist Fletcher. Shane is forced into a gun battle.[1][5]


  • Shane – the protagonist, a mysterious gunslinger who enters into the life of Joe Starrett and his family and carves a place for himself in their hearts. Although he tries to leave his gunslinging past behind, refusing to even carry a gun, he decides to fight Fletcher in order to save Starrett’s farm. “Shane was dangerous, but he was good.”[4]
  • Bob Starrett – Joe Starrett’s son. He is eleven years old. He is the narrator. In the words of author Jack Schaeffer’s son Jon, the character of Bob is, “a boy who thinks [mysterious stranger Shane] is a God.”[4]
  • Joe Starrett – Bob’s father. A former cattle driver, now a homesteader and a farmer. He is the unofficial leader of the local homestead farmers.
  • Marian Starrett – Joe’s wife. She loves her husband, but also comes to love Shane.
  • Luke Fletcher – the antagonist. He is an open range rancher, set on purchasing or stealing all the land rights from the homesteaders and farmers. When the homesteaders refuse to sell, Fletcher resorts to intimidation and deadly force.
  • Chris – one of Fletcher’s cowhands, a young man who intimidates the homesteaders and takes on Shane.
  • Stark Wilson – gunslinger hired by Fletcher to intimidate the homesteaders and kill those who refuse to sell their land.
  • Ernie Wright – fellow homesteader, aligned with the Starretts.
  • Mr. Grafton – general store owner who witnesses the fight with Shane involved.
  • Will Atkey – the bartender at Grafton’s general store.[1][5]

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